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  1. Too bad Anyway thanks for your answer
  2. It should be a stupid question but I didn't find how to adjust brightness of the two screens of the G1000 avionics. Thanks by advance for you help. Pierre.
  3. In case of it could help someone. Since I updated to v 1.21 I had the same Gizmo console alert as Captain_Crow and some other. I removed all my plugins but nothing changed. To solve this problem the only solution I found it's to at first open XP, load the 733, quit XP and reopen it. By this way evrything work well. So it's only when I open XP with an other plane and I load the 733 that i have this alert. Pierre
  4. Hello, i have the same issue. On pushback the plane no longer turn. I use XP 10 and i assigned a joystick wheel to nosewheel tiller. With the V1 version i could turn during pushback with no problem. If some one have a solution
  5. Hi, It's a very good idea, I have the JAR A320 too and it's very helpful to have the First Officer callouts. Pierre
  6. That's it I did my first flight. Thanks alot for your help. That was xsaitekpanels which make XP crash, i had the wrong version compare to .ini file. But above all I mad some mistake when I create my xsaitekpanels.ini file, I rewrote a simple new one this night and everything does Ok. Thank again for this wonderful bird and the X-Pilot comunity.
  7. Thanks you for your so quick answer. I'll try this tonight and I'll tell you.
  8. I should say I am very frustrated. Your plane look so amazing and you did a wonderful job, but unfortunately, after 1 week, I never flew more then 10 mn. In fact, after loading the 737, whatever I do X-Plane crash after 5 to 10 mn. Even I try to reproduce the Tutotial Flight 4 or I try to fly from other airports I have the same problem. XP always crash, but not at the same time. Som time It's when I completed the FMS, sometime during taxi or, when I'm luky, it's during climb. I tried to fly with and without my plugins, from several airport, with different flight plans but without success.
  9. burgnon It's look like you forget to insert a SID. Try to begin your fly with a SID or use at first the HDG mode with NAV mode engage to intercept your route. Pierre
  10. I tried 2 and 3 but nothing changed. Pierre.
  11. No cross wind. The CRJ swing even i select CAVOK. It's like a problem of stability. I will try to make a video. Pierre
  12. First of all thank for your post and sorry for the delay of my answers. BWolf7 : To be more precise the nose moving up to down it's like i have a problem with a damper . cessna729 : i'm using a separate rudder. Pierre
  13. Since i flight the CRJ on XP 10.21 32bt I noticed that the plane swing alot at high speed on runway (above around 100 Kts) when i takeoff and when i land. It's very unpleasant and i would like to know if theire is a solution to reduce it. Thank by advance for your answer. Pierre
  14. i flight !!!! i find a strange solution for my problem. First i load the Dash 8 Q400 from ARMCHAIRAVIATION (a other great plane but not as great as yours of course ) which use GIZMO, i reboot scripts in GIZMO PLUGIN menu after i load the CRJ and everything is OK !!!!!! Just a other question, when i takeoff the plane turn to the right thus I have to compensate with the york. I would like to know if it's normal or if i miss somethings when i start the plane. Thanks for your job !! Pierre Log.txt
  15. Hi, i installed the 1.1.1 update of CRJ and everything was ok. i made some fly but suddenly i could not start the CRJ any more. I put battery on, i start GPU and when i click on AC button X-Plane crash. I have the same problem when i try to start whit the APU. I can start the APU but when i turn on the APU GEN X-plane crash. It's like XP crash when the PFD and MFD screen switch on. i reinstall several time the CRJ, i removed all my plugin, i removed all XP preferences but I was never able to re-fly ??? If you have any subjection, i will be very happy to fly again this great plane. Pierre Log.
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