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Backup Scenery Library v1.4

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About This File

Backup Scenery Library

v1.4 Feb 01, 2015


- Tired of facade/forest/beach crashes?

- Get annoyed at missing a particular object in a 3rd party scenery?

- Can't find the library online, or the library has disappeared from the downloads?

We have a solution!

This file creates a "backup" shim library for all of the well known and well used public libraries in X-Plane 10.30. This file will allow you to load most sceneries which reference 3rd party libraries, even though you may not have the library installed. It will prevent X-Plane from crashing out if it cannot find the library.

This file covers the following Libraries:





World Models


Handy Objects

People Library

RE Library

Flags of the world



Copy to your X-Plane/Custom Scenery/ directory


This package does not include any actual objects. This does not replace actually having the true library. It will simply insert a blank object or art asset in case you do not have the actual real library, and thus prevent X-Plane from crashing and allow scenery to load without error.

This file also does not interfere if you have the actual library. X-Plane will simply ignore this file if you happen to have the actual library.

We hope you find this file useful.


For Developers:

I highly suggest (and freely encourage) all of you to include this in any scenery you produce for the end-user. This way, if you reference any of the above libraries, and your end-user does not have it installed, your scenery will still work without errors. As scenery developers, we have an obligation to the end-user to make our scenery as easy and painless as possible to install and use.

This works the same as the OpensceneryX shim library. However, since many of the other libraries never included their own 'ready to use' shim library for developer distribution, it wasn't easy to add. Now, you have an "easy button". Please consider using this, and it will make your users happy.

What's New in Version v1.4


  • Initial on X-pilot

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