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  1. CYUL900

    CDU FMC Error

    Interesting insight Tom and great to hear you are working on holds in FMC. John
  2. Greetings Jan, Tom, and IXEG Team, I think I speak for everyone here who has purchased and loves to fly the IXEG 733 Classic. I am aware that developers hate being asked about updates and release dates, we understand that. However, it seems that there is maybe something to clarify for us, your paying customers. In a recent Threshold article(https://www.thresholdx.net/news/ixegup), it is mentioned that an update is being worked on(even showed new screenshot of cabin) to "potentially be pushed" following a stable 11.30 release. We learn that Tom has been very busy with his work at NASA, which has sidelined progress for IXEG. We know that there are priorities in life and work is work. So to be clear and prevent any more confusion and annoying questions being asked of progress, please tell us.... Work on "11.30" update has started or no?? Should we expect some news "soon"? Or should we be expected to wait patiently for another 6 months to a year before given the light of day? Please just let us know. If no update is coming in the near future at least tell us, so we can lower our expectations and leave you alone. Respectfully, John Gaasbeek
  3. With the release of the freeware Zibo 738 and Ultimate 739 I almost feel sorry for you, the developers out there who need sales to finance the costs of your simulation projects. The quality of these two planes is excellent and as been mentioned, have features that the IXEG does not. Nevertheless, I still love the old IXEG 733. The immersion factor in the flightdeck and the flight model are outstanding. And let's not forget Jan's fantastic support. Personally, I don't need a fancy cabin. I would be happy with an updated FMC, VNAV and fmod sounds. A 737-500 expansion would be icing on the cake. I love the baby 737!
  4. CYUL900

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 Update Released!

    Thanks for the speedy response as usual @skiselkov.
  5. CYUL900

    TBM 900 v1.1.4 Update Released!

    When I log into my account on the X Aviation website I cannot download update. It says "update in progress" and cannot be clicked. Is 1.1.5 already being released???
  6. CYUL900

    New project

    Looking forward to it!
  7. CYUL900

    New project

    Fair enough... I'll be patient. Very funny btw. Loved John Candy. Rip.
  8. CYUL900

    11.30 RC3 "Final" version...

    Thanks Jan. Waiting patiently for next update.
  9. Hello fellow 737 pilots. Just wondering if you noticed any difference with your IXEG 733 after updating to the now "stable" 11.30 RC3. Would love to hear from you.
  10. CYUL900

    New project

    Goran, could you tell us if it's a turboprop, piston, or turbofan powered aircraft????
  11. CYUL900

    New project

    Or a Twin Otter, Lear Jet, 707, SR-71......
  12. CYUL900

    New project

    I did not know Goran made a Citation. Would like to hear more about this... If ever a Citation was Hotstart's/LES new project I would be thrilled! What an awesome business jet it would be.
  13. CYUL900


    I agree the flight model is fantastic. Have to love the immersion factor in the flightdeck also.
  14. CYUL900