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  1. Muchimi

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Yes - I think it still swerves as it should if you don't pay attention and is much closer to the published behavior in terms of rudder trim. It's not stable by any means but it's also not overly twitchy as it was before. A tiny windgust was enough to send me at a 45 degree off course - no longer the case and the front wheel now actually does something between 20 and 70 kts.
  2. Muchimi

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Very pleased on the ground handling. Looks like the ice skates are finally gone, nicely done.
  3. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Reporting back after turning the mode off and using the TBM900 1.1.7: I'm not seeing a highly significant difference with the experimental flight on/off related to ground handling: aircraft is still twitchy. With the mode off, less susceptible but still veers off center easily. I have continued to refine the control curves, especially for this aircraft to minimize the tendency and that by far yields the best result.
  4. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    I will definitely try this with the mode disabled and report back here!
  5. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Indeed, the experimental model is checked in my case, along with the version of X-plane this is on 11.32R2 (which by itself is I think relevant here). Since however there is no issue with other aircraft with this mode enabled, I only see this as adding to the conversation, not removing from it. .
  6. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    You know it's interesting you mention the lift because my plane "floats" up on approach (I assume this is the new ground effect stuff that Austin discussed) or whenever the ground is really close (about 20 to 50 feet is my guess). The TBM is not the only plane that does this, but I don't get that much effect in my other aircraft. I stay around 85 kts on approach with full flaps down - I even tried 75kts which got me a speed warning yet I bounce up like a ball, wing drops and I'm done for. However, getting to VR at 90Kts+ on wide runways in my current focus as my landings should equal my takeoffs (if my math is right).
  7. Muchimi


    I'm using 11.32R2 and the experimental flight model enabled and having a heck of a time with ground handling and wind. Wind in air seems to be applicable to all aircraft I have but the ground handling is definitely only with the TBM. Other threads on the topic.
  8. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    I am getting better at this I swear. I can actually manage to stay somewhere on the runway by the skin of the teeth half the time now with 1.1.6. I just have a heck of a time keeping the bird somewhere on the runway (forget the centerline, that's beyond my limited capabilities right now - my goal is to stay on paving generally heading down the runway). I'm also cheating: Now using the very wide and 16,000' long runway at KDEN as I need all the space I can get for practice.
  9. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    @xpst I agree - the TBM has easily taken first place with distinction of all my virtual hangar birds for the twitchiest plane in x-plane. To make me feel better, I took a Saab 340 on the same route I did with the TBM and nailed the takeoff/landing the first time, which was good for my ego after going through one new TBM airframe per flight (note, flight is a misnomer because I seldom get off the ground). I totally suck with the TBM although it is now markedly better from what it was. Trim in the green - not helping much The TBM is very sensitive to wind and it bounces like a "superball" on landing too. It feels more sensitive to wind than even the C172 which is weird (ok, the 172 is slow and has high wings so that helps). One thing to do when you practice is to disable all weather: this makes sure cross-winds and wind gusts aren't a factor and that also helps tremendously. A 5kt wind from a 30 degree angle causes all sorts of stability issues for me at roll speeds and enough to send me to pasture. Gusts mean instant death for me at my sorry skill level. So far what works better for me: - disable any sort of weather - any wind spells disaster - passengers not allowed to even cough in the cabin - ensure trims are in the green, and once you're at gear up, reset the rudder trim pretty quick because it will make the plane hard to keep level - full tank of gas to put weight on - max downforce on the front wheel during the roll (which you do want a little bit for all aircraft but I'm talking full bore down pressure here) - watch the speed on takeoff and approach - higher VR works for me although it's so hard to keep the plane centered that my natural tendency is to pull up at VR which is BAD as it stalls so easily I'll let you know what works for landing because right now I have (a) few opportunities to take off in one piece reducing the chance of doing a landing (b) oh my - still working on landing without a bounce that sends me completely off course. This is by far the most challenging plane I've flown in a long time - even landing the DCS F18 in crappy weather at night on a moving postage stamp to catch the #3 wire is a walk in the park compared to this bird lol.
  10. Update... I went into a deep dive on this yesterday with the dataref tool in x-plane to spelunk through the various functions of the TBM surrounding the flight plan loading. I gave up with the mouse because it's just too tedious, especially with Trackir or headshake enabled - can't hit the side of a barn with that mouse in the time you have to click the inner knob to change the menu to the line you need to load flight plan from the catalog. At least with some real buttons, there's a chance. I ended up mapping two rotary buttons and push buttons to commands in the keymapper. The items in bold are the commands to map the button to in the keymapper. The FMS control knob located to the left of the PLN button and above the keyboard: OUTER KNOB function (not really used with the flight plan but included here for completeness) - note the description is a misnomer as in this case, the up button scrolls menu down, and the down button scrolls the menu up which I guess makes sense, but not as much sense as clockwise/counterclockwise to my engineering head. G1000 MFD FMD FMS outer ring tune up G1000 MFD FMD FMS outer ring tune down INNER KNOB function (That's the one you want for the flight plan activate menu to move up and down between menu options) G1000 MFD FMD FMS inner ring tune up G1000 MFD FMD FMS outer ring tune down FMS BUTTON PUSH function G1000 MFD FMS cursor ENTER function (some flight plan screens) G1000 MFD FMD ENT. You can also map these functions to the FPL button G1000 MFD FPL and for the PROC button: G1000 MFD proc. It's quite manageable now as there is time to switch the menu before it goes away while you're hunting for the click spot on the knob (and hit the wrong thing - usually I either get the push function of the outerknob). Mapping buttons works all the time now.
  11. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Thank you Goran - that was with 1.1.6 and the current beta of x-plane 11.32R2. My special Joystick Gremlin profile for landing/takeoff with an almost flat rudder response on center helps considerably keeping a center line with the rudder trim although it's still twitchy and the slightest offset (such as with a 5kt offset gust of wind) will send me careening off in flames - my usual end-state in the last few weeks with the TBM as you know from my other post. I'm very familiar with the new airframe button these days - one per flight so far lol as something goes horribly wrong somewhere along the line. Part of it is training on my end, part of it is x-plane and part of it is the twitchy nature of the 900. On the other hand, my TBM is a champion for runway ice-skating competition - it has no problems doing the triple-lutz on take-off or landing.
  12. Muchimi

    Steering the Plane after landing

    I was wondering if more news or tips have come up on the topic of keeping a centerline during the takeoff roll (or landing - same issue). The slightest - and I do mean - breathing on the rudder or looking at a toe-brake the wrong way takes the plane off course - it's ridiculous. I ended up creating a profile on my programmable rudders that has the response curve so toned down it's almost flat - and only then does the plane behave. Yes, my rudders are hall effect and they are quite precise. I have no such issues with other aircraft, even the Carenado B58 Baron which is known to be a bar of soap on a wet runway is super "tame" compared to this TBM beast.
  13. I find loading a flight plan exceedingly difficult. The FPL menu usually goes poof by the time I get to click the knob to switch to "load" flight plan. Very annoying. Takes me 20 times before I can get to a flight plan menu page. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong: Hit the FPL button twice (brings up the second menu), then inner knob clockwise (that's the one I have a heck of a time hitting) to switch to the second line in the menu (flight plan catalog menu). Not having a lot of luck with the mouse, I mapped the G1000 MFD inner knob up/down on joystick buttons and even when hitting that it doesn't work for me half the time. Is there an easier way to do this starting with the FPL menu not going away so quickly so I have the time to switch to the load catalog page?
  14. Well it is called the Hotstart TBM 900 - I had no idea!
  15. Ok thanks for pointing me to the fuel mapping. I was using my default profile for x-plane for the TBM that kept all the axes mapped including prop and mixture levers from my quadrant. It works now - I went through the tutorial in automatic and manual, twice, and no problems this time, and I'm relieved the tutorial is no longer demonstrating how to start a fire which it was. What I ended up doing to fix this if this helps anyone else encountering this: (1) I created a specific TBM900 profile in the joystick mapper, and one that forcibly disconnects axis inputs for mixture and propeller. I only kept the yoke, pedals and throttle connected. (2) instead of mapping mixture to an axis, I mapped a couple of buttons on my throttle to x-plane commands for "increase mixture a little bit" and "decrease mixture a little bit" to "walk" the TBM's throttle lever to the condition (right side) latches. I'm still not comprehending why my prior setup was working last week - perhaps coincidence. Thanks for the help!