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  1. Muchimi

    Cant taxi below 40 Knots

    At work right now so I can't check. I think there is either a dataref for this in which case you may be able to bind a key to it from within a lua script in FlywithLUA or as a command in which case it would show up in your x-plane keybinder as an available command. You may need to expand the available commands exposed by the Saab.
  2. Muchimi

    Cant taxi below 40 Knots

    Thank you - It never occurred to me to move the throttles below idle unless attempting to reverse.
  3. Muchimi

    Cant taxi below 40 Knots

    This reminds me that the Saab (at least mine) is a Ferrari on the tarmac with throttles in ground idle. Two questions on the proper way to taxi this thing: - I observed in RL that some of the turboprop operators taxi on one engine only - I haven't flown a turboprop in some years now, but nearly all my flights (which included Dash 8 and B1900D and a Saab 340B eons ago. Is that a recommended practice? The second engine was typically turned on but a few minutes before t/o. - Short of using brakes like crazy, what is the recommended way of controlling ground speed on this aircraft while on the ground for taxi? Thanks!
  4. Muchimi

    Understanding the hydraulics...

    Hi thanks for the reply. I did another flight yesterday without the constant-on hydraulics (and by this I don't mean the occasional pump sound, I mean a continuous pump sound that will not stop). I suspect there was something I missed during the checks. I like the depth of simulation.
  5. Muchimi

    Understanding the hydraulics...

    Greetings! I ran into a first flight and I still have my training wheels on and boy do I need them. NOOB zone: I kept on hearing the hydraulic pump running when I first powered on the flight (so battery + on + ground power on). Turned hydraulic switch it off - back to auto - ran for a bit and stopped. All good. Then it went nuts again after engine start. Did the off/auto thing and good to go again. Then at some point during taxi I was fiddling with my prop controls on the quadrant and managed to turn off engine 1 by bringing the lever a bit too far down. That of course killed the left bus which after restart caused me to reset gen 1. The hydraulics went back to on all the time again until the turn off/ back to auto thing. The manual has one paragraph on hydraulics as to how they work and how to control, but I suspect I'm missing a key ingredient somewhere. I suspect this has to either do with the fact I'm running this in the unsupported XP11, but I also suspect given that this isn't an issue reported anywhere I could find, it's more of an operator error as I probably forgot to do something critical. Please be kind in your responses, and yes, I know XP11 isn't supported (yet), officially.
  6. Muchimi

    Rudder pedals

    Hi, I have the same pedals. I think X-plane is not handling steering / pedals on the ground correctly at all and tends to over correct - I've used the term "drunken pilot" behavior for pedals. This script I posted down in the thread below may help you (you may need to edit to remove the devices you don't have). Turn the assist in xplane all the way off and use the sliders all the way on the left in the joystick sensitivity - that makes the 733 behave pretty well - even if you need ever so gentle rudder inputs or xplane still send you off the runway. Down pressure on the nose gear helps quite a bit until you get to about 80 kts. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/125263-pedals-for-x-plane-11/ I think this is something Laminar should fix, or provide improved handling of inputs for. The TM gear is very precise so it's not like the input is not correct or anything so that excuse is long gone. Just not in the top priority of fixes I think. Hope this helps! Cheers, M
  7. Muchimi

    How to load a coroute?

    Yes I found it's easier to enter the flight plan manually into the FMC, then to save it. Creating a plan outside of ixeg and loading it has been nothing but a source of issues for me. Wouldn't it be nice if all FMCs loaded Garmin flight plans....
  8. I'm looking at entering a distance/bearing waypoint in my route. In this case, BLD125030 - so bearing 125 from BLD at 30 nm. How do I enter that in the CDU when I build my plan? I can't seem to get it to accept that, and I can't find the reference manual for the FMC that goes over that. The usual Boeing format is FFFFFbbbb/dddd where FFFFF is the fix name, bbbbb is the bearing with or without a decimal point, and ddddd is the distance, also with or without a decimal point. However this may be a later feature of FMCs, not sure about the model in the 733. Thanks!
  9. Muchimi

    Unable CRZ ALT

    Another thing that occurred to me is that the VNAV computation is based on XP10, with the XP11 patch of the 733 not being quite out yet which may also account for some of the strange things experience with VNAV profiles running an XP10 version in XP11 (if you're doing that).
  10. Muchimi

    First official XP11 screenshot

    For one here very excited to hear the new version is almost here, looking forward to it soon (tm).
  11. Muchimi

    Unable CRZ ALT

    I too get this message on heavier zfw even on routes > 350nm (example KSLC-KDEN). I think the primary cause for the unable crz msg is the VNAV computed step climb puts your top of climb after your top of descent, especially if you have a high FL for a shorter route. Because for the life of me I can't see the computed TOC or TOD indicators on either the CDU or the plan map, it's hard to tell (perhaps my learning curve here). I think the message is mostly correct as if you lower the ZFW or change the cost index, it goes away - I suggest you experiment with that. This said, I still think VNAV gets confused sometimes especially if you start making changes mid-flight and use constraints (speed and/or altitude) or have more extreme weights / aggressive elevation changes in your route. However, most of the VNAV issues I have relate to the VNAV descent profile. Then again, I find it's a way for me to use better planning tools and not rely so much on the automated course as the PIC I need to make sure what the computer thinks makes sense, and trust me, being in the computer field, computers usually don't make sense because I programmed them Hope this helps
  12. Muchimi

    Xplane 11?

    I have XP 11 so I should wait until 2.0 comes out? soon (tm)?
  13. Muchimi

    FMC constraints causes severe FPS issue

    Update! I have disabled A/V on the whole XP folder and things are back to normal. In fact, disabling A/V altogether on the XP folder seems to give me a slight boost overall in FPS in XP 11 RC2 - about 1 to 2 FPS looks like although this is not very scientific - there is a slight uptick to my FPS logs in similar situations so I take it that the AV really takes a toll on the XP executables and plugin DLLs. What I didn't connect is that I wasn't changing waypoints - just constraints - but I suppose it doesn't matter and any change to the route would cause this. Very, very strange that all this FMC change architecture would bring the whole computer to its knees without necessarily "pegging anything" in terms of performance management monitoring, but I thank you for the explanation as to what causes this. I think the pinned post could be updated to say "if you get ANY FPS issue, try disabling the AV first". Cheers, M
  14. Muchimi

    FMC constraints causes severe FPS issue

    In my world there are no exclusions - just vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited, but I understand - I get way too into this security stuff as I see how many attempts are made daily to exploit holes and it's my profession to make sure there are no holes.