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  1. Is it possible that somebody of developers recheck the aircraft performance? Sometimes I am afraid it became heavier than in previous versions. For example it took about 30 minutes to climb FL370 with 51 t grossweight. Also I noticed higher N1 and therefore fuel consumption to fly 0.73M than shown in FCOM Long range cruise control section. Mentioned above is valid for XP10 v10.51
  2. One crazy idea from my side. Do you use Autogate plugin? If you release parking brake standing at gate the gate starts disconnecting with a bell sound))
  3. Same trim settings all the time

    We need a loadsheet simulator I was really missing some time ago for random pax and fuel load manager and CG calculation based on it. But finally when I played with IXEG random ZFW/CG button in the ground handling menu I have found that if aircraft is trimmed according to actual CG there is no real difference between 20% MAC or other to control the plane. At least I do not feel it. That means in my opinion there is no really high necessity to play with different CG because it does not lead to significant changes of aircraft behaviour. But... May be I am wrong. That is just my impression.
  4. 18.5K derate N1 limit

    That is clear now! Many thanks for exact response!
  5. 18.5K derate N1 limit

    Could you please explain how to use manual N1 setting? On my side if I manually set 75% N1 I finally have 84% N1 after pressing TOGA button.
  6. Training Video's

    I am a little confused to ask this. But is this bird allowed to fly RNAV SID and STAR in reality? (I mean the prototype of this model)
  7. Pull to Set

    please delete sorry for off topic
  8. Cockpit all lit up at night

    I do not have this with XP10, either with and without XEnviro.
  9. Cockpit and cabin interior questions

    Wow! Finally It is fully clear for me. Many thanks for detailed and simple explaination as usual!
  10. Cockpit and cabin interior questions

    It seems to be I have mixed a lot of different staff in my mind... Nevertheless I'd like to show a quote from FCTM: There is also one sentence above: In our example Vtgt = 130 + 1/2x0 + 10 = 140 kt. Obviously it is useless to compare this value with Vtgt = 130 - 5 = 125 kt. Target speed can not be lower than Vref... Therefore it is still unclear for me what is the placard speed mentioned in the manual... Sorry for going into such minor stuff with details. But it is interesting for me.
  11. Hi colleagues! I've got an idea to create a common topic regarding visual model of cockpit and cabin interior. Various questions and remarks can be jointed in one topic. And while we have no major updates I'd like to discuss some minor items. From my side a have a question regrding speed placard above the windshield. Is it Vref speeds placard? Reading the training manual I have got that there should be a Vref speeds placard somewhere in the cockpit. This placard shows maximal speeds which can not be exceeded considering headwing and gust component on landing. But I feel the placard we have in the IXEG model is just a Vref speeds placard without wind correction. Thus my questions are: a) am I right? b ) if I am right where can I get maximal possible Vref speed values? c) if I am not right could someone explain this subject a little more detailed?
  12. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Is this slow motion video?
  13. No Logo Lights

    While we all waiting for new major update on aircraft systems I have thought about one small visual detal. The logo light is not illuminating if it is on and I have a view from the cabin. At night I can see that it illuminates somewhere from outside of the wing. May be some textures do not alloe to see it... Is it possible to easily correct this?
  14. FD on manual ILS landing?

    Agree with the last remark. I think it is not according to work duties distribution rules but in fact it really depends on psychology and relationship within a flight crew. And thanks for answering.
  15. FD on manual ILS landing?

    Dear Litjan, could you please comment this video There are A/P and A/T were obvioausly disengaged at 5:33 before landing. The same procedure I could see on other movies describing UTair landings on 737s... I understand that there could be some different reguletions between air companies as well as different flight technicues are possible. Also I guess the method proposed by you is more safe than performed on a movie. The question from my side is which technique is more common in the World and recommended by manufacturer. Sorry in advance for not reading Boeing documentation is this scope. But I think the experience of a real pilot is more iseful here))