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  1. XP 11 flight model [status]

    Thanks for your answers!
  2. XP 11 flight model [status]

    and May be I do not understand it correct. But I see different meaning in these sentences.
  3. Barely moving

    Thanks! It would be useful information for me to collect.
  4. Barely moving

    Good to know! Never heard about it before. Especially because I would also say some words about poor climb rates and cruise performance sometimes.
  5. FMC route planing mistakes

    Confirmed! I have tried it with XP11 and "other way" worked good!
  6. FMC route planing mistakes

    Thank you! Sorry guys. I was able to check this just a couple of weeks after your reply. It works well in such sequence! But is not it more correct (for real operations) to choose a runway first and then an approach?
  7. FMC route planing mistakes

    I guess there is a different thing in ENGM than in your example for EDDF.
  8. FMC route planing mistakes

    Hello to everyone. May be this topic could merge several problems which might occur during a flight preparation. From my side I'd like to point out following problem. When I choose arrival procedure at ENGM I am facing every time a little problem. My actions: press DEP/ARR buttoh; chose arrival runway and approach type on the right side of a menu; choose STAR on the left side; choose transition point. Result: the STAR procedure is automatically erased from the route. The abscence of STAR can be visible on a map using a LEGS menu. Solution: I have to choose arrival runway and approach type on the right side of DEP/ARR menu once again. Then STAR procedure automatically appears (despite I do not choose STAR second time). I am afraid it could be a bug in such a particular case for all STARs of ENGM. By the way I have not checked another possibilities: probably a STAR is deleted after coosing of a transition. May be it is not necessary there to choose a transition point...
  9. Is it possible that somebody of developers recheck the aircraft performance? Sometimes I am afraid it became heavier than in previous versions. For example it took about 30 minutes to climb FL370 with 51 t grossweight. Also I noticed higher N1 and therefore fuel consumption to fly 0.73M than shown in FCOM Long range cruise control section. Mentioned above is valid for XP10 v10.51
  10. One crazy idea from my side. Do you use Autogate plugin? If you release parking brake standing at gate the gate starts disconnecting with a bell sound))
  11. Same trim settings all the time

    We need a loadsheet simulator I was really missing some time ago for random pax and fuel load manager and CG calculation based on it. But finally when I played with IXEG random ZFW/CG button in the ground handling menu I have found that if aircraft is trimmed according to actual CG there is no real difference between 20% MAC or other to control the plane. At least I do not feel it. That means in my opinion there is no really high necessity to play with different CG because it does not lead to significant changes of aircraft behaviour. But... May be I am wrong. That is just my impression.
  12. 18.5K derate N1 limit

    That is clear now! Many thanks for exact response!
  13. 18.5K derate N1 limit

    Could you please explain how to use manual N1 setting? On my side if I manually set 75% N1 I finally have 84% N1 after pressing TOGA button.
  14. Training Video's

    I am a little confused to ask this. But is this bird allowed to fly RNAV SID and STAR in reality? (I mean the prototype of this model)
  15. Pull to Set

    please delete sorry for off topic