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  1. Hullu-poika

    Landing Weight & Approach Speed Calculations?

    As far as I could see it changes with the weight change. May be you should burn more fuel
  2. Hullu-poika

    Crash while programming FMC

    The most probably my issue has already been announced. But I do not usually look at this forum topic. Sorry. My problem is that programming Rerformance Init page causes the failure message if I do it before route activation. That means if I perform unusual sequence: - enter departure and destination; - enter route; - do not execute route; - switch to Performance page and fill performance data; then I have an error (FMC can not calculate vertical profile) and I have to reboot the plugin. In my opinion this sequence should not cause GIZMO errors in future...
  3. Hullu-poika


    Some thoughts about realism from my side. As far as I got this bird I have noticed that flight controls react on the joystick movement with a delay. E.g. if I do a quick movement by joystick the control wheel will move much slowlier than the actual jojstick movement. Is it done for control forces simulation only? From my side I find it not as "real"as it could be. And if a simmer is not a really good pilot (like me) it would be easier to destabilaze the plane with quick and improper movements. Delay softens it. It creates impression of airctraft weight, stability and may be realism. But in fact it is not really correct because fast control wheel movements are possible on a real plane. It would be interesting to hear different opinions about this topic.
  4. Hullu-poika

    Taxi turns stall

    yeah. I can confirm it. Sometimes I use realistic fueling option and then close the popup window. If I open the popup window again the fueling will be stopped. In my opinion it is OK. Just do not open the fuel and weight setting window until fueling is complete.
  5. Hullu-poika

    crashes and closes the program Xplane 11

    Anyway that's a good news. Thank you for sharing it! I will look forward on further X-Plane updates) Nevertheless default X-Plane weather and clouds are getting better and better. Thus may be some time we will not need XEnviro at all %)
  6. Hullu-poika

    crashes and closes the program Xplane 11

    Great news! I am glad that the reason of crashes is found. But are any changes necessary on X-plane side? Is the stable version already known?
  7. Hullu-poika

    crashes and closes the program Xplane 11

    I have this problem using IXEG and XEnviro at the same time. Crash randomly occurs during the weather update. I have found only one way: not to use IXEG with XEnviro. Unfortunately. Nevertheless both products are work fine if used separately.
  8. Hullu-poika

    Livery List & Requests

    Thaks so much!
  9. Hullu-poika

    steering locked

    One more reason could be is the depressurized hydraulic system %)
  10. Hullu-poika

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Thanks for your answers!
  11. Hullu-poika

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    and May be I do not understand it correct. But I see different meaning in these sentences.
  12. Hullu-poika

    Barely moving

    Thanks! It would be useful information for me to collect.
  13. Hullu-poika

    Barely moving

    Good to know! Never heard about it before. Especially because I would also say some words about poor climb rates and cruise performance sometimes.
  14. Hullu-poika

    FMC route planing mistakes

    Confirmed! I have tried it with XP11 and "other way" worked good!
  15. Hullu-poika

    FMC route planing mistakes

    Thank you! Sorry guys. I was able to check this just a couple of weeks after your reply. It works well in such sequence! But is not it more correct (for real operations) to choose a runway first and then an approach?