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  1. Official IXEG forum now open!

    The effect works with default and Skymaxx Pro, they do not work with xEnviro. I have never used FSGRW in XP so I can't comment. I currently use "the ultimate mod" with XP11 default weather injection and the effect works with that.
  2. Take-Off Flaps setting

    Read this and thought WTH, I use flap 15 a lot, Jan should really start expanding your flying experience to the level of your simming customers, like flying at MTOW from Innsbruck with a tailwind or taking off from Lugano...its all legal, honest
  3. Hi all. I searched but could not find a reference to this "bug" I'm having. When flying through clouds at night, I noticed that the clouds are illuminated by the left hand runway turn off light only. All the other lights have no effect? Is that correct? I love this effect though, doing plenty of flights to US east coast from Scotland via the Azores and approaches through clouds are great, as long as you remember to switch on that light! It also doesn't matter if the gear is retracted or not. Cheers Iain
  4. Cloud illumination by landing lights.

    Hi Jan Thanks for bringing this topic back up and the additional feedback. I moved away from SMP and tried various other things before settling on the "ultimate mod" weather. I also see this effect only on SMP so your findings are dead on. I don't know if I will push for coding changes from the WX developers, maybe when/if Active sky comes along. Thanks for your support with these open topics though
  5. Aircraft Specifics

    Support has suggested you explain your problem more, post screenshots or post a Youtube video. Either one takes 5 mins to do, but you choose not to? I'm really interested in your LVL change problem, but also frustrated that I don't have much to go on apart from your original explanation. The support team are very passionate and proud of their software, they are always looking for ways to improve and are frustrated that they haven't managed to improve or produce patches as much as planned, private situations and unexpected events in life take priority. I am sure they don't have such a large team, a large budget or a nice office in downtime DC like PMDG have. I am sure they are wanting to hear from people like you that have lots of experience in simming and/or real world, so maybe a bit of give and take and a bit of patience is needed to get the most of their sim, your suggestions are very welcome. Morten has been very tolerant, ending a thread with "thanks for nothing" is way below the belt in my opinion, nobody deserves that kind of talk in this short existence of ours. IXEG are one of the only developers I have seen where a list of "things that are not going to be in V1.0".
  6. 733 long haul

    Simbrief works well, you could copy paste your route from PFPX into it and then save it as IXEG format. About 20% of Simbrief routes give an error on loading, but it's a very simple fix, before you even try and load it, open the route with wordpad (or actually, I think you can edit it in simbrief), check that the route has not put the word "SID" after the ICAO code of the dep airport, if it has, just delete it. ie. EGPH SID TLA6A UN864 DCS will post an error in the FMC so it should read EGPH TLA6A UN864 DC
  7. FMC RTE bug - Attempt to index a nil val

    you could skip the ref airport part or as I do, use simbrief to make your route, plan your fuel etc, save the fmc file to your co-routes folder then load it into the fmc.
  8. FMC RTE bug - Attempt to index a nil val

    Just press LSK1L after clicking RTE, you don’t have to select 6L.
  9. 1.21

    Completely out of order, and here is why... Cost is completely irrelevant to the argument. Value for money is different for everybody, comparing it to other products doesn't mean anything, it's up to you (and your two friends) to decide if it's worth it. If you felt it did not warrant the price, then you shouldn't have bought it, which leads to the point below. Expectations, IXEG were completely open about the limitations of the aircraft before release, including the FMC, there is still a detailed list at the top of the stickys. As far getting back to making the patches, the speed of the patches is completely up to IXEG, they are a bunch of devs doing this in their free time when they are not doing their real jobs or spending time with their family etc, they also need some downtime during the "festive" period I'm sure. On the contrary, I find IXEG very open about patches and development, they put a lot of time into solving peoples issues, even during the holidays, something they should be very proud of when you compare to any other developer. And lastly, LR keep moving the goal posts with new revisions, 11.11 is current and I am sure they are always playing catchup.
  10. Thinking of buying...

    Hardly any problems here with Vnav and restrictions. Only problems I have is when modifying the route while flying, so I either avoid doing so or switch to another mode, no big deal, it helps you learn the systems!
  11. IXEG 733 Resetting

    This is a known problem, please add your XP11 folder to the list of exclusions in windows security suite. It takes 1 min to do, check you tube for a guide.
  12. Thinking of buying...

    Yes, go for it! Happy new year.
  13. 1.21

    Ursula Liu Wang
  14. 1.21

    schon wieder Freitag! 3 days left Or does Jan have some Chinese blood in him and we need to wait till mid Feb!
  15. Roadmap

    Interesting, watching the feed now, hopefully better than the effort from Carenado. Wasn't sure what Jan flew, thought he might say he would only model what he had flew, 744 would take ages! PMDG are doing the MAX, maybe we hear something after the patch is out, maybe they will just start the next patch as LR will mod the code again
  16. Roadmap

    With the patch coming in the next few days....hopefully, what is the road map after that. Continue to optimise and add features, like the 733F or QC....thumbs up from me leave as is and retire with your millions from the sales.... or move on to a new project, I would love a GA aircraft, something with a bit of speed, maybe even a Turboprop
  17. Livery List & Requests

    Any news on the window painting for TNT...I'm more than willing to take it as it is I'm curious, which airport are your screenshots from, I recognise it but can't put my finger on it!
  18. 1.21

    Stop posting, it slows the patch...ps. it's Friday
  19. Livery List & Requests

    Amazing, I'm flying Fedex and (old) TNT liveries, copying real routes and timetables, real cargo loads and have Simbrief setup as a 733F, now this ASL livery is the icing on the cake. Many thanks
  20. IXEG Rain Effects

    Really missing the rain effect in IXEG. There is new info on the xEnviro forum and it would be worth IXEG reading it and talking to them to come to a solution. IXEG want xEnviro to resolve it and they want IXEG to resolve it. See post from Monday here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/112046-ixeg-and-crj200-rain-in-windshield/&page=2
  21. Cloud illumination by landing lights.

    Hi Jan The wiper sound in that video sounds good, (I could only find NG version which are quieter) sounds like an electric motor with a bit of mechanical noise mixed in. I find the simulation much more mechanical and grinding sound. Good example in your video at 4:21. No big deal though, but now I heard the real version, I would prefer that! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXpk6u_A1MA Air con noise volume is a good idea, I have it pretty loud. I think volume adjustment can be a good idea as it depends on speak type, headphones and how good your hearing is. I like the aircon in this video at 5:40, very clear to hear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7qlWIFmXQ8
  22. Cloud illumination by landing lights.

    Jan, sorry to dig up an old bug, but I see the cloud illumination is still made by one of the turn off lights, I think the left one. Not sure if it's possible to change this to one of the inboard landing lights. I know this only works in SMP, doesn't work in xEnviro at all, but I am going to try SMP again as I want the rain effects back). No big deal if you can't manage this. One other thing, I like the windscreen wiper effect, I am sure the sound is modeled on the real thing, but it sounds very rough, like grinding stone against each other. What do you think, just like the real thing or maybe there is a plan for a new version, or maybe there is a way to reduce the volume for this effect?
  23. [Merged] xEnviro

    I have xEnviro and have never had a crash with it, after maybe 100 hrs of flying or so. I have Vortex off as I remember there was a bug with it, but this was to do with rendering from the cockpit. I can actually recreate the bug quite easily, use KBOS by MisterX6, go to any gate, sit in the cockpit and switch Vortex on and off, with it on, the rendering outside is obviously messed up with Vortex on.
  24. I know, I googled for some news and found nothing either. Fingers crossed.
  25. The xenviro bug is well known. You don't get any rain effects unless you start switching the weather mode around, then eventually it starts working to some degree, but it's very patchy. It's a real pity, coming from FSX, AS spoiled us when you compare to default, xenviro or SMP. I have swapped between these programs many times, trying to decide. SMP looks nice and has the rain effect, but I feel like I am flying in a mini weather zone, about 10 miles wide, whatever the cloud cover is, be it 2/8 cover, you constantly have clouds in front of you and it's very predictable, instead of random placement clouds xenviro is better in this case, but you miss the effect, the haze seems too strong. I don't know if xenviro plan to resolve the issue. Roll on AS release!