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    Guys, friends, Nasa boffins, I have flown every sim since 1985 (I'm 43), Tomahawk, DI Tornado, Gunship all FS series, FSX to death and now XP11 and DCS. I switched to XP11 only because of the IXEG release. I can say that this is the best aircraft out there for immersion, physics, atmosphere etc. Those things are not easy to program, but they are there in abundance. I will admit, I got interested in Zibo, tried it and can honestly say that it's a freeware plane with lots of bells and whistles, but the base is freeware, you feel that and you see it every time you look up at that overhead panel. IXEG is payware, you feel it more than anything and you see it, obviously some bells and whistles are missing, and some VNAV things need improved, but we are flying a classic, things will be broken on classics that are flying today, the shortfalls in this model make you a better pilot in my opinion! I look forward to future updates, free or paid, and wish the developers good luck, and ask them kindly to checkin with any tiny bit of news to keep our heads up
  2. Iain

    Taxi turns stall

    Regarding realistic vs instant refueling, you need to be careful with realistic, the sequence can stop. I often use realistic, starting the fueling before doing other stuff like FMC setup etc, then at the end, check the total amount and off you go. However, the sequence can be broken, I am not sure how, but I am sure it's been discussed in the forum before, something like alt tab to windows and back, or checking something in menu's, correct weather for example, something like that can stop the sequence. I know because I have also had short fuel on flights and sat scratching my head then realised I used realistic fueling to, lets say 12'000kg, then I checked my reply and can see I took off with 10'000kg, so the sequence did stop. Now when I use realistic, I stay in the cockpit and don't do anything apart from cockpit prep and FMC stuff, and check the gauges and the FMC prog page to check final fuel amount...then tell the pax that the wx has changed and we need more...haha. To add, I adjusted the landing gear parameter and it works perfect, might be worth making that a sticky? Cheers Iain
  3. Iain

    Taxi turns stall

    Hi Jan Yeh, off topic, but very good info, so you can confirm with WED 1.8 that I will become addicted to it Look forward to it, like I said, I tried WED a few weeks ago, but with limited time to learn I had to put it aside, sounds like a nice winter project PS, I adjusted the landing gear value in planemaker, will try it later, flight will be my new location for real world ops with Norwegian, JFK and Fort Lauderdale to TFFR & TFFF (Caribbean area), interesting place to fly.
  4. Iain

    white and black screen in cockpit

    Hi I looks like your cockpit view is being blocked by the seat, which could happen if your head movement goes backwards during climb out. Normally you would need to move your head over the seat as it's a solid object so it's quite unusual for that to happen, unless you have your aircraft config set to non solid, which some people do (like myself) to allow for better camera movement. Try changing the time of day so you can see what's going on, you can change time of day with a keypress, also try moving your camera forward or up and forward to unblock your view. Of course, it could be something else completely! Good luck.
  5. Iain

    Taxi turns stall

    I started with WED, got a but overwhelmed and decided to start with Overlay editor. Will get back to WED sometime, would love to make a small simple GA airfield near my home village in Scotland (fictional) or make a small grass airfield on a farm where GA aircraft come for certification of some sort (non fictional), location in google maps is "Boat Farm, Thankerton, the field with straw bails to the SE and south side of the river Clyde (I come from the middle of nowhere!).
  6. Iain

    Taxi turns stall

    Jan Never been near Planemaker so need to check how to use it and the versions etc, I don't want to start it, might get addicted to it and get side trapped from flying, but like when I started using overlay editor recently and can't stop messing around with oil spill textures and stupid baggage cart positions on the ramp....!
  7. Iain

    Taxi turns stall

    Interesting, I never checked that thread since then, my mistake. I was think it was fixed in an update so now see I need to change the value in planemaker, will check this out later. So it still means the OP has to also change this value in planemaker, or anybody who missed that thread will have to do this? Or I'm still missing the point? Thanks Iain
  8. Iain

    Taxi turns stall

    Are you sure this isn't the bug that the brakes come on when you turn at more than a certain angle, about 45 degrees. This bug is really annoying, I can taxi around 70% of the time normally but at a few airports where there are sharp slow turns in the ramp area, I need to go to the control options are re-assign yaw as nose wheel tiller and then the brakes are not active anymore. Would be great to see a fix to this, I don't have this problem in other aircraft.
  9. Iain

    Livery List & Requests

    LV-HQH that is currently active in Argentina.... https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?%2Ffiles%2Ffile%2F48077-ixeg-boeing-737-300-norwegian-air-argentina-astor-piazzolla-tailfictional-repaint%2F&fbclid=IwAR2-xvVWGLwnN2l8W3yB1BxwwPUf2hyFK-kwMQ-lIr2mIkhA6LmDh6QU1xM
  10. Morning all. Norwegian (the real airline) are starting flights from Argentina, Buenos Aires or the 16th of October, LV-HQH has been for route proving in the last few months, flying from the Norwegian paint shop in Stockholm via Canary Islands and Brazil. It returned on the 5th of October in preparation for the first flight. Norwegian virtual will simulate this timetable so I also plan a ferry flight, some local area training, at start the first flight on the 16th or the 17th. I have the scenery all sorted, the original content of this thread was a request to have a new livery with the correct tail code, but I managed to change it myself, see below. Look forward to updating you in the next few days, and eventually have a short youtube video of the first flight. Fresh out the paint shop
  11. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Oh, now that you mention it, it is you, I never realised, a very happy and calm pilot!! Return flight done, SABE winds were dead calm, warm, clear skies, just like a Norwegian winter, I'm happy to be here, Bergen weather was getting a bit crazy. Next flight is to Mendoza so will post that up this evening or tomorrow, the first evening flight will be a special youtube video, with a bit more editing to show off this wonderful creation by the IXEG team.
  12. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Please excuse the landing Jan!
  13. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    A very rough and ready of the landing, definition is a bit low in youtube, will upload a high res tomorrow.
  14. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Slow progress to Buenos Aires, but plenty fuel at least, TOD in 50 mins, 6.5T fuel onboard. Time to bump up the cruise speed a bit. Land at SAEZ then relocate to SABE tomorrow (real aircraft relocated this morning), then flight booked to Cordoba tomorrow, dep 7:30 local, arr 8:55.
  15. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Hi Jan Actually, with a low ZFW of around 34, it's surprising how far you can fly in the -300. ESSA-GCLP 2468nm 1700kg remaining. GCLP-SBSG 2378nm 2300kg remaining SBSG-SAEZ 2383nm 2600kg remaining Working 12 hr shifts doesn't help to get these flights done, I want to do SBSG-SAEZ today so I can do the first commercial flight on Tuesday, but I can't really fit it in, unless I go home, greet the wife and go straight to my PC...actually, I think it's the only way to do it Is there a better way to put a youtube video here or just use a link?
  16. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Video of the landing.... https://youtu.be/hWkr0JAkExI
  17. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Leaving GCLP for Brazil Final, Natal
  18. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    Hi Jan I downloaded the Boeing font and changed the tail to 737-800 (hope you don't mind) and repositioned in to match LV-HQH. I will post some pics and a video on Youtube of the first flight from SABE, believe me, Argentina with Ortho looks stunning, after 30 years of simming, the peak has been reached, look forward to Tuesday. Cheers Iain
  19. Iain

    737 goes to Argentina . LV-HQH

    I managed to do this myself, thought I may as well learn the basics of painting at some point, the font colour is a little weak, will correct that later. Current location of my 737 is Canary Islands, arrived from Norwegians paint shop in Stockholm yesterday, set off for Natal in Brazil later today and then on to Buenos Aires on Monday. First commercial flight out of Jorge Newbery airport on Tuesday, interesting place, runway is only 6890ft long. Parked up at GCLP Leaving ESSA SABE, Jorge Newbury and Buenos Aires
  20. Iain


    Aircraft Condition Monitoring System system is not a feature of the FMC, best way to fix it...don't click it
  21. Iain

    Simples question....

    Please remember, these sort of changes mid flight exposes the weak points in the FMC, the VNAV can get a bit lost and your TOD becomes completely screwed, not always, but for me it's best to put restrictions in or bypass restrictions before leaving the gate. Then once in the air, double check the TOD is correct. If I do on the fly changes to simulate ATC clearing me higher, which is quite common for departures from London area where the SID has you at 6000ft a very long time, I usually just line select the first waypoint that has no restriction and click it to the top of the list. I found this way to give less problems. Worst TOD fail I had was flying to Svalbard, ended up at 10'000ft in a steep dive towards the Barents sea, you can see the profile here, not pretty! https://www.virtualnorwegian.net/pirep/138971/
  22. Iain

    IXEG B7336- Will not open

    Well, this is quite a common problem, and you can read the answer here The only problem being you seam to have a slightly different problem in that you don't have the small error box. I'm not expert on this stuff but since you haven't had any support I thought this suggestion might help.
  23. Iain

    FMC questions

    MGEISS is correct, but I think you need to sit and watch various FMC tutorials, there are lots out there and without trying to sound smart, your questions are basic level questions for the FMC. One tip would be to search for PMDG 737 FMC tutorial, the FMC is the same except PMDG has more features enabled, but your questions are on basic operations so you shouldn't have any problem finding answers, and video's are much easier to follow that trying to work out what people mean in their text. But to add my points in case you are still not sure. SIDS STARTS and RW can be changed at any time, remember though when you change your STAR in mid flight, it might look like your route has been completely screwed up, but by using the LEGS page, you can rejoin the route to make it correct again. And this leads to your other question, how to select a waypoint that is in the plan but further down the list. This type of change is probably one of the most common and useful things you need to be able to do. Learning this allows your to skip waypoints which is quite common when pilots ask for shortcuts or ATC say go direct to a waypoint, and as I mentioned before, you do this to fix the route once you change a STAR. As MGEISS said, you are basically dragging the route up to join up the complete route, an incomplete route will have a line that says ROUTE DISCONTINUITY. This error was the biggest headache for me when learning the FMC!! All it means is there is a gap in your route, and all you do is select the waypoint below this message, and click on the line above to effectively drag it one line up and join the route up. As I said, find a good youtube video and it will be much easier, you can checkout flightdeck2sim, have a look around the 3:30 mark, you can see how to advance to the next waypoint. I'm at work so I can't watch in detail but I think this helps you out. The green arc is a great tool, but you need to know what it is an it's limits. It basically shows you at which point in your flight path, you will reach the altitude that you have selected in the MCP. So if you are at 20'000ft and you select 15'000ft, it will show you at what point you will reach that altitude...but, you need to do a few things to make it work. 1st you need to actually be descending, so setup a V/S of say -1000ft / min, then once you start to descend. you will see the green arc show up on the ND. The other thing you need to check is that your ND range is correct, so for the above example, it will take 5 minutes to descent 5000ft and -1000ft per min, and you might need 10nm to do that descent, if your ND range is set to 5nm, the green arc won't show as it's out the top of the screen.
  24. https://www.virtualnorwegian.net/pirep/145926/ Was hoping to beat the 5hr mark across the pond, winds were great today, track U eastbound, 143kts tail wind, CI 100 and Mach .77 and a pretty light load. 2.5 hrs worth of fuel left as well! Another first I have to try is the KPVD to Bergen, a bit risky but should be quite easy with winds like today. Was tempted to land the opposite way at Shannon but that would be highly unprofessional! No attempt being made at the return flight until the winds calm down
  25. Iain

    Question on flaps

    Vspeeds, Vref and Flap speeds are based on the weight of the aircraft. Flap limit speeds are based on Vref (landing speed for your current weight + xx kts). The reference table is in the cockpit, above your head to the left, the yellow stamp. Something like this Landing Speeds for the 737-300/400/500 Landing Weight 737-300 20K 737-400 23.5K 737-500 18.5K Flaps Flaps Flaps /1000kg 40 30 15 40 30 15 40 30 15 70 155 159 177 65 152 153 165 149 154 171 60 145 147 158 143 147 164 140 144 154 55 138 141 151 137 141 156 134 139 148 50 131 134 144 130 134 149 128 133 141 45 123 127 136 124 127 141 122 125 135 40 115 119 128 116 119 132 114 117 125 35 107 111 119 109 111 123 107 109 116 It is generally not good practice to to use flaps near their max speeds to help with slowing the aircraft down, that is putting undue stress on the flaps and the flap mechanics, although flaps 10 is a setting not used for much apart from being able to keep your speed down without flying around with the gear down. VNAV has to be used with caution, especially at low altitude. You statement is a bit confusing "speeds up high, but can't get near the speed on the fmc". Do you mean your IAS will not reach the speed stated on the LEGS page of the FMC? Or you have excessive vertical speeds to maintain the MCP speed (a more common problem). VNAV with follow the vertical profile in the FMC, but if you have no height restrictions, and have an alt set in mcp, VNAV simply sets idle thrust and pitches to hold speed, which can result in a high vertical speed. In this case, I would recommend using vertical speed mode and monitor the green arc in the ND to determine when you will reach you target altitude, adjust your vertical speed accordingly, if you can't descend without your speed increasing, then best to slow down more before starting descent, or use some speed brake. Personally, I stop using VNAV once below about 6000 - 8000ft due to the possible high vertical speeds.