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  1. hhbrbg

    Save more settings between flighs

    1+++++ Hi Jan, please add saving fmc data to your list. Thank you Tom
  2. hhbrbg

    [Merged] xEnviro

    Hi Chris, there are many unknowns. I showed only that a simple disconnecting of the internet cable does not lead to an x-plane crash. At least in my case. But I can't say what happens when xenviro is able to connect to the weather server and there goes sometimes wrong. Imagine the case when the server get's to many requests at once and cannot handle them. This is a very complicated thing. As Donald Rumsfeld said "the known unknowns". The whole thing is somewhat foggy . Cheers Tom
  3. hhbrbg

    [Merged] xEnviro

    Hi Chris, Oh, you don't use xEnviro. This is a valuable and important information. I don't know XACARS. Does it run within x-planes plugin system or is it x-plane independent (you start programme by yourself). Greetings Tom
  4. hhbrbg

    [Merged] xEnviro

    Hi, You are right I read some of these posts, but I'm afraid it's not so simple as many suggest. You can simulate a server down problem by yourself. Steps: - Load x-plane with xEnviro and the default Cessna such as at LOWI - in the xEnviro settings select a weather download intervall of 5 minutes - wait for the first time the weather (clouds) appear to see if xEnviro is active - simulate a server down by pulling your internet cable from your computer - wait at least 30 minutes and see what happens - would be nice to hear from your testresults Ciao and greetings to Bella Italia Tom
  5. hhbrbg

    [Merged] xEnviro

    Hi guys, thank you for your feedback. I I have tried to debug the crash to desktop problem as follows… My steps: 1. disabled all addons and all orthoscenery 2. loaded x-plane 3. launched fiddler (web debugger, btw. thank you Telerik!) 4. waited for xEnviro to download the weather for the first time and then 5. disconnected my router 6. reconnected my router after several attempts from xEnviro to connect to the internet Results: (please have a look at the two screenshots) - xEnviro does not crash when I disconnect my computer from the internet - xEnviro tries to download the weather after the interval the user selected in xEnviros settings (>= 5 min) but does not crash when I disconnect my computer from the internet - xEnviro just loads the same (old) weather again and again. - after reconnected to the internet xEnviro downloads the updated weather and does not crash. Summary: It is no longer easy to say that xEnviro is responsible for the ctd’s. This is not an absolution, maybe their server delivers occasionally corrupt data or the stability of xEnviro degrades after a while. The interaction with other plugins, certain values in their settings could also be a problem. Tom 1. No internet connection - router disconnected 2. Internet connection available - router reconnected
  6. hhbrbg

    [Merged] xEnviro

    Hi, Was xEnviro active at the time of the crash? Tom
  7. hhbrbg

    [Merged] xEnviro

    Hi guys, I had a crash to desktop today on a flight from LDZD to EDDM, short before turning to final approach. I don't need to mention that this is especially frustrating because you cannot save the flight situation with this otherwise wonderful plane. I don't know who is the culprit, X-Plane, xEnviro or the IXEG 737. If it's xEnviro or x-plane then it would be the first time that these programs crash. Suspicious is that at the exact time xEnviro begins downloading the weather the crash occures (see logfile, last entry). Could be by chance? However, being able to reload the situation and finish the flight would be a wonderful thing. Logfiles: attached XP-Version: 11.02r2 (build 110202 64-bit) IXEG 737 Version: 1.2 (for xp11) Tom crashLogs.zip
  8. To all members of IXEG, thank you very much for your hard and excellent work and for giving us this update for free. That's not to be taken for granted. Greetings from Southern Bavaria Tom
  9. hhbrbg

    To IXEG - a roadmap?

    Great!!! Tom
  10. hhbrbg

    POLL: VNAV use

    Great video, thanks! Tom
  11. hhbrbg

    I love the IXEG 737 ♥

    I love it too tom
  12. hhbrbg

    737-300 Quick Reference Handbook (QRH)

    great! thank you guys tom
  13. hhbrbg

    Method to save waypoints in FMC

    this would be this would be great, but I think the devs removed this very helpful feature. tom
  14. Great, Thank you Ian Tom