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    Rudder trim

    You can trim the rudder from the yoke.
  2. Tom Stian

    AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello folks. What is the most frustrating part with X-Plane? For me it is when Im ~2 hours into the flight, at top of descent, checking maps, weather, atis, etc... and suddenly... KABOOM, X-Plane crashes.. That is happening time to time. A reason for a crash to desktop is often hard to know. It could be conflicting plugins, bad scenery etc.. Or just something simple as a power outage. So in this frustration I have made a LUA script that are Auto Saving the situation every 10 minutes (or what I set it to). And it keeps a history of 10 savings. It is using the X-Plane's built in sytem for saving and loading situations, but im trying to customize it for the IXEG 733. I made this for personal use. But if this is something that are interessting for you guys, I could maybe make a release of it. What do you think ? Here is a quick and dirty demo how it is working at the moment.
  3. Tom Stian

    AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello, This project is on hold and I haven't done anything with it the last year. Im sorry.
  4. Very interesting news from Laminar Research yesterday from FlightSimExpo. From X-Plane version 11.30 they will bring (again) some changes to the flightmodel. But this time the user will have a option to use the experimental flightmodel or not. But what I dident like so much was that the option is a general option and then will affect every aircraft. Wouldent it be better to make the option per aircraft ? i.e. from planemaker ? So the devs can decide if the new flightmodel is suitable for the aircraft or not ? Can the 733 benefit anything from this new flightmodel ? 11.30 also brings a new particle engine that looked very nice. More news about 11.30 https://www.thresholdx.net/news/dv1130 LR presentation at FSEXPO 2018 Alternativ video:
  5. Tom Stian

    New flightmodel from 11.30 (FSEXPO 2018)

    Take a look at the video from 28:00 ..
  6. Tom Stian

    LNAV and Direct to

    Hello I dont know if this is a feature that can be improved or if it is a normal behaviour. But when using "Direct To" to a waypoint with a certain angle, the aircraft have to make 2-3 turns to get on right course when using LNAV. As you can see on my painting. The black line is the route and the red line is the aircraft path. Should this be expected?
  7. Its not about if the temperatur is impossible or not. Its about the situation that you get teleported to E46. And I found one situation. I have no idea how this bug/teleport is experienced by other users, I dont have this problem. But I posted this because I thougt it maybe could be usefull/related.
  8. Not sure if this is usefull information for you. But if you change the dataref temperature_sealevel_c to -290 you will get teleported to E46 with the IXEG and FF A320. With default cessna X-Plane will just crash. Dont ask me why I was trying to change the temperatur to -290
  9. Hello Captains! I made a simple LUA-script for v-speed callouts. It includes callouts for 80 knots, V1, Vr, V2 (V2 is optional) and positiv rate / gear up. The script is tested on X-Plane 10.51 and X-Plane 11 on Windows 10. Feel free to leave a comment if you liked the script (or not) Requirement: - You will need FlyWithLua installed - http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/17468-flywithlua-for-xp9-and-xp10/ Installation: - Unzip the files in [X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts You should get a structure something like this. Settings:Edit the IXEG_vSpeed.lua for the settings. Set to true to enable "V2" callout and false to disable. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters.Enable_V2 = false Set to true to enable "Positive rate/Gear up" callout and false to disable. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters. EnablePosGearUp = true Sync the First Officers speedbugs with what you set on Captain side. Default = false. true and false have to be written with lowercase letters. SyncSpeedBugs = false Change "SoundLevel" to adjust volume for the callouts. Adjust between 0.10 min - 1.00 max (default 0.55) SoundLevel = 0.55 How to use: This is how I use the bugs. It may not be correct compared to real procedures. The required bugs you need to set for the call out to work is Bug_2 to V1 speed, Bug_3 to Vr speed, and set the MCP speed to V2 (if you use V2 callout). You can set the other bugs to whatever you prefere. Demonstration: Known bugs/limitations: - Speed bugs can only be set on Captains side. Credits: @xplana for his excellent voice for the callouts Changelog: v0.111- Made variables and datarefs unique to avoid conflicts with other lua scripts. v0.110 - Minor optimizing of the script. v0.109 - Added setting to sync the speed bugs on First Officers side with what you set on Captains side. v0.108 - Added setting to adjust volume for the callouts- Added setting to disable "Positive rate/Gear up" callout v0.107 - Speed bugs did not reset. Fixed v0.106 - Reseting speed bugs when loading script. To avoid callouts if you dont have set the bugs. - Some adjustment to the sounds. (not so much right panning). v0.105 - Changed the default for V2 callout to false (disabled) v0.104 - Fixed V1 callout when starting X-Plane/loading aircraft v0.103 - Fixed "Positive rate / Gear up" -callout when V2 is disabled v0.102- Added setting to disable V2 callout v0.101 - Fixed compability with X-Plane 10 v0.100 - inital version You can download the script here: http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1029-ixeg-vspeeds-callouts/
  10. Tom Stian

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Great to hear.. Thanks for the feedback :)
  11. Tom Stian

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    That was strange, I havent noticed this my self. What OS are you running ? X-Plane version? IXEG version? FlyWithLua version?
  12. Tom Stian

    IXEG 733 landing at ENBR - Bad weather

    I always thinking of what a helicopter pilot once said. "If you are in doubt, there is no doubt". I probably should had followed his advice on this landing attempt METAR: 151550Z 15021G31KT 9999 VCSH SCT020 BKN030 04/M01 Q0981 NOSIG RMK WIND 1200FT 13052G67KT
  13. Tom Stian

    Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Looking forward to this powerfull bird and for the release. There is a lot of good videos on youtube. i.e. steveo1kinevo (TBM850) And found this interesting video regarding the startup up of the TBM 900 with battery and with GPU.
  14. Tom Stian

    IXEG 737 XP11 Realistic FOV?

    FOV depends on your monitor size, resolution and aspect ratio. For my 34" UltraWide 21:9 I use FOV setting 95.
  15. Tom Stian

    Announcing TerraMaxx - Seasons for X-Plane!

    Very interesting, looking forward to the release. Will be nice to add some winter to X-Plane.
  16. The instruments reflections was really awesome.. Great update
  17. Tom Stian

    FMC route planing mistakes

    I have also noticed strange issues at ENGM if you dont do it in the "correct" order. Do it this way. STAR-RUNWAY-TRANSITION. Have you been in UUEE (Moscow)? .. I just gave up find the correct STAR and transitions. Its a mayhem..
  18. Tom Stian

    FMC-Freezing Bug

    He is using MAC so must be something else or a other antivirus program that are doing this
  19. Tom Stian

    IXEG 733 landing at ENBR - Bad weather

    Thanks i guess.. Im not so proud of my landing. Im more impressed that the autopilot handle the bad weather so well.
  20. Tom Stian

    X plane pc build help !

    I would also add a thing. 240GB SSD will fill up pretty fast if your planning to add photoscenery/mesh and other scenery. You will also need to have your OS and other programs you install on that disk. So I would recommend you to buy a bigger disk or a additional disk that you can use for your X-Plane installation. I recommend SSD, but it is very expensive.
  21. Tom Stian

    Take-Off Flaps setting

    I guess that is the different between real pilots and simmers. When real pilots are doing safe takeoffs from proper airports, the simmers are often testing the limits and taking off from 1100m GA airports So flaps 15 are needed (and working)
  22. Tom Stian

    Take-Off Flaps setting

    flaps 15 for takeoff is also valid right ? 1, 5 and 15.
  23. Two of the devs gave positiv reputation to the script.. So I dont see any reason for them to remove the script.
  24. As Jan and Morten just told in another post, it aint any set values for this on the 733. It depends on the configuration by the airline. But Jan also told they used following weights for his airline. So that is a good start. Jan's numbers: Max Taxiweight: 57830 kg - 127 493 lb Max Takeoffweight: 57600 kg - 126 986 lb Max Landingweight: 52600 kg - 115 963 lb Max Zerofuelweight: 49450 kg - 109 018 lb DOW: 32 831 kg - 72380 lb (From the aircraft model file) Max Fuel: 16085 kg - 35 461 lb (Max fuel you can set in X-Plane for this aircraft)