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  1. IXEG 733 landing at ENBR - Bad weather

    Thanks i guess.. Im not so proud of my landing. Im more impressed that the autopilot handle the bad weather so well.
  2. IXEG 733 landing at ENBR - Bad weather

    I always thinking of what a helicopter pilot once said. "If you are in doubt, there is no doubt". I probably should had followed his advice on this landing attempt METAR: 151550Z 15021G31KT 9999 VCSH SCT020 BKN030 04/M01 Q0981 NOSIG RMK WIND 1200FT 13052G67KT
  3. X plane pc build help !

    I would also add a thing. 240GB SSD will fill up pretty fast if your planning to add photoscenery/mesh and other scenery. You will also need to have your OS and other programs you install on that disk. So I would recommend you to buy a bigger disk or a additional disk that you can use for your X-Plane installation. I recommend SSD, but it is very expensive.
  4. Take-Off Flaps setting

    I guess that is the different between real pilots and simmers. When real pilots are doing safe takeoffs from proper airports, the simmers are often testing the limits and taking off from 1100m GA airports So flaps 15 are needed (and working)
  5. Take-Off Flaps setting

    flaps 15 for takeoff is also valid right ? 1, 5 and 15.
  6. Two of the devs gave positiv reputation to the script.. So I dont see any reason for them to remove the script.
  7. As Jan and Morten just told in another post, it aint any set values for this on the 733. It depends on the configuration by the airline. But Jan also told they used following weights for his airline. So that is a good start. Jan's numbers: Max Taxiweight: 57830 kg - 127 493 lb Max Takeoffweight: 57600 kg - 126 986 lb Max Landingweight: 52600 kg - 115 963 lb Max Zerofuelweight: 49450 kg - 109 018 lb DOW: 32 831 kg - 72380 lb (From the aircraft model file) Max Fuel: 16085 kg - 35 461 lb (Max fuel you can set in X-Plane for this aircraft)
  8. Aircraft Specifics

    This is what I use. I belive it should be reasonably correct In kg.. In lb..
  9. 733 long haul

    Hi all.. Today I decided to do a long haul with the lovely 737-300. I dont do long haul that often since I prefer shorter flights, but wanted to push the limits with this bird. The flight was from Las Vegas (KLAS) to Honolulu (PHNL). Route distance is 2469nm and the flight was estimated to take 6h25min, with a average headwind of 34knots. I really had to kick out some passengers to be able to do this flight. So the ZFW was only 38.4 tons and with 16 tons of fuel. Flightplan: As you can see I planned with CI 0 to get the max range. The cruise level was FL360. (Step climb at HEC) Planning tool is PFPX. 4h30m into the flight. Soon top of descent. Finally see some land And at the gate. I landed safely on 08L PHNL after 6h30m with 2.4 tons of fuel left. Just as planned. The fuel usage was spot on all the flight. Always interesting to see for every waypoint you pass if you are ahead or behind on fuel. But no supprises today From vataware: What is your longest flight with this bird ?
  10. 733 long haul

    Hi, I just use PFPX for planning and then enter the route manually.
  11. Thinking of buying...

    I have alot of aircrafts in my X-Plane hangar. But the IXEG 737-300 is always the aircraft I return to. "Bobby" is a joy to fly even with some VNAV limitation on complex arrivals as Litjan as mentioning. But you can solve that with using LVL CHG or V/S. <3
  12. No more mouse handle in 11.10

    I think it is a XP issue. Try to click on the view menu, but dont select anything, and click back in the cockpit again. That normally solves it.
  13. AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Hello folks. What is the most frustrating part with X-Plane? For me it is when Im ~2 hours into the flight, at top of descent, checking maps, weather, atis, etc... and suddenly... KABOOM, X-Plane crashes.. That is happening time to time. A reason for a crash to desktop is often hard to know. It could be conflicting plugins, bad scenery etc.. Or just something simple as a power outage. So in this frustration I have made a LUA script that are Auto Saving the situation every 10 minutes (or what I set it to). And it keeps a history of 10 savings. It is using the X-Plane's built in sytem for saving and loading situations, but im trying to customize it for the IXEG 733. I made this for personal use. But if this is something that are interessting for you guys, I could maybe make a release of it. What do you think ? Here is a quick and dirty demo how it is working at the moment.
  14. Laminar Research are soon gonna release version 11.10 for beta-testing. 11.10 is the first major release since the initial release. There is a good post about the beta at the x-plane developer site. And you really should read that post if you are planning to participate in the beta. So expect it to be unstable and buggy, especially for the first few beta releases.
  15. Mitsubishi MU-2 v1.5 Released - 64-bit!
  16. IXEG 737 - How to reset FMC?

    Just re-enter the ORIGIN airport.
  17. Some moderators over at just said that many passwords have been leaked. If you are using the same username/password here at I recommended you to change password here as well.
  18. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Yeah.. That is a very welcome feature to have this builtin.
  19. XPUIPC site - - down ?

    Its working fine for me
  20. Passwords leaked at

    Looking at that service now.. Is it only subscription based ?
  21. Question about IXEG 737

    TCAS is indeed modeled from version 1.1. Are you flying online? vatsim/ivao/pilotedge or is it with multiplayer aircraft ?
  22. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    It was my first impression only. I havent been able to fly the 733 on the beta so much yet. But I see people have different experience. I noticed that someone said that the Carenado B1900D was much smoother now. For my it is unflyable. Im not even able to do a proper takeoff. I have some more time now with the 733 since the VATSIM CTP is over. So will for sure test it more
  23. Flightlevel question

    PFPX is strange sometimes with flight levels.. But check if FL130 is only the initial flightlevel. Your flightplan may suggest higher altitude duing the route.
  24. Navigraph Data

    Im at work now, so can't check what I have defined. But try X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic\fmc_data Move out the files and folders in fmc_data so you have a clean installation and then installed the navigraph navdata.
  25. TCAS CleanUp for the IXEG 733. This script is ment for version 1.2. IF you have problems with TCAS targets not disappearing while using IVAO, VATSIM or PILOTEDGE, then this script may help you. If you dont have any issues, dont use this script. This script will only run when you are connected to IVAO, VATSIM or PILOTEDGE. If this script helped you with stuck TCAS targets please leave a comment below. Requirement: - You will need FlyWithLua installed - XP10: XP11: Installation: - copy IXEG_TCAS_CleanUp.lua to [X-Plane]\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts Download: -