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  1. Hi, im not sure if these are bugs as I don't know the MU-2 in real life, but I fount some "anomalies" during my first fights with the MU-2: - the OM an IM MKR lights seem to be switched. Normally OM is blue and IM white. - the left speed indicator has no max speed indication like the right one. - shouldn't the turn and slip indicator also work on ground? - the slip indicator under the artificial horizon seems to be working inverted. Thank you very much for this beautiful aircraft!
  2. Hello, Sorry if I've missed this information here. I just got an information about Challenger 650 serial numbers that I want to pass along in case anyone wants to fly with realistic serial numbers: Challenger 650 MSNs start at 6050 and up.
  3. Hello, is there a possibility to update the secondary database as well? And just out of curiosity: What is the real life use of the secondary database? Thank you very much!
  4. I did a test flight in the stormy weather preset - no RAM issue... I don't know what might have been the issue in the first three flights. But I'm happy that the Challenger runs well now!
  5. Yes. Not Challenger affected. I did a flight with realtime weather again - it was overcast and later broken - all good. I can test to set stormy weather manually tomorrow!
  6. Yes, Skymaxx Pro v5 to display the clouds, but I'm using the X-Plane real time weather. I believe now that it must have been something with real time weather or rather the display of it, as it happened 3 times in a row and at the 4th time with a weather preset of X-Plane (same route) everything was ok. I can try again with real time weather later, as now the weather is different. As I remember, it was stormy when RAM issue occurred.
  7. It seems that it was an issue with the weather... Now running a 4th test with standard weather and all seems to be fine. RAM usage by X-Plane stays around 8 GB and I'm over 30 minutes...
  8. Hello, I've a mid 2017 iMac with 40GB RAM (upgraded). The Aircraft runs very smoothly. However, when flying this plane, I have the issue, that the RAM usage is slowly increasing. It starts so swap out out to virtual RAM until at some point about 320 GB of memory is reached. Then X-Plane doesn't hang up, but runs very very slowly (approx 1 fame every 2-4 seconds?) and MacOS requests to quit X-Plane... This happens after around 30 minutes. I do not have this problem with other aircraft... Is this a bug or something with my configuration? Thank you very much!
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