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  1. Hello! last monday 17th a sent a ticket #70P0F to reactivate my licenses both 737-300 and SkyMaxxPro, as all my slots were used, due to several computer crashes and new OS I don't want to push you guys, but normally, how long does it take to reset my licenses? Thanks for your time guys!! Paco
  2. Aeropayo

    IXEG 737-300 Ground Handling Deluxe preset

    Thanks a lot!!!!! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando mis deditos
  3. Aeropayo

    IXEG 737-300 Ground Handling Deluxe preset

    Thanks!. One question, when you request GPU from IEXG menu, does it duplicate with the GHD GPU?
  4. Some profiles give wrong fuel calculations. In EFASS menu, go to Aircrafts, online database (cloud). In the search box, just put IXEG, and look for IXEG 737-300 Working Fuel Calculations by a guy named Maturesh (thanks a lot dude) This one works fine for me! BTW if you're not happy with the fuel calculation, for example with the reserve fuel, you can edit the amount. Go to Edit Menu and Customize fuel. Change the values... and good to go!
  5. Aeropayo


    Thanks Tom for the detailed post! much appreciated!. I'll try it in these days and I'll let you know if it works (or not... LOL) And the rest of the guys in this post, thanks too for shedding light on this problem.
  6. Aeropayo


    Hi Tom!.... Thanks a lot for your reply. So my question is... how did you get to make it work? you have the plugin installed, haven't you? but how do you assign the values?
  7. Aeropayo


    Yes it has, I'll try to post some pictures and take a look at the plugin folder, not now at the computer!!! Thanks a lot
  8. Aeropayo


    Thanks Slayer for your answer. I contacted with the CPFlight people and they say I can assign MCP commands to IXEG datarefs.. but my question is how? the plugin provided works, but I can't see my MCP in joystick assignments, is there any other plugin or program that could detect the MCP in Xplane so I can assign the inputs? Thanks again
  9. Aeropayo


    Hello there! loving this plane as you all I guess... I have an MPC from CPFLIGHT I can't make it work in XPlane I followed the steps in cpflight web along with the drivers and installed the plugin properly, the MPC does work, all lights, switches and butons work but it seems to be no connection between the MCP and the 737, the plugin reads the inputs but has no effect in the plane's MPC Any ideas? Thanks in advance Paco
  10. Aeropayo

    Thank you IXEG

    All I can say it's BIG THANK YOU!!!! It's a pleasure flying this plane. I have a mid11 Imac 2,70 ghz, 16 gb ram and only a ATI Radeon 512 mb and I can fly at 20 FPS!!! the only thing is I have to fly in reduced window mode (not full screen) and mid settings, but holy cow... it goes flawlessly!!!!!
  11. Aeropayo

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

  12. Aeropayo

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - April 10th

    Thanks tkyler for the news... IMHO even being private videos, if they're unavoidably shared.. that would make more people to get interested in your product and go and buy it!
  13. Aeropayo

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - March 12th

    We (all... dev's team and future proud customers) have survived thru these years! For sure we can make it! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando mis deditos
  14. Aeropayo

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - December 1st

    What's the matter here? We've waiting for so long, so waiting for a couple of months more is not a pain, is it? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando mis deditos
  15. Goooood stuff!!!! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando mis deditos