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  1. Dionsol

    Fuel gauges

    issue is resolved with 1.1.0a , at lease for me anyway. flying the bird as of this post. but its night time. So its night goodness.So far, all is well. Warp Speed Cheers Dion Markgraf AKA: Dionsol You Tube: Dionm01 PS: Oh and Clockin at 203 knots w. 20 tail wind Fun little air plane. Don't forget, over at controller.com , you could pick one for real for only $49,000 USD. Hurry and Don't delay hehe.
  2. Dionsol

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0 Update Released!

    Here is another thing I fail to mention in my previous posts that I discovered. As pictured provided. The exhaust heat is centered around the spinners instead of coming out of each of the four heat pipes at the back of the wings. Hopefully this could be fixed as well, to give the model a more realistic look. Cheers Dion
  3. Dionsol

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0 Update Released!

    310L 1.1.0 Problems I've found The Bad 1. I found the fuel bug issue as well, along with you cannot get out of the airplane. 2. There is an invisible wall where when you open the door from inside the cockpit you cannot egress from the aircraft. 3. You can no longer close or open the wing lockers. 4. You can no longer open the baggage access panel door on the right side of the airplane. 5. Also in one of the stock views looking down at the fuel tank selector switch quadrant. You clip from that view out of the cabin of the aircraft. And this is the only way to get out of the cabin with this patch. 6. Also you can no longer bind keys to your joystick or map a lever with Saitek throttle quadrant to utilize cowling flap functionality. Only mouse support at this time sadly. The Good 1. The new oxygen system appears to be functioning properly with no issues. 2. For Painters, the new plain white rapper paint is available to utilize for your own paints. Comments & requests 1. Nice to have a GPS coupling, however for me I don't use it because I use the GTN750. 2. Oh I strongly request reality XP GTN 750 support and 3D integration into the flight deck would be most appreciated. Because that's all I use anyway and I'm sure others would concur. Looking forward to continued development and enhancements to the aircraft and hope issues stated above are fixed because this aircraft is a Gem. Please feel free to add more to the list because it just makes the aircraft better and better. Digital Replica, keep up the great work and you are appreciated. Dion Markgraf AKA: Dionsol YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Dionm01
  4. Something that caught me off guard. Thanks Live Traffic, it made my Day. Cheers https://youtu.be/3Auj4szN1-Q Dion Markgraf AKA: Dionsol Youtube: Dionm01
  5. I thought I would post this mission generator flight from Monterrey California to Benton municipal Airport outside of Redding California flying the wonderful Digital Replica Cessna 310L. Please like in subscribe and Thank you all very much for watching. Cheers Dion Markgraf AKA:Dionsol Youtube: Dionm01 https://youtu.be/61t_X3ZHPmc
  6. Dionsol

    Librain support

    @Digital Replica Thank you very much sir your feedback is most appreciated. You have created a very fun airplane to fly. Even using mission generator, works really well with the aircraft. Like I said in my video am looking forward to GTN 750 support if you choose to implement it. Also looking forward to the rain effects as discussed in this forum topic, that would make the aircraft even better. And that is one thing I like about aircraft creators, developers. I appreciated them evolving their aircraft to keep them fresh and give a sense to the customer, that they're getting value for their money. And this aircraft my friend, for me, you definitely hit this one out of the park (American: Baseball reference). Cheers to you sir and looking forward to what the future holds in the evolution of your creations. Thank you Dion Markgraf
  7. Dionsol

    RealityXP support

    I second the Motion on Reality XP support. It would be a very welcome addition. Dion Markgraf
  8. Dionsol

    Librain support

    Awesome, looking for that to become part of the aircraft. Also I did a review. Review link here Enjoy. Bottom Line Buy this aircraft if you like Old School
  9. Hello Tom, you're the man as always. I appreciate a paint kit . time to paint and make more videos. cheers Dion PS:Looking forward to 2.0 with money in hand
  10. Hello all, I just thought I would jump in and ask if anybody knows where to get the latest paint kit that takes advantage of the PBR reflections for X-Plane 11. I noticed in the 1.8 package that I downloaded from the server he did not include add paint kit. Just curious to know so I can make my own livery. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Dion Markgraf Aka: Dionsol
  11. Dionsol

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    I have not heard a word yet. I'm eagerly awaiting for it as well. But I am not tripping, because while I'm waiting for the MU2, I became the beta tester for the EV 55 where available. Which is a nice high wing turboprop substitute while were waiting for Tom's, X-Plane 11 compatibility patch. Over on our side of things the EV 55 version 1.2 "hopefully" we'll be ready for prime time by the end of the month. The features that Augustus Delineations has added to his bird makes it very nice compelling aircraft why we're waiting for the MU2. So if you are a high wing fan which I'm assuming you are, recommend the aircraft and give it a shot. And be like me and have both aircraft in high wing flying goodness. "So it is good to be a high wing pilot" Cheers Dion AKA: Dionsol Youtube:dionm01
  12. Dionsol


    Flying over Seal beach, CA. USA in my EV-55. Waiting for the MU2 XP11 Patch.
  13. Dionsol

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    I feel for you sir, I hope you and your family are well. Living in North Texas in the past I am no stranger to tragedies, and currently living in Southern California the same can be said to a degree when they happen. I want to say thank you again for clearing up the matter regarding the turn coordinator. It is very much appreciated. Looking forward to the update, and while I'm waiting, I've been enjoying the EV 55 to get my high wing fix. Cheers Dion Markgraf AKA: Dionsol Flight Simulation (X-Plane 11 Pilot) & Aviation Enthusiast
  14. Dionsol

    What did you fly today?

    Hang out in Cat. Enjoy Dion
  15. Dionsol

    What did you fly today?

    While I wait for the MU2 X-Plane 11 compatibility patch to drop. This is the Czech aircraft manufacturer Evektor EV-55. It's not a bad aircraft for $15.00 at the Org, at least in my opinion anyway. And to support the developer as the project involves. Disclaimer: Currently the Aircraft does not have a autopilot unless you have a Saitek multi panel then you are good. Still give me my high wing fix until the MU2 is ready again. Cheers Dion MArkgraf AKA: Dionsol Flight Simulation (X-Plane 11 pilot) & Aviation Enthusias youtube: dionm01