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  1. Live streaming the newly updated IXEG B737-300

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll fix the volume issue on my next stream/video.
  2. Please join me from KSFO to KPSP on Pilotedge. Thanks
  3. Refueling in mid air?

    Just make a couple scheduled fuel stops and make it really realistic. Should be fun to plan and execute.
  4. I bought and love this scenery. I have a question on rendering settings and this scenery. It looks like whenever I fly into your KSNA and don't have "Number of objects" set to high the terminal buildings don't show up in the scenery, only the jetbridges. I'd appreciate your advice on this. Thanks
  5. Take-Off Flaps setting

    Wow Jan, good to know.
  6. IXEG Refund

    I also had a “weak” computer before I upgraded to a ”better” one. What I did in the past was to firstly turn off HDR which eats FPS in the sim and also lower other settings. This gave me usable frames to fly with until such time that I was able to upgrade my computer. Try this and you might be surprised at how usable the IXEG becomes. Good luck.
  7. 1.21

    I have both the IXEG and FFF320 and they are my top two payware aircraft in X-Plane. I dare not compare them because they are two different beasts entirely in orverall feel and flight dynamics. The FFA320 feels new and fairly quiet and the IXEG squeaks and groans like an old classic bird and I love that. Both are very well done. Keep up the great work IXEG team.
  8. Back to the Classic

    Just wanted to share my flight on Pilotedge with this classic beauty. No matter what other airline I fly in the sim this is still my favorite go to airplane. It’s always reliable and fun to fly. Thank you guys for developing this bird. This is the full flight from KLAS to KSLC. Enjoy
  9. This is not an IXEG issue. If you use default weather or Skymaxx Pro you’ll get a proper weather representation of rain effect on the windshield. Some other weather addons as you can see don’t work so good with this beautiful aircraft.
  10. Whats wrong with the IXEG's FMC?
  11. [Merged] xEnviro

    Flew couple of flights with 1.07 and had no crashes with the IXEG 733.
  12. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    Is this still an issue with the recently released update of that more expensive weather addon? Yes.
  13. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    Very well, I'll be getting Skymaxx as soon as I leave work . It's no fun flying in bad weather with pretty clouds but can't see anything on the radar. Thanks.
  14. After buying a more expensive weather addon with its eye candy cloudscapes and also waited for a major update I discovered that this weather addon doesn't have a working weather radar and is incompatible with the IXEG windshield effect. So naturally I'm very disappointed in this. It completely kills whatever immersion those clouds gave me to not be able to see on the radar heavy precipitation when flying through a storm. This has led me to consider buying Skymaxx Pro but before I do I just wanted to know if Skymaxx works with the weather radar and rain windshield effect on the IXEG 737. Thanks.
  15. xEnviro

    It's been a problem with XEnviro from it came out. Hopefully the soon to be released update from them will fix it..