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  1. This is not an IXEG issue. If you use default weather or Skymaxx Pro you’ll get a proper weather representation of rain effect on the windshield. Some other weather addons as you can see don’t work so good with this beautiful aircraft.
  2. Whats wrong with the IXEG's FMC?
  3. [Merged] xEnviro

    Flew couple of flights with 1.07 and had no crashes with the IXEG 733.
  4. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    Is this still an issue with the recently released update of that more expensive weather addon? Yes.
  5. Considering Skymaxx Pro

    Very well, I'll be getting Skymaxx as soon as I leave work . It's no fun flying in bad weather with pretty clouds but can't see anything on the radar. Thanks.
  6. After buying a more expensive weather addon with its eye candy cloudscapes and also waited for a major update I discovered that this weather addon doesn't have a working weather radar and is incompatible with the IXEG windshield effect. So naturally I'm very disappointed in this. It completely kills whatever immersion those clouds gave me to not be able to see on the radar heavy precipitation when flying through a storm. This has led me to consider buying Skymaxx Pro but before I do I just wanted to know if Skymaxx works with the weather radar and rain windshield effect on the IXEG 737. Thanks.
  7. xEnviro

    It's been a problem with XEnviro from it came out. Hopefully the soon to be released update from them will fix it..
  8. This is good for me to know also. Do you do manual braking at all during this procedure?
  9. [FAQ] Cockpit Reflections

    I get reflections with version 1.2 however it only occurs in certain lighting conditions.
  10. FMC Operation

    I just changed runway during decent on my last flight with V1.2 and had no problems. I haven't tried changing the STAR however. I'll try that next time I fly to see if there are any issues.
  11. Official IXEG forum now open!

    I think a member of the IXEG team mentioned awhile back that they knew it was wrong and would fix it at some point. But that's was a lon time ago.
  12. Nice hand flying. Thought you would have turned on the anti-ice
  13. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    This would be perfect. I flew an entire flight with your script and it just worked beautifully. Thanks
  14. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    Trying your script now. So far so good. However may I suggest a slight change in when the "doors automatic" announcement is played. Can it be played when the anti collision light is turned on. This usually signifies that the aircraft is ready to be pushed back. Right now it's played when the pressurization is set to flight which is usually done after engine start and engine bleed is on. Seems a little too late to arm the doors at that points. See what you think. Thanks.