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  1. Attitude

    KDTW payware WIP --- KDTW+KYIP+KARB+more!

    I took some time off of scenery to work on something I feel will bring myself up to the next level. Started Torquesim with Cooper Le'Comp of AFM. Torquesim.com Scenery is a very tough market to do well in and aircraft seem to be much more stable especially for someone like myself who does this fulltime. With the loss of our last artist I will be looking to add another building modeler and texture artist. I have out sourced the ground work and Maps2Xplane will be doing the mesh work. I also now work at DTW so I am acquiring new source photos and information...Like the fact they are starting to tear down the old tower and Smith Terminal to convert it into the new deicing pad. So things like this will be in the first version of DTW from Attitude. The airport itself is pretty much complete. I just need someone to texture and continue where I left off. I do have someone in mind and we are in talks now but time will tell how serious they are. Thanks for your support and encouragement! Cheers! Steaven McKenzie
  2. Let me know If the above works, If not I will do some more tuning...
  3. The trees are really dense....I believe this fix should help... https://www.dropbox.com/s/45vesxqqj9lj7qm/TREEDUMBERDOWNER.zip?dl=0 The reason it is so intensive is that we did not just model boxes. Almost every building has detail and was crafted for those who like to get up and close. When I was developing this scenery I was flying simulated medevac flights and low circuits at the airport the majority of the time. This was why I wanted more detail in the objects. Hope this helps!
  4. Attitude

    Fox Islands Discussion

    Hey thanks for your support! SO as far as the gaps in the mesh and the ortho seams, that is an x plane issue. No matter what we tried there was nothing we could do to fix the mesh errors. I spent weeks on this with very little success. Even getting help from different mesh editing teams. The best "fix" I have noticed is when using real weather you tend to get some waves. They usually hide the seams 75% of the time. If we had real support from LR with mesh I think we could fix this issue but until LR decides to take this seriously we are stuck here. I can try some creative techniques with the othos to hide the seams on the island, I will try those soon. I see you found the glowing embers in the fire pit! I do not have the glowing chain issue on my 2 systems but I will check to see If there is a quick fix for it and I will get back to you about it! I am not sure If the new particle system works with scenery but If it does we can add some people around the fire and I will make sure to including a nice warm fire in the pit with something roasting on the grill. Thanks again! Steve
  5. Attitude

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Awesome! Great job guys!
  6. N449MA Hot Start TBM "sandy blue" View File Here is a livery I am very familiar with. I deal with this aircraft at my airport a few times a month. N449MA. Enjoy! Submitter Attitude Submitted 10/25/2018 Category General Aviation Livery For http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-tbm-900-p-158?osCsid=20d43cf99c669d4273528e465564e9d7 X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a livery I am very familiar with. I deal with this aircraft at my airport a few times a month. N449MA. Enjoy!
  8. Attitude

    TBM 900 v1.0.2 Update Released!

    There are thousands of users who each have different computer setups, plugins, anti virus software, etc. If you for one minute think even Windows has a perfect release you are kidding yourself. This is common in the software industry. The fact that only two men are simulation a multi million dollar machine, which is an amazing feat, respect should be given for their time and efforts especially when they are dedicated to making things work for everyone. It is not an easy job and it is harder when dealing with people who do not understand what goes into it and what is taking place. Escalating this conversation into something emotional is not the best way to proceed. I suggest you take a step back and think about this hobby and If it is right for you. No matter the industry, there will be bugs with everything. It may not be on their end every time. Go take a few flight lessons. When you get to a plane and run up and the mag is running rough and you cant clear it, take it back to the flight school and kindly ask for maintenance to look over the issue. I have kicked many students from our flight school for being aggressive and accusatory. Those who approach with an understanding usually end up being great aviators and we cut them some slack at times when they need something. Cheers.
  9. Attitude

    TDM900 conflict with TerraMax

    Hmmm...Let me pass this on to the Terramaxx guys. Maybe they have an explanation. My thought are the weather is changing. This addon was released at the end of winter. It might have something going on with transitioning the seasons...lets find out...
  10. Attitude

    TDM900 conflict with TerraMax

    Were you flying North to South? There is a point the winter textures cutoff, I forget what longitude it is....Could be it...
  11. Attitude

    Questions before purchase

    The sounds are awesome. I think it was the streaming. There is a quick start guide. When you first load up the aircraft there is a really great walk through. Toto walks you through the panel and start up procedures, he does it once then he lets you do it while guiding you. Awesome feature. Outside of this the real checklist is perfect for this bird...
  12. Attitude

    No cold and dark option?

    I think though the point of this aircraft was to simulate it as best as possible. I get your point and we are each entitled to have desires and opinions but from what I get about this team is fidelity is king.
  13. Attitude

    No cold and dark option?

    shut everything down when done flying, it acts as the real plane. you get what you leave on or off...