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  1. That's also assuming the Dataref that we are using is default and not custom.
  2. Engines not starting

    As we have stated many times, using version 1.4.1 in XPv11 is NOT supported.
  3. Engines not starting

    My thoughts... 1. Your condition levers were probably set all the way forward and not at the MAX detent as required. 2. As stated by others above, this will be fixed in 1.4.2. 3. Apologies for the documentation being outdated. You no longer need to assign your condition levers as in the past. You can simply use the standard X-Plane axis bindings and assign "prop1" for the left and "prop2" for the right condition levers.
  4. Please post your GizmoLog.txt and Log.txt files. And, if you are running Saab v1.4.1 in XPv11, there is not much we can do except to note the issue for a future update.
  5. The RMI (gauge) will track either an ADF or VOR, as selected by using the switches on the RMI gauge itself. And, the NAV1 or NAV2 radio must be tuned to a valid source and receiving a signal for the needle to display the bearing. The RMI gauge needle WILL NOT point to the waypoints in a flight plan from the G530.
  6. Enclosed a pic of the nav data cycle just in case. Vincent

    Nav data file.png

  7. Here is the info you requested, screen shots of file structure in XP 10 of my system, pics are number 1 thru 4. My explanation of events I sent you a few days ago should be a little clearer with the enclosed. Did you receive my file yesterday which provided you with the actual nav data I used, and still use? If not I can resend send. If you need anything else I am happy to help. Thank you for your product and help. Vincent





  8. Saab 340 bug report

    The fix will be available in V1.4.2.
  9. Saab 340 bug report

    This is a known bug that has been fixed. See here.
  10. CTD Saab 1.4.1

    Yes, you can uninstall and re-install. I suggest you e-mail support@x-aviation.com for guidance.
  11. CTD Saab 1.4.1

    The log files only show that XP crashed but do not indicate why. The first thing to try is to remove all your third party plugins (except Gizmo) and then test the aircraft. If you have no crashes, then you can start putting the plugins back one-by-one and and test after each one to see if you can narrow down the problem. You have a lot of custom scenery as well and you might be exceeding VRAM. So, you could also try removing all custom scenery and then testing. Then place them back one-by-one and see if that reveals anything.
  12. XP11 FMC (new/next issue)

    SchneiH2, As far as freeware/payware and licensing are concerned you will need to talk to Cameron or Ben.
  13. XP11 FMC (new/next issue)

    Click on the messages icon at the top of the page, the click on "go to inbox". I sent you a message yesterday.
  14. XP11 FMC (new/next issue)

    Did you check your private messages ?????