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  1. Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    I appreciate the input, but we have already considered the gyros.
  2. Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    There is no quick fix. We believe something changed in the sim in v11.10b8 that is causing this issue, but we have not been able to determine what the problem is yet.
  3. XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    Your GizmoLog.txt shows an error when scrolling the OBS2 dial. This should have been displayed in the console window in red text when it occurred. I am unable to recreate this error. If you can consistently recreate this, please post the exact steps to do so. Also, please advise what your frame rates are when running the Saab.
  4. XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    Please post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files.
  5. Xplane 11?

    Your assessment of what may be causing the autopilot issue is far too simplistic. X-Plane has a LOT of interaction between systems, and the Saab is highly modified to provide even MORE realism. X-Plane v11.10 may technically be considered a minor version but it was definitely not minor in regard to the flight model changes. There were a significant number of changes made by Austin to the engine model and in moving to more vector based math for the flight model. Interestingly, as far as I know, there were NO changes made to the autopilot system. So,the autopilot issues have be related to another system that is interacting with the autopilot. Debugging these types of things can be rather complex and it takes time. Creating a completely custom autopilot would be a MAJOR undertaking and completely unneccessary as everything was working fine in 11.05 (as you stated). in developing aircraft it is much smarter to stay as close to the default systems as possible if they can provide a realistic simulation of a particular aircraft. It reduces the number of things that can go wrong with each X-Plane update. Personally, I would much rather have a situation where we are getting an updated and improved flight simulator on a consistent basis rather than one where changes are not made just because something might "break". Even the default aircraft have to be modified when flight model changes are made, it just comes with the territory. Let's be patient and not jump to any conclusions. We will get this sorted out.
  6. Cant set course for GPS.

    The OBS functionality was described in the release notes that came with v1.4. Please refer to this post for more information about the OBS and how to operate this properly.
  7. Questions from a potential customer

    LES/saab/gpu/power_available Note: Setting this value outside of the GUI may have unpredictable results.
  8. QNH on left side

    Sorry, that can't be done.
  9. Xplane 11?

    If the Saab options are not showing up in the Gizmo sidebar it means the scripts for the Saab are not loading. Also, the Saab must be installed in the X-Aviation folder.
  10. Xplane 11?

    My only other suggestion is to uninstall and reinstall.
  11. Xplane 11?

    lehbird, There is nothing in the logs to indicate what the problem might be, except that you have several other plugins installed as I mentioned earlier. You could try removing those to see if there is a conflict. Also, what kind of frame rates are you getting when you load the Saab?
  12. Xplane 11?

    We need the log files from the last session where you ran the Saab. The logs you sent show several other aircraft being loaded after the Saab. You also have several other plugins installed, which could be interfering... X-Squawkbox is a possibility. 1. Launch the sim. 2. Select the Saab as your aircraft. 3. If you are still having problems, close the sim and send the logs. You can also try.... remove ALL the 3rd party plugins from the plugins folder and then re-launch the sim and see what happens. DO NOT remove the Gizmo plugin.
  13. Xplane 11?

    Looks like the scripts aren't running at all. Please post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files from the X-plane root folder.
  14. Questions from a potential customer

    If there are no custom commands listed in the sim then you can assume the switch uses a default command, Someone else will have to help you with FlyWithLua.