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  1. Jesus... you have only made two posts here and neither of them were asking about aircraft updates. So, what silence are you talking about exactly? In addition, we almost never give exact dates for product releases or updates as there are too many variables involved. If we give an exact dates and miss it, there will be many customers who are more upset than if we don't give any date at all !!. With regard to the Corvalis... there is an update/new version in the works. I CANNOT give you any kind of prediction as to when it will be available.
  2. Download reset V1.4

  3. Saab 340 v2

    We have been working on the 1.4 and 1.5 updates first. Not much to show in screenshots as these updates are mostly bug fixes, system features, and some other non-visual changes. We have tested and implemented new technology to provide the best possible quality textures for use with the new v11 PBR rendering engine. Version 2.0 is in process but not ready for screenshots just yet.
  4. Gizmo issues in XP11

    SHJ, If you find that the checkbox in XP11 works for you then I'm afraid that is the ONLY solution. Your scripts should run fine without any adjustments. You can find a current version of the Datarefs.txt file in your X-Plane installation: X-Plane/Resources/plugins. Or, you may find this helpful... Datarefs Commands
  5. Gizmo issues in XP11

    SHJ, Yes, in XP10 the APU was "automatic". in XP11 the APU checkbox will default to "unchecked". Planemaker versions are typically NOT backward compatible, so you would need to provide two different ACF files, one for v10 and one for v11.
  6. Gizmo issues in XP11

    Not sure if this is the problem, but, there is a new checkbox in Planemaker that determines if the aircraft has an APU or not. Check that and you should be good to go.
  7. Dayler, Please post you log.txt file here so we can take a look at it.
  8. Cessna Corvalis Xplane 11

    I haven't had a chance to test the C400 in XP11, sorry.
  9. Light test question

    The IXEG guys can elaborate further, but that screenshot of the manual you posted says that the lights are not "checked", not that they don't illuminate.
  10. Simulator Crashing to Desktop

    There is no "problem". There are many things required for a product release, some of which have not been completed yet.
  11. The Saab is not compatible with, or supported for use in, XP11.
  12. Missing sound files Saab 340

    You are attaching the files but that does not tell me if they are in the correct location, please verify that they are in the proper folders and the directory structure matches what i showed you earlier today. If the files are in the correct directories, and the log is showing that it cannot locate the files, then there must be something wrong with the installation. We have thousands of customers who are running the Saab and DO NOT have this issue.
  13. Missing sound files Saab 340

    Your Gizmo Log shows that you have some files missing... [your Saab folder]/resources/PLII/files/PLII_WDGT.txt [your Saab folder]/resources/files/S340Adate.txt Please check to see if these files are in the appropriate directories.
  14. Simulator Crashing to Desktop

    Glad to hear it wasn't the aircraft