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  1. ADF radio doesn't maintain frequency

    No, the Saab does not need FlyWithLua to function properly.
  2. ADF radio doesn't maintain frequency

    Dscho, I just tested this using Saab v1.4.1 in XP10.52r2 and could not recreate the problem. And, I waited much longer than 20 seconds. If you can give us some more details on exactly what you did when tuning the frequency, using the transfer/mem switch, etc. that would be helpful.
  3. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    I created the command, but it is not available yet. Will be in 1.4.2.
  4. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Marshall, I know what the issue is with the commands, and this will be fixed in v2.0. Thanks for the feedback. In the meantime, if you hover your mouse over those "empty" spaces in the buttons list, the actual command name will be revealed.
  5. Xplane 11?

    I am the person who came up with this "idea". And I'm pretty sure I will not be getting "sacked" any time soon, but thanks for the suggestion. It's always amazing to find how some people think they know more about how something should be done than the actual developers of the product. There are many reasons for the path we chose. And I'm sure glad you were not part of the process. Despite thinking that you know "everything" there is about aircraft development for X-Plane, you are apparently blissfully unaware of the fact that Austin is still updating the engine model, more specifically the turboprop physics. We, on the other hand, are acutely aware of what is going on and will release our products at the exact right time based on all the factors involved, not just some uninformed customer's opinion. You have no clue what goes on behind the scenes with our development process, so stop posting garbage here as if you do There are some developers who have "rushed" their releases for XP11 just so they can say they did it. That's not how we operate, and nothing you say will change that. Go troll somewhere else.
  6. Autopilot turn knob

    The functionally of the heading knob and the turn knob are currently similar, they strictly set the heading for the autopilot. This will be reviewed for accuracy in the process of development for v2.0.
  7. Autopilot turn knob

    There is a bug in 1.4.1, which has been fixed and will be part of the next update.
  8. Saab340 v 1.4.1 Altitude error

    That would not account for a discrepancy of 7000 ft. between altimeters.
  9. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    That has always been the case. Due to X-Plane replay structure the custom sound engine used in the Saab does not play back sound in replay mode.
  10. Some bugs? V1.4

    Yes, the hydraulics for the nose wheel steering are turned off automatically after takeoff. Therefore, the hydraulics will be disabled upon landing requiring you to turn them on. There is currently no command to do this. I have added a new command to do this, which will be part of the next update. Be aware that attempting to turn the hydraulics on while in flight will not work, you will still be required to turn on the hydraulics after landing. No, you cannot map the condition levers to a button. This can, and should, only be controlled by an axis controller, not an on-off button or switch. I'm not even sure how you are getting that to work with the throttle levers.
  11. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    We just aspire to reach such lofty levels as the IXEG team... so we "borrowed" their name of the license agreement.
  12. Runaway pitch trim v1.4.1 in the Saab 340A

    Ummm... Q400? I'll assume you just mistakenly wrote that. Your frame rates are far too low to guarantee that anything will work right. The autopilot input is modified in the Saab, but the output is mostly X-Plane.
  13. Saab 340A v1.4.1 Nav2 Heading Selector crash

    Alex, This has been discussed elsewhere on the forums. The problem has been fixed and will be in the next update. See here.
  14. Runaway pitch trim v1.4.1 in the Saab 340A

    According to the GizmoLog.txt an error occurred in one of the scripts, which could account for some of the odd behavior, but I can't guarantee it. The cause of the script error will be researched and fixed asap.
  15. Controls problems

    You need to tun the hydraulics on for steering, using the tiller (push-pull).