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  1. JGregory

    Saab 34a Checklist Problem

    You still have plugins installed and several custom scenery packages that have plugins as well. I strongly suggest you download the demo and install the Saab in the demo. That will provide a completely clean installation that we can work from.
  2. JGregory

    Saab 34a Checklist Problem

    Your Log.txt file is 151mb, which is extremely large and mostly due to the plugin Airport Navigator writing messages to the Log. You are running a LOT of plugins as well, some of which are showing errors. You system is on the lower end of recommended specs. You cannot run unlimited amounts of scenery and plugins. Normally we would suggest you remove your plugins (except Gizmo) and see if that resolves the problem. However, due to the extent of the plugins and scenery you are running I would suggest you download the X-Plane demo, install the Saab in the demo, run the Saab and see if the problem persists, and then report back here.
  3. JGregory

    Saab 34a Checklist Problem

    I am unable to open the Log file, please post the original .txt files.
  4. JGregory

    Saab 34a Checklist Problem

    It sounds like the Saab scripts are not running. Please post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files here so we can review them.
  5. JGregory

    GPS Unexpected Exception Error

    As I requested previously, please attach your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files from a session when these problems occur.
  6. JGregory

    GPS Unexpected Exception Error

    Is this happening with just the Saab? or all aircraft?
  7. JGregory

    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    The pitch wheel and turn knob are unique in the way they are "actuated". The coming update will have a new manipulator that more closely matches the real-world aircraft. Unfortunately, the (X-Plane) manipulator that we need to use does not include scroll wheel capability. We will continue to test and modify this as necessary to make it easier for the users to use.
  8. JGregory

    GPS Unexpected Exception Error

    Please attach your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files.
  9. JGregory

    Garmin Not Powered Up

    it's the one marked "PWR" ...
  10. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    The update will include a new VRconfig file, yes.
  11. You still have a LOT of scenery files that are loading their own plugins.
  12. What you are experiencing is the X-Plane shared Lua memory pool running out. The logs are reporting which program was running at the time, but it does NOT mean that program is the culprit. Gizmo has been tested extensively and it has never used (or abused) the Lua memory pool. So, even though the last two (2) logs you posted show Gizmo reporting the error, it is not likely that Gizmo is causing the problem. You previously indicated the following... That indicates that Gizmo was not abusing the Lua memory pool and the problem is most likely another plugin. We also have extensive experience with SkyMaxx so I doubt that is the problem either. The only way to narrow this down is go back to your stripped down version of X-Plane (all plugins and custom scenery removed except Gizmo) and then put back the plugins and custom scenery one-by-one and run the sim again until you find the offending plugin.
  13. JGregory

    SAAB 340A

    This should have nothing to do with the Saab. The documentation is out of date. You no longer need to assign your condition levers though the Saab menu system, simply use Prop1 and Prop2 in the X-Plane UI for hardware.
  14. It's a moot point with regard to 1.5.1. I guess we will find out if your expectations were right or wrong when the update gets released.
  15. We do not use the prop data out values as you think we do. I really don't have any more time to keep going back-and-forth about this... The question still remains... 1.If you disconnect your hardware, can you consistently reproduce the scenario where you get a failed auto-start? If not, then your assumptions are not correct and the problem is hardware related. and... 2. You should also consider that we are not getting any other complaints or bug reports about this and you are not the only user of the Saab that is using hardware to control the condition levers. Based on these two points the problem would be more than likely isolated to your system (hardware) and not a Saab related issue. But again, I think this is all a moot point as we will not be patching v1.51 anyway and the new update is not that far off.