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  1. Requirements for Saab 340A

    Yes, the aircraft will run on Windows and MacOS.
  2. X Camera conflicts

    Sounds like X-Camera is trying to control the camera at all times. You may want to contact them about this.
  3. Standby frequencies for NAV and COM really dull

    The standby frequency display is intentionally dimmed just like the real Collins radios. It is possible that they are more dim than they were in XPv10, and that will be addressed in Saab v2.0 as necessary. We will not be making any more changes to the Saab for the V1.0 run.
  4. Unable to activate

    @Schorle Are you running multiple monitors?
  5. SAAB 340 No engine Sound on x plane replay

    The current version of the Saab (up to and including 1.5.1) uses a custom sound engine, which is not capable of playing custom sounds during replay. This will be changed in v2.0.
  6. Ummm... that other post you made says NOTHING about the heading or altitude dials, which is the subject of this thread. Please try to stay on subject. In addition, I stated (above) that when someone has problems they should attach their log files, but you didn't do that. We are happy to help but please don't make it harder on us than it has to be.
  7. You're going to have to be more specific. What EXACTLY does "I have no control" mean? Also, please attach your log files when reporting problems.
  8. Nose up attitude...

    So, the question becomes.... when you are "unable" to observe a surge in torque (which you believe indicates that CTOT is not working), are you able to dial down the torque and do the engines respond or not? Don't be so sure about what you "think" other plugins may be doing. A proper test is to eliminate ALL of them and then test. If CTOT is OK at that point, add plugins back one at a time and test. This should tell you which one may be the problem. X-Enviro has been a cause of some crashes and we are talking to them to try and diagnose the problem, but again, there have been NO REPORTS of CTOT not working from ANYONE. Without specific steps to recreate a problem we have no way to diagnose problems as they arise. If you change locations I strongly suggest you initialize the aircraft before proceeding. Press the "lighting bolt" icon on the sidebar. At this point I don't have much else to offer. FULL compatibility with XPv11 will be in Saab v2.0 as there were far too many engine model changes to "fix" them for V10, or even for "some" compatibility in V11 with Saab v1.5. Saab v2.0 will NOT be compatible with XPv10. Having the latest version of the sim is not just about what this offers you (which is a lot), but will typically get you more up-to-date versions of your add-ons, in this case the Saab. If you find anything more "specific" and "repeatable" to recreate the CTOT issue your having, please let us know.
  9. Nose up attitude...

    We made NO changes to the CTOT system, so it should behave exactly as it did in previous versions. Your description of CTOT "loading" with the aircraft is curious. Unless you are getting an error (console will pop up with a line of red highlighted text), then the scripts are loading. They don't load "selectively" each time you use the Saab. They are either working or they are not. So, if the scripts "load" without errors, then CTOT will be operational (your description: available). The ONLY time I have seen anything close to what you are describing (and then only with graphics) is when the users frame rates are significantly below minimum (19). Note: Auto-Coarsen is completely unrelated to CTOT. Regarding this... If you select 100% torque and CTOT is armed, then once your power levers are above the activation point you can position your power levers as you wish (beyond that point) and it will make no difference. So, isn't it possible that CTOT was doing exactly what it was supposed to and that is why you were not overheating? I'm not sure what you mean by... "the rest of the power system". Please clarify. At this point we have no other reports of CTOT not working properly. So, if CTOT is truly not functioning as it should for you, my suspicion is that there is a problem unique to your system. Are you using any plugins that may be interfering with engine operations? Perhaps you should test without those plugins or with a clean install of the XP demo. I also strongly suggest you upgrade to XPv11 (if you can). Support for v10 will not last forever.
  10. Nose up attitude...

    I'm not sure what you re trying to explain with those screenshots. As far as aircraft pitch attitude, I don't think what you are experiencing is unusual at all. Most aircraft will have a slight pitch up attitude in cruise (which can be greater with altitude). As far as CTOR is concerned, those who know how to operate the system correctly are not complaining of having any problems. Saying it id "hit or miss" is NOT very helpful. Please provide more details of exactly WHAT you did and what the results were. In addition, I'm confused by your statement ... "I've noticed when not available I'm able to push the TL to max (at any time of flight) w/o going into red. They (eng rpm) max at 100 and stay there until TL are reduced." What do you think SHOULD be happening in this situation??
  11. Weird autopilot behavior

    Just to be clear, the first push of the key WILL disconnect the autopilot, the second push will disable the aural warning. The slide switch on the center pedestal for activating the autopilot must be held in position for a couple of seconds or it will not turn the autopilot on. If the AP annunciator on the display is white, the autopilot is NOT on. You should adjust your power levers and condition levers accordingly to get the performance required after disconnecting CTOT. Austin made significant changes to the engine model in v11. The Saab uses very complex, custom coded, engine logic. With 1.5 we have made SOME adjustments to accommodate Austin's changes, but in order to take complete advantage of what Austin did and make the engines behave more accurately we would have needed to re-write our entire engine code. We wanted to get v1.5 out within a reasonable time frame so the complete re-write of the engine will be done for v2.0. Not sure what you may have done but I cannot recreate this.
  12. GPS Rarely Working

    I have made some changes to the avionics logic that should resolve this problem. This will be available in v1.5.1, coming "soon®".
  13. Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    There are some quirks in X-Plane's manipulator system that can cause unexpected behavior depending on the angle you are viewing from. If you are seated in the pilot's seat of the Saab and look down toward the pedestal to use the VS manip, the behavior should be correct... drag fore and aft for VS. The rotation manipulator is for heading (more specifically, roll) adjustment.
  14. Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    The trim command description is for the "position" of the switch, not the trim itself. Probably not the best choice on our part, but for now it is what it is.
  15. Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    NO! click/drag back (toward the rear of the aircraft) INCREASES the VS !!!!! A positive VS will cause you to climb if the selected altitude is higher than your current altitude, a negative VS will cause you to descend if the selected altitude is lower than your current altitude.