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  1. JGregory

    SAAB 340

    The Saab does spot have an auto-updater as you describe. Are you maybe talking about the update for the sim itself?
  2. That should work !!
  3. JGregory

    keyboard Command to control Prop Sync

    There is no command for the prop sync at this time. We may be able to include this in v1.5.2.
  4. JGregory

    braking using datarefs does not work

    I am using this override without any problems.
  5. JGregory

    Saab 340 & 11.30r1?

    The AP disco switch on the center pedestal is ONLY used to disco the AP. The red button is used to disco and/or silence the alarm. That's the way it's supposed to work.
  6. JGregory

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    Whoa, hold on guys. I am not aware of any Saab A or B the has LCD EADI/EHSI displays. Secondly, a "B" version would definitely not be free. And, while I appreciate your interest, 2 votes for a "B" version is FAR from what would be needed to make it a good business decision.
  7. JGregory

    Saab 340 & 11.30r1?

    if the autopilot annunciator on the EADI is red then the AP has been disconnected. Here are the custom commands to engage/disengage the AP:
  8. JGregory

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    I like the "idea" of doing the "B" version, but I'm not convinced this would be a good business decision.
  9. JGregory

    SAAB 340A - Wing flex

    That video appears to be of a Saab 340B, which has longer wings. Longer wings = more flex. And even then, the flex in the video is barely visible. Not sure it would be worth it but we will look at this again when we get to v2.0.
  10. JGregory

    SAAB 340A - Wing flex

    Sound like you may have some personal experience. Any chance you could provide some video of this ?
  11. JGregory

    SAAB 340A - Wing flex

    The Saab wing is very rigid so I doubt there is much, if any, wing flex. As such we have not modeled any wing flex as of v1.5.1. This will be reviewed for v2.0.
  12. JGregory

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    1. Bank Angle: I have made several posts indicating that this has been fixed, so it's a non-issue at this point. 2. Engine/Prop Behavior: This is a much more complicated subject. And, we didn't change the engine model in 1.5.1. You haven't indicated which version of the sim you are running, which makes a considerable difference. During the 11.30 beta run, and now in full release, Austin made several significant changes to turboprop behavior at various stages. So, what you experience will be a combination of the version of X-Plane AND the version of the Saab. Now that 11.30 is final and the turboprop engine model is mostly "stable", we are reviewing the engine and prop behavior and MAY make changes depending on what we find. Keep in mind the Saab engine code is extremely complex and changes can have unexpected consequences so we have been very careful about what we do. So for me, the engine issues, while significant enough for us to look into at this point, were not "created"' by 1.5.1 but were instead caused by changes to the turborprop engine model in 11.30. My entire point is that you should be careful what you state in the forums as existing and potential customers may be negatively influenced by your comments. We can tolerate "harsh" criticism, but it needs to be "accurate".
  13. JGregory

    Saab 340 & 11.30r1?

    Yes, there is. You can find it by searching the commands in the sim.
  14. JGregory

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    I would be interested in a list of problems that you feel were created by the 1.5.1 release.
  15. JGregory

    GNS 530 not working

    The 530 in the Saab is stock/default. If you truly believe something has changed in 11.30 you should file a bug with Laminar.