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  1. JGregory

    ATC not working

    Please read my post (the one above yours).
  2. JGregory

    Saab 340 ITT behavior

    There have been several changes to the engine modeling in X-Plane. Our original custom engine model is not playing nice with these changes and that is why the temperatures are not correct. We are working on an update (v1.5.2) to resolve this.
  3. JGregory

    Limited bank angle

    No, the update has not been released. As I previously stated, we do not publish release dates.
  4. JGregory

    Gizmo Script not showing Joystick settings

    Yes, some of the documentation is outdated. The CL Joystick Assignment is no longer necessary. You can assign the condition levers to "prop", or "prop1" and "prop2" using the X-Plane UI. There are several threads related to this on these forums. The Mini GPS is also outdated. This is no longer necessary since the aircraft now has the G530 in it. Everything else in the Gizmo Menu is correct and still functional. You can assign a key to autopilot engage/disengage, but you need to use the Saab commands, not the X-Plane commands.
  5. JGregory

    Gizmo Script not showing Joystick settings

    Based on the screenshots you provided, I don't see any problems. Joystick and Keyboard bindings are done through the X-Plane UI, not the Gizmo Menu.
  6. JGregory

    Saab 340 v2

    Not yet. We are busy working on the 1.5.2 update.
  7. JGregory

    Gizmo error in SAAB 340

    Please download and install the latest version of the Saab.
  8. JGregory

    Gizmo Side Tray (Menu ) Missing

    The Gizmo Tool Tray options are aircraft dependent, so they will be different between the Saab and the TBM.
  9. JGregory

    Compatibility with XP 11.3x

    For a number of reasons we do not publish or discuss release dates.
  10. JGregory


    Right. The condition levers no longer need "custom" assignment. Simply assign your axes to "prop1" and "prop2", or both to "prop". You can set your user preferences for Gizmo to automatically update and not request manual input. Makes the whole thing virtually painless! You can thank the MANY pirates out there for any inconvenience. However, we feel very strongly about protecting our work and have gone to great effort to make the authentication as easy as possible. Without strong DRM we would not be able to bring you these products.
  11. JGregory


    There are no manuals specifically for v11. Almost all of the info in the v10 manuals still applies in v11. The Saab v2.0 will have all new manuals.
  12. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    I was able to recreate this and we are looking into it.
  13. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    We cannot recreate this problem. I have no idea what the "Visual Enhancement Mod" is, never head of it. What are your frame rates ?
  14. JGregory

    Gizmo error in SAAB 340

    please attach your Log.txt and GzmoLog.txt files from a session when this has happened.
  15. Post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files.