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  1. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    The Saab scripts/code does not access the "LES_Saab_340A_Prefs file". That file is created and written to by X-Plane itself. The error appears to be due to a system access restriction on your computer.
  2. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    There are two errors in the logs that suggest there are missing files in your installation, namely "...resources/files/S340Adate.txt" and ".../resources/PLII/files/PLII_WDGT.txt". Please verify that you have those files and, if not, perhaps try re-installing the aircraft.
  3. JGregory

    Mouse Wheel Zoom

    Go to the Gizmo menu bar on the right side of your screen and choose "User Preferences". You can set the zoom options there.
  4. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Already being worked on for the next update.
  5. JGregory

    Auto pilot problems

    I will not close the thread as that is not your call to make and other Saab users are involved here. However, you can be part of the solution or not, that is your call. Exactly.
  6. JGregory

    Auto pilot problems

    Just because I did not respond to you does not mean I was ignoring you. Did you consider that maybe I hadn't read this thread until just yesterday? The forums are NOT a formal support channel. Did you contact X-Aviation regarding your problems? We have never, and probably never will, make a "press release" about future updates until they are ready for release. However, as I stated above, you can simply browse these forums and find MANY instances where we announced/discussed that an update was being worked on. So, "everyone" who reads these forums would know that. It's also a good habit to read and search the forums prior to making a new post to see if you are repeating/duplicating the subject matter. By doing that you can learn a lot about what is going on with a product. I do not need to prove anything to you. I know we have discussed the update ad nauseam in these forums. If you are interested in whether or not this is true, and/or you want to make an issue out of it, you can browse the forums and find out for yourself. I'm sorry you feel slighted but we cannot respond to every post where someone mentions that they might have found a problem but they do not provide enough details. Of course it should take you less less than 28 days to write down the steps to recreate the problem as you have all the details you need to do just that. Are you claiming that X-Plane can suddenly just "magically" work? Really? Given a set of steps to test, any one version of X-Plane either works or it doesn't. Software doesn't morph itself into something different all on its own.
  7. JGregory

    Auto pilot problems

    My response was not directed at you. Since I am one of the developers of the Saab, I can assure you that we are still supporting the aircraft. All you have to do is browse these forums for proof of that. We are active here and have let everyone know that an update is in the works. The autopilot will be tested and adjusted (if necessary) as part of the update. Not sure why you think anything I've said was an "unhealthy" discussion. I'd be happy to review the EXACT steps (in order) that cause you these problems. A paragraph full of descriptive text that "generally" describes what is going on and what you are doing is not good enough. ie. stating that you .... ", set the desired altitude and preset the climb option." is too vague. What SPECIFIC altitude? What SPECIFIC climb option? What SPECIFIC buttons, switches, or dials did you press, and in what order? What EXACTLY happened after each step? Stating that "...all hell breaks loose." is not helpful. Not everyone is reporting this issue so you need to be precise in your reporting in order to help us determine if there is a problem and where the problem is coming from.
  8. JGregory

    Auto pilot problems

    I can assure you there is nothing in the code that is "unable" to read data from the sim. If you want us to look into this further you need to give us a detailed description of the exact steps we need to take to recreate the problem. Your description is far too vague.
  9. JGregory


    We are going to need a lot more information than that to be able to help you. First, post your Log.txt file here.
  10. JGregory

    Where are LES functions documented?

    Since all off the commands will be replaced with new ones in the next update, it does not make sense to take the time to compile a list of the current commands and their usage. I think you will find the new command names to be more descriptive.
  11. JGregory

    Emergency light switch

    New manipulators coming in the next update.
  12. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Yup, it's not a good idea to edit add-on files, especially the .acf.
  13. JGregory

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    One can always ask!
  14. JGregory

    X Camera conflicts

    What we do in the Saab is to ONLY control the camera when the user clicks the view button and then we release control of the camera. The problem (as described above) appears to be that X-Camera is "persistent" in its control of the camera and does not release control, but you will have to check that with the developer.
  15. JGregory

    X Camera conflicts

    You will have to discuss that with the developer of X-Camera.