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  1. JGregory

    Issues w/ Saab 340 GPS/Radio Textures

    There is a post in the thread you linked (see this) that explains how to fix this (temporarily). The bug has been fixed on our end but the update that includes that fix has not been released yet.
  2. JGregory

    Problem Saab340

    This is a known issue and has been fixed for the next update (v1.5.1).
  3. JGregory

    Condition Levers

    We DO NOT "override" the X-Plane mixture, but we do control it. As you stated, the mixture is usually not an issue in a turboprop, so if you are using hardware assigned to mixture, especially if it is "noisy", that would definitely be an issue that YOU will need to control at this time. The parameters that control the mixture ratio in the Saab can be found in this post. All systems, including how mixture is handled, will be addressed for Saab v2.
  4. A simple search found this... and this... ....and if I had the time I'm sure I could find more! The update has been finished and sent to the publisher. A new installer needs to be coded, which is not a simple task. In any event, v1.5.1 will contain a fix for this issue. Cameron can provide more information on "when" this will be available.
  5. If you search these forums you will find discussions regarding this. I believe we fixed this for v1.5.1, which should be coming soon.
  6. JGregory

    Check you audio files guys

    @parsec71 Nothing you stated seems to align with the comment from the OP about these files causing "major problems". And, since we have not had ANY reports of audio problems, I'm still curious just what the OP meant by that.
  7. JGregory

    Saab 340 trouble with reverse thrust...

    Yes, the "A" model does the same, and this is modeled. The fact that the engine will not re-start may be an X-Plane thing, but it will require some investigation to confirm. This will take some time and may actually end up being done for v2.0. Not sure why, but i can tell you that moving the power levers quickly into reverse is extremely unrealistic. The engines have no time to spool down, and that could be part of the problem. Normally, you would be at "Flight Idle", or slightly above, at touchdown (low engine speed), and then into Beta and Reverse. I'm not sure that our model is wrong in that respect.
  8. JGregory

    Saab 340 trouble with reverse thrust...

    Here are the conditions where the engine mixture will be set to zero (0): 1. Ng (N1) Overspeed when Ng >= 110.0 2. Np Overspeed when Prop RPM > 1573 3. Fire Handle has been pulled 4. Condition Lever is placed in "FUEL OFF" position. I was unable to see the prop rpm gauge in your video to determine if that is where the problem is. I suggest you re-test knowingly the above outlined parameters.
  9. JGregory

    Saab 340A ICAO identifier

    I'm not sure about changing the ICAO and how that might affect DRM. I would make a backup copy of the .acf file before you make any changes. If you want to be sure, contact Cameron at X-Aviation.
  10. JGregory

    Saab 340A ICAO identifier

    If I recall correctly, you must assign the left condition lever to Prop1 and the right condition lever to Prop2.
  11. JGregory

    GNS530 not working.

    We appreciate your input, but, the error that @Holvarn reported would not have happened if he didn't rotate the knob.
  12. JGregory

    GNS530 not working.

    This issue has been reported in the past. After looking into it, the bug is "windows only" and I could not recreate it because I develop on a Mac. I have made some changes to the scripts that resolve this issue, which will be available in the next update.
  13. JGregory

    Saab 340 trouble with reverse thrust...

    Do the engine overheat lights come on just prior to this event?
  14. JGregory

    Barometer reading not changing

    The Saab uses a custom DataRef for the baro setting manipulator. There are no associated commands. This will be updated in v2.0.