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    Terra Maxx will not download

    My answer from prior still stands. I am in the process of creating a revised installer to hopefully work around this. Hopefully I'll have it done sometime this weekend!
  2. Cameron

    X-Aviation Will not answer messages

    I never stated I would see if I could send you DVDs as my main objective. I did state we don't sell or have them. There's a lot of misinformation in this topic, and I don't appreciate it at all. I was very attentive to you. I even spent a good hour with you on live chat diagnosing things with you. In the end I informed you I would be investigating a way to re-create the installer to download in even smaller chunks just for you. Nothing has changed since. Sending 7 emails is nonsense. Don't do that, please. You can air dirty laundry, and you can even be pissed, but if you do so, at least get your story straight and be honest about it. Sincerely Pissed, Cameron.
  3. Cameron

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    Stop being stupid. There is no update needed for the Saab for this. Ben already showed you a topic on xEnviro where the creators of that add on have stated they have found why xEnviro is crashing like this and they will be issuing an update. This problem also occurs for many people in the IXEG aircraft. Consider yourself lucky if it's not happening to you.
  4. Cameron

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    Remove it and try flying the Saab again.
  5. Cameron

    Saab 340A 1.5 Crash

    Do you have xEnviro?
  6. Cameron


    A new version will come on a day in the future.
  7. Cameron

    Unable to login to the X-Aviation Licensing window

    There is an option for that in the Gizmo preferences.
  8. Captains, Today we're excited to announce a new developer to the commercial market! HotStart is the name, and the first product will be a very detailed Socata TBM 900. This particular product will also be jointly created with Goran Matovina of Leading Edge Simulations for the 3D modeling portion. The goal for release time as it stands is early summer of this year, so the wait won't be too long and we'll continually post updates here to ensure you can keep up to date. The HotStart TBM 900 will be a high-fidelity simulation of the TBM 900 high-performance single-engine turboprop aircraft. The model features a persistence system and wear & tear on all aircraft components to simulate the experience of owning and caring for the aircraft. All simulation state is fully persisted across reloads, so performing proper shutdown and cleanup after a flight is imperative. Shortlist of features: Heavily multi-threaded systems architecture to leverage performance of modern CPUs with many cores. Flight model tuned to perform to within a few percent of the real aircraft in the normal flight envelope, including maximum and stall speeds, rate of climb, fuel burn, trim behavior and control feel. Full aircraft state persistence. Every switch, flight control position, fuel state and on-airport position is restored upon reload. Even between reloads, system resources change in real time. The engine and oil cools down slowly between flights, the battery drains, tires slowly deflate, etc. Fine-grained systems model, down to individual sub-components. The always-on failure system realistically responds to wear & tear and overstress for each sub-component based on individual load factors. Over-torque, over-temp, frequent starts, hard landings, operating in FOD-contaminated environments and many more all affect individual sub-component wear & tear and service life. Sub-component wear realistically reflects on aircraft performance. Worn engine parts reduce maximum available power, worn prop reduces top speed, worn tires result in worse grip during ground ops, etc. Aircraft maintenance manager to inspect and repair or replace any damaged sub-component. The maintenance manager tracks per-airframe operating expenses in a realistic manner to show the real cost of operating the aircraft. Airframe manager that allows you to operate multiple simulated airframes, each with their own independently tracked wear & tear, livery selections and custom registration marks applied. Airframes can be automatically synchronized between multiple machines over the network with just a few clicks. This automatically syncs up aircraft position, configuration and wear & tear to simulate multiple users sharing the same physical aircraft. See how your fellow pilots treated the aircraft by checking the maintenance manager and engine trend monitoring outputs. X-Plane 11 G1000 avionics stack with lots of customizations and overlays to simulate the special extensions in the real TBM900. This includes a custom EICAS, systems synoptic pages and special integration with the extra simulated systems such as the weather radar, TAS, electrics, etc. Fully custom electrical system. Simulation of all buses, switching behaviors and reconfigurations. Full circuit breaker system, integrated with the X-Plane failure system, so a failed or failing system can pop a breaker. Highly accurate PT6 engine model with realistic startup and operating behavior. Engine lag, secondary fuel flow, ITT evolution, response to auxiliary load and many more fine-grained behaviors. Custom prop governor, with all modes simulated, including electric auto-feather with negative torque sensing. Crew Alerting System integrated into the avionics stack with all annunciations, takeoff/landing inhibits, flight state filters and "corner cases" simulated. Environmental Control System integrated into the custom EICAS. Air conditioning and pressurization respond in real time to environmental factors such as ambient temperature, pressure, available engine bleed air, cabin temperature setting, cabin pressure vessel failures, etc. Custom TAWS-B ground proximity warning system with all annunciations modes, inhibits, real-time impact point prediction and terrain painting up on the MFD to ranges of 200NM. The TAWS-B uses the X-Plane terrain DSF data to construct its database, so it is always "up to date". GWX 70 weather radar with weather & ground modes and realistic radar return painting. Full simulation of radar beam energy dissipation, signal attenuation when passing through dense weather and vertical cell analysis modes. Terrain mapping accurately paints surface features, including recognizable peaks, valleys and lakes. Supports the X-Plane 11 default atmospheric model as well as xEnviro. GTS 820 Traffic Advisory System (TAS) with aural alerts + visual alerts, the TAS MFD page and compatibility with X-Plane default traffic, PilotEdge, Vatsim and IVAO. Full simulation of the ESI-2000 standby instrument, including all configuration pages, sensor failures, AHRS drift and "roll-over" during extreme maneuvers, realistic battery operation and real-time battery depletion, etc. Dynamic custom registration mark paiting on the fuselage and instrument panel with support for custom TrueType fonts, colors and positioning. This lets livery painters make a "generic" livery and each pilot apply their own custom registration mark with just the click of a button directly in the simulator. Liveries can specify a custom position and font to optimize the look. Custom sound engine with samples from the real aircraft and accurate modeling of individual engine states and sub-component noises such as fuel pumps, gear pumps, flap actuators, etc. Just to start, we're including some work in progress screenshots below. Remember, work in progress means things are continually being added, both in 3D and programming. Thanks for stopping by!
  9. Cameron

    Crash in the middle of the flight

    Very likely it's xEnviro.
  10. Cameron

    Crash in the middle of the flight

    There is nothing in your log to indicate the aircraft was at fault for your crash. By the looks of it, it more or less looked DSF scenery related.
  11. Cameron

    Crash in the middle of the flight

    This would definitely be the most recommended option to start with!
  12. Cameron

    CTD on First Flight After Upgrade to 11.21

    Hi @DavidV935, With that kind of error I would suggest filing a bug in the Laminar bug report system. They are pretty attentive, and I imagine you would hear back. It may be a good idea to also remove all plugins, then add back one by one to see if one is the culprit in the end!
  13. Cameron


    The normal procedure would be LVL CHG. Jan made some very nice videos that go with the product, and you'll find links to them in the product documentation on how he, as a real world 737 captain, would fly the plane for the airline he works for.
  14. Hello All, This will serve as a formal forum announcement that we have released the version 1.5 update for the Take Command! Saab 340A. All customers who have purchased the Saab 340A up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the Saab 340A from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 1.5 for you. This update brings official compatibility for X-Plane 11. It is also applicable to X-Plane 10 for those still running that platform. What if I didn't get the update e-mail? If you did not receive your update e-mail don't fret! X-Aviation has updated our system to allow all customers to update with ease, regardless of whether you received an e-mail for the update! Here's what to do: 1. Login to your X-Aviation account here: https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/account_history.php 2. Find your original Saab 340A download and re-download the file. It will download as the latest version! The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: X-Plane 11 now supported Fixed a bug with CRS 2 Dial Re-coded the CRS1 logic to better handle the GPS course adjustment Fixed a bug in the pump timer logic to test if timer is active prior to initialization New tiller hydraulic on/off button command added Fixed a bug within the sound code Fixed autopilot from oscillating in X-Plane 11 Reduced take off trim Changed radius of gyration for X-Plane 11 Adjusted engine PID logic Adjusted ITT Temperatures Aileron trim adjustments for X-Plane 11 Added PBR and new normal maps for X-Plane 11 Adjustments to glass objects and textures for X-Plane 11 As always, thanks for being a customer with X-Aviation. We appreciate your feedback and support! Enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned to the forum as we continually announce the latest happenings.
  15. Cameron

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5 Update Released!

    Turn on texture compression in X-Plane.
  16. Cameron


    Well, it may disappoint you to figure out that about 95% of the market developers are hobbyists. We don't really consider us that so much as being in a position where one of our core team members was pulled away from this project for a work obligation temporarily, and as he stated, is about to come back full time. I would say it's a strong indicator of what some of the customers are feeling, but not majority. Still to this day we are receiving a very large number of compliments on this product. It's very rare a complaint comes in. That said, for those that have "waited 2 years for a finished product and are losing faith in the IXEG team," I guess they're due to be surprised when they learn the team is still very much committed with more updates coming forward. Almost every update has been focused on stabilizing bugs. Literally hundreds of bugs have been fixed in a two year period. That was priority number one. If you flew the release day aircraft vs the current one it would be a night and day experience. Just because everything is not visual does not mean that each incremental update did not have a lot of work that went into it. But, because you have also said that the team is barely keeping up, I must refer you back to what @tkyler said: "My participation in this startup is relegated to this "deliverable phase", by my own volition as my passion is flight simulations.....and while I have loose ends to pick up....documentations and such, I am getting poised to get back into XP dev work. I will say, that the release of XP11 also contriubted to some of the 'wait and see'." In other words, more time is to be dedicated back to X-Plane after work was made an obligation long before IXEG was released. But, you're unfairly projecting experiences from other companies on to a group of guys who has stuck with X-Plane development since 1999. That's 19 years (minus Jan). And, @tkyler has had his MU-2 on the market since 2008, which to this day is still updated, supported, and has had numerous free updates along the way. You have no idea the financials of the product. At this point you're purely speculating. It would be safe to say that the entire team disagrees with you, and the customers deserved a free update. Our commitment to the price sold was for a solid and complete product. Until that time is reached, no forced payments for updates are going to happen. Again, I must provide you the real reasoning for delay by quoting @tkyler: As it stands, I got involved in a space startup about 9 months before the 733 came out. I managed to 'stall' my participation in that startup for about 9 months and worked solely on the 733 with no income, living on savings during that time to get the 733 out. Wtihin 3 months of the release of the 733, the startup was in full swing and I was the prime designer for our deliverables to NASA. There was a lot riding on the line, many big groups involved, NASA, ESA, Airbus, Boeing, etc....and I could not back out. Because this project was deadline based, and i was already behind, I've been working at it solid for about 2 years to meet the deliverables...which I recently completed just last week by handing over our hardware to head to the ISS on SpX-15 here in about a month....which is why you've seen two whole posts in as many days from me as I can finally take a breath. What does this even mean? LES had a free update to 11 as well. There was no charge. In other words, IXEG did the same thing as LES. We got in touch with xEnviro months ago. Ball is in their court, but the problem does not lie on our end. They're aware of the situation, and the developer was investigating. He has publicly acknowledged it, but I have zero clue on when he'll have a fix. All in all, this is a lot of huff and puff for nothing. And by nothing, I mean @tkyler took the time to reply and give real reasons for delays, and you basically dismissed every word he said to still write a response as if he had never said it. It's okay to still be disappointed, but to sit here and dictate to the world that the project will not go forward and you have mathematical calculations in your mind that put 2-3 years still at an abysmal point for the project is...silly. Relax. Fly. Enjoy. The team is still here, alive and well. That's the end of this thread. Happy flying!
  17. Cameron


    SkyMaxx and Real Weather Connector work together for producing visuals. Any turbulence or wind is controlled by X-Plane itself.
  18. Cameron


    Your English is not clear. It's words that don't provide much description, and likely words you don't really mean to use. We can't really understand what you're saying. I suggest you find someone to help you write the issues you're experiencing in better English so we can understand what it is you're saying.
  19. Cameron

    Low quality radio and gps textures

    Turn on texture compression in the rendering settings of X-Plane. Running it without this setting is a massive waste of resources anyhow.
  20. Cameron


    There's a lot more going on behind the scenes with that product and where code came from than you think.
  21. Cameron

    All issues with V1.21

    @Shobhan Nandy Sorry dude, but the vast majority of customers don't agree with you. If this product doesn't fit your goals, I'm sorry. We get endless comments daily in e-mails and support tickets praising this product and the immersion. I'm not claiming perfection, nor is the rest of the team (though it's desired), but you're in a pretty small pool right now with these comments. You're sitting here saying you'll "ask a 733 pilot do do an FMC and navigation challenge and will submit a report." This is ridiculous. Truly. @Litjan was a rated captain up till retirement of the aircraft at a major airline. I'm quite certain we have all the pilot validation we need (never mind the fact more were involved in the actual testing of it), and where any shortcomings may be; all of which the team has been open and public of in a single topic. The rest of your reply is really hard to read without producing a headache. The words could be articulated a lot better, and the tone of you being the almighty payware God speaking to the days of half baked goods being done and asserting such an accusation here could be done without. Another example of you having no clue what you're talking about and throwing accusations. No, "the easy way out" was never taken. The simulation was based off the fleet of a particular airline who contributed the most help to the project. If you feel they had some form of simple systems then that's pure coincidence and nothing more. I have never heard a customer say something like this in all the time this product has been out. Hahahaha. Remind me. How many employees does Airbus have? You have no grasp on simulation content production if you're using an analogy like this. Consider the facts and budget of such a company before you try and compare it to an X-Plane project. ...for YOU. And so many already do. There's improvements that can be made in this project. This much is certain, and the team is very acknowledging of such. That said, I maintain what I said from the beginning. You have some very wrong perceptions. The bolded word in this quote is important. It's how I feel about quite a number of things in your post, including this very sentence quoted.
  22. Cool project! Thanks for sharing.
  23. Cameron

    All issues with V1.21

    Hardly, especially in the X-Plane world. There are many who are. There are many who are not, and it goes beyond just some opinion. He can have his, and I can have mine. We're humans in the end. Just because there's some saying that exists in the world does not make it true. People tend to become warriors behind a keyboard when they don't have to face you in the flesh, so perhaps that saying works better in a retail space environment, although Jan said how he feels about this saying of yours too. I believe Jan validated some of my points in his own assessment of not even knowing some of the items Shobahn was discussing. I did not tell him he was wrong for having an opinion, I stated I disagreed, and that I felt he had some wrong perceptions. But, on the same token, going around typing nonsense that some code must be non-optimized because he says so IS wrong, and I'll happily point that out. The customer is not always right.
  24. Cameron

    All issues with V1.21

    Which contradicts your statement of appreciation. This product, even in its current state was a 6 year development time. There are numerous version of an FMC and even systems in 737s, so while I won't comment on everything you listed, I will leave it to @Litjan to do that. I could not disagree with you more about the price and value of the product. Jan specifically, as a longtime Captain in the 737 Classic worked tirelessly on the systems simulation, and from the FMC standpoint, crucial/vital parts to what were used in everyday flight were implemented. Accordingly, IXEG was also very candid in what was not simulated, and has always been (albeit, in our eyes non-crucial). VNAV is a debatable topic. I think we'll all agree that it's the sore point that needs to be worked out next for the team. That said, simulation enthusiasts tend to have this dependency on VNAV that is really not so present in the real world. That may be due to the fact we do one-man pilot operations (I'm making up excuses for why a simmer depends on it more that an real world pilot) in our cockpits, but in the real world, VNAV was not such a heavily used item for Jan. I'm sure he'll reply to your other points when he can. It sounded to me like you may have a wrong perception about how certain things are done, irrespective of the FCOM reading you're doing. Jan can further clarify that for you. This is an indication of you likely not knowing anything about "unoptimized programming". It has nothing to do with that at all. In Gizmo's tool tray menu you'll find a Garbage Collector icon. Utilize that and adjust some values to get a more favorable, smooth experience. I'd start with a value of something like 500.
  25. Cameron

    Does MaxxFx work in naitive V.R ..?

    No, we cannot. Laminar has not released any kind of SDK for VR, and has indicated they likely won't be doing so for some time when it comes to plugins.