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  1. nicky1088

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Currently own SMP and xenviro. Running xenviro atm. Will i still get terrible performance with skymaxx? OR do i have to wait to switch back over?
  2. nicky1088

    Downloads Don't Work Be Leery Before you Buy!

    lower your xplane resolution to 1080p and try to activate. I have no problem. Also as unhappy that i have been with XA at some times, i have always gotten my products i paid for (roughly the same amount that you paid)
  3. nicky1088

    Xplane 11?

    now that xp11 is officially out, has the work started :D?
  4. nicky1088

    Pause near top of descent

    i would never use this, but i think it should be added +1
  5. nicky1088

    "Too low gear" error on takeoff

    If i were you i would wait until the new version is released. not because the old version is bad (Which it isn't, its amazing) but because the new version will be a paid upgrade. If you want the plane now and dont mind spending probably another $15-30, I would definitely buy it. Personally i havent had any problems, but since a new version is *Hopefully* almost here, i would wait for the new version.
  6. nicky1088

    Xplane 11?

    ok, if you get a price please tell me so i can put it into my xplane 11 upgrade budget ;)!
  7. nicky1088

    MCP goes funky once in a while

    Which airplane? there are hundreds of airplanes for xplane!
  8. nicky1088

    Xplane 11?

    Is there going to be a free update to xplane 11 :D?
  9. nicky1088

    Saab 340 Pressurization

    When i fly, i always reset the bleeds after i start the engines (ive never had a problem since!)
  10. nicky1088

    Saab 340 Pressurization

    are you resetting the bleeds AFTER the engine start?
  11. So my friend just got this plane and i want to teach him how to fly it. is there any way he can practice landing by going to local map and setting the approach? or is there any way to have the plane auomatically be running when it is loaded? The auto start gui is great but i want him to be able to just reload the plane if he crashes and try again.
  12. Can someone tell me/send a screenshot/ send a video on how to turn the weather radar on? thanks
  13. Is there any way that we can sync the clouds from skymaxx with smartcopilot (So you will both see a front and will see the exact same clouds) or is this already how it works?
  14. So i was installing my saab 340 on my other pc, and i though instead of reinstalling, i should just move the plugins and aircrafts folder over to my other pc. Every time i would open the plane it would ask to activate, so i would. I did this for my crj, saab, and skymaxx pro. If an admin is looking at this post, is there any way to reset those and remove the pc's there activated on?