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  1. Hi I only seem to be able to display the loc and glideslope on the hsi on the first officers side, Can somebody please instruct me how you change it over to get it to display on the captains side please. I have both the course and ILS freq on both sides if you follow me, I never fly on co pilots side very frustrating and I know it’s my fault ..advice be much appreciated thank you regards Paul EGCC
  2. Thank you Dr Anthony, cockpit is nice and still now! regards Paul
  3. Hi guys Bought the aircraft from day one pretty much and it is awesome, i love it! Over the weekend I updated to 10:50 and now when I'm in the virtual cockpit sat st the gate it is swaying ever so slightly, it is not still....it's like it's sitting on the ocean waves swaying like a boat does, any ideas? Once you start taxing and flying it's not as noticeable but stationary is a bit weird?? Thank you Paul EGCC
  4. There's nothing out there at all that can touch this plane, it's simply just the best!
  5. It's the best bloody plane out there without a shadow of a doubt, I took one of "the other" aircraft out for a short hop at the weekend, just no comparison to the ixeg 737, I honestly can't and not interested in any of my other planes I have, and I them all. My congrats to the ixeg team yet again, looking forward to yet another update in such a short period of time. Regards Paul EGCC UK
  6. Quite unbelievable guys, talk about being on the ball! ...... thank you. Regards Paul EGCC
  7. tull

    I love the IXEG 737 ♥

    I've flown nothing else since I bought it from day one and I have no intention of flying anything else either, not one single airplane I have in my hanger compares to ixeg 737, it is in a league of its own by far, it is just unbelievable phenomenal, I mean just taking off, the immersion, GOD, bloody mega plane.....MEGA!! Regards Paul EGCC
  8. From the UK...thank you guys Paul EGCC
  9. Thank you ixeg, fantastic! Paul EGCC
  10. tull

    You know guys.........

    Thanks for the replys guys, it's ixeg all the way, looking forward to even more updates, good stuff! Cheers now. Regards Paul EGCC
  11. I can't fly anything else anymore, I've got all the other best/better planes in my hanger Jar320/330, flight factor 757/777 etc etc, I've got the bloody lot and none of them compare whatsoever, in 20 years of flight simulation I have never know anything like this aircraft what ixeg have come up with. Just think.....all them guys over at fsx and prep3d don't know what they are missing do they, and yes I have all them too planes too pmdg etc etc...god I've spent a lot of money and none of them come close to this baby. Thank you IXEG SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!! Regards Paul EGCC
  12. tull

    Navigraph Data

    Sorry to go off topic but I've just bought pfpx to use with the ixeg 737, I see there is a template for a 737 included within pfpx, will that be suffice to use??? Regards paul EGCC
  13. tull

    Is it too soon???

    I've been flight simming since 1998 mainly FS98 & FSX (which is been uninstalled for 6 months now) and I have never been so immersed, this plane is just unbelievable, I'm not bothered if nobody did another plane for X plane ever again, I will fly ixeg 737 now for a good number of years for sure, I love it, incredible incredible simulation. Thank you guys. Regards Paul EGCC
  14. Oh yes ...ready, soooooo can't wait!!!!!! Regards Paul EGCC