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  1. Push that to the bottom of the priority list, it's really only minor: (1) ALT selector knob: the "SEL" texture sometimes "jumps" by 180° (2) The Heading selector's rim texture seems to be moving in the "wrong" direction (the white triangle is turning in the correct sense) No influence on functionality, it's just the texture animation (and you will only notice it when looking directly at the knobs - from an angle it's hard to notice). Log files attached, though I doubt they will be of much use GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  2. Take-Off Flaps setting

    I think it's called Explania or something like that...
  3. Saab V1.5 Status

    Ah, let's ignore him & not have people like him spoil the party . Goran, you & the LES team are doing a fantastic job, and not just on the Saab. Just to extend that a bit, Cameron I highly appreciate how XA is handling update policies. All products I ever bought here have been supported and updated for free for much longer than I experienced with most other XP developers. Big thanks for this, you're really creating value here.
  4. My colleagues from flight test had some fun with an A380: And no, it's not photoshopped. No idea how they convinced DFS and Eurocontrol to approve this route, but they did it. Besides, the baubles were flown manually... Link to this flight on FlightRadar24: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/aircraft/f-wwae#fd1fd63
  5. DC3 RMI Compass heading

    Are you by chance using XP11.10 (beta or RC)? If yes, Laminar has chosen to implement vaccum gyro drift and random initialisation on start. Easiest fix by now: assign a key or button to the sim/instruments/DG_sync_mag command.
  6. ROTATE MD80

    Used it only in XP10 so far. Not as immersive as the IXEG 737, but very good visuals and by now (v1.3) quite improved systems simulation (though IMO not study level). It has proven to operate quite stably on my system (no CTDs or whatsoever), but that's true for most models by now (with some sad exceptions). Liveries are not a problem, Rotate has provided a PSD paint kit. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can paint one yourself
  7. Hi, thanks for this comprehensive explanation. What I'm still wondering about is why a steady head wind component has to be balanced - normally, a steady head wind should allow for a slower landing ground speed, preserving tires and brakes. Using this correction partly gives away the advantage of a steady head wind. However, it is not needed to avoid dropping below critical air speed... so why is it done? Courtesy for ATC to avoid snailing on final, or...?
  8. Hi Jan, I'm not sure I really understand the story of wind correction. Does it mean you apply min +5 Kts for gust precaution, and more if heavier gusts are announced? For the gust margin, it seems conceptually obvious to me (to avoid dropping below VREF due to wind gusts). But for the steady wind correction, I'm not really sure what the purpose is - the VREF is indicated airspeed after all (at least I thought so), so why is there such a correction to be applied? Can't be to ensure hitting the right IAS... Cheers Jesco
  9. To quote Mike Ray: So if you're flying without any wind, the correction would be zero => you set the REF speed on the MCP (plus a gust margin).
  10. Coincidently, Jan once did a video with a Hyd B leakage... (it was a slow leak, but with the same final results )
  11. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    Super tiny fun bug: The installer claims you're IXEG when displaying the license agreement
  12. Heavy Metal - Air-Child IXEG 737 Classic Livery

    Heads up for version 1.1: Left NLG door texture fixed (was transparent from inside) Livery now comes in three flavours: SE-JOK (Johann Olav Koss) - the original livery G-BNML (Roger Moore) - joined the ACH fleet on Mar 1, 2017 D-ACBP (Berliner Philharmoniker) - joined the ACH fleet on Mar 1, 2017 Enjoy the update!
  13. Take Command! Saab 340A Version 1.3 Update Released!

    Does it happen only when you load the Saab from the quick selection screen? On some computers and in some situations Gizmo-driven aircrafts (at least, IXEG has the same issue, Tom confirmed it in one of the threads) do not initialise completely (or in the wrong order) when loaded from the quick selection screen, but they do when either loaded from the aircraft => open menu, or when rebooting Gizmo after opening the aircraft from the quick selection screen.
  14. Cessna Citation and other things.

    Good news - that means the Saab gets a second life in XP11, and we even get it refurbished at one point ( v2.0 - I'm fine with paying for an upgrade after all those years enjoying it in XP10)