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  1. ROTATE MD80

    Used it only in XP10 so far. Not as immersive as the IXEG 737, but very good visuals and by now (v1.3) quite improved systems simulation (though IMO not study level). It has proven to operate quite stably on my system (no CTDs or whatsoever), but that's true for most models by now (with some sad exceptions). Liveries are not a problem, Rotate has provided a PSD paint kit. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can paint one yourself
  2. Hi, thanks for this comprehensive explanation. What I'm still wondering about is why a steady head wind component has to be balanced - normally, a steady head wind should allow for a slower landing ground speed, preserving tires and brakes. Using this correction partly gives away the advantage of a steady head wind. However, it is not needed to avoid dropping below critical air speed... so why is it done? Courtesy for ATC to avoid snailing on final, or...?
  3. Hi Jan, I'm not sure I really understand the story of wind correction. Does it mean you apply min +5 Kts for gust precaution, and more if heavier gusts are announced? For the gust margin, it seems conceptually obvious to me (to avoid dropping below VREF due to wind gusts). But for the steady wind correction, I'm not really sure what the purpose is - the VREF is indicated airspeed after all (at least I thought so), so why is there such a correction to be applied? Can't be to ensure hitting the right IAS... Cheers Jesco
  4. To quote Mike Ray: So if you're flying without any wind, the correction would be zero => you set the REF speed on the MCP (plus a gust margin).
  5. Coincidently, Jan once did a video with a Hyd B leakage... (it was a slow leak, but with the same final results )
  6. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    Super tiny fun bug: The installer claims you're IXEG when displaying the license agreement
  7. Heavy Metal - Air-Child IXEG 737 Classic Livery

    Heads up for version 1.1: Left NLG door texture fixed (was transparent from inside) Livery now comes in three flavours: SE-JOK (Johann Olav Koss) - the original livery G-BNML (Roger Moore) - joined the ACH fleet on Mar 1, 2017 D-ACBP (Berliner Philharmoniker) - joined the ACH fleet on Mar 1, 2017 Enjoy the update!
  8. Take Command! Saab 340A Version 1.3 Update Released!

    Does it happen only when you load the Saab from the quick selection screen? On some computers and in some situations Gizmo-driven aircrafts (at least, IXEG has the same issue, Tom confirmed it in one of the threads) do not initialise completely (or in the wrong order) when loaded from the quick selection screen, but they do when either loaded from the aircraft => open menu, or when rebooting Gizmo after opening the aircraft from the quick selection screen.
  9. Cessna Citation and other things.

    Good news - that means the Saab gets a second life in XP11, and we even get it refurbished at one point ( v2.0 - I'm fine with paying for an upgrade after all those years enjoying it in XP10)
  10. [Solved] Something wrong?

    Hm, not sure - on the first pic, the AP is clearly not engaged (visible on the EADI, but also the CMD A button is not lit). In the second pic, we don't see the EADI, but the CMD A button is lit in green. Looks more the AP was engaged with the FD already following LNAV and VNAV. From the log I would guess the problem is your route didn't permit for FL310 - apparently VNAV calculated the TOC to be at 9,983 ft, before reaching ADEXA (cf. VNAV calculations in your log file). Apparently you were climbing beyond the calculated TOC manually and then engaging the AP with VNAV and LNAV engaged. I suppose this could be linked to some ALT and/or Speed constraints in the selected STAR.
  11. RWC oblivious about settings

    Thanks, I got it now. Here's what I did: As advised, I deleted the settings.dat (actually I only moved it to a location outside of the XP directory structure). I launched XP, and first thing I did was changing the RWC setting. However this did not create a new settings.dat file (don't know if it's intended to do so or not), so next I tweaked SMP itself back into my own settings. When hitting "Apply", the settings.dat file was created. I tried later on, but switching RWC settings didn't change the last modified date of the file. However, once I hit "Apply" in the SMP settings dialog itself, RWC settings seem to get recorded they way they're currently set.
  12. New airbuses?

    I think our best chance is still with QPAC and then probably the RWDesign A330 (also QPAC-based). But yeah, would be great to have an Airbus at Flight Sim Labs level in XP...
  13. RWC oblivious about settings

    Tried it without success I also checked file permissions, and it's ok also for "normal" mode. SMP itself btw. does not lose settings, it's only RWC...
  14. RWC oblivious about settings

    Hello Maxx-XP team, I'm running XP 10.51 with SMP 4.0.1 and RWC 1.1, using NOAA as METAR source. Before I used SMP 3.3.2 with RWC 1.0 and NOAA. After upgrading, RWC loses the "always" setting when closing XP: So after launching XP, I always have to set it back to "always": After having done that, it stays in this position until I close XP - then the setting is lost again... Any idea what could cause this? Could it be linked to NOAA? Cheers Jesco Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  15. New airbuses?

    QPAC is still on it (their v3 should bring some more depth to system modelling), but they will take some more time to complete (bug sqashing takes more time than they planned). As there are some more 'buses out there using the QPAC plugin, I hope for some better Airbus models available somewhere in 2017 (RW's A330-300, FF A350-900 apart from QPACs own A320). I don't know if Peter will integrate the update in his models, though...