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  1. fireone

    ILS Capture

    I filed the discrepancy some time ago in the airport/navaid /scenery gateway but it takes a while to appear in an XP release. In the meantime I check the Map window to confirm the frequency Laminar is using for that particular ILS Laminar ILS take precedence . RobW is correct ,there is a curated layer . In days past when this layer did not exist , external databases making changes to ILS data sometimes meant the ILS would guide an aeroplane away from the runway centre line .
  2. fireone

    ILS Capture

    This only pertains to my situation. I enter the approach in the Flight Plan , select it via the PROC button when ready to fly it and Activate it then press the Approach button on the Auto pilot console I change from GPS to LOC using the PFD CDI softkey when in the cone . The airport I practice most of the time has a different Localiser frequency , given by Laminar than the one in Navigraph's database . The Laminar frequency dominates .If the Laminar frequency isn't selected as the active one the ILS isn't captured . And if even slightly outside of the ILS transmission '" Cone".either the lateral or vertical or both will not be captured. It took a while to work out the discrepancy in frequecies Laminar vs Navigraph was messing with the approach. Once sorted , ILS at this airport were almost always straightforward with the AP
  3. fireone

    Plane drops out of sky when I disable Autopilot

    I used to notice this when the AutoPilot used to set extreme levels of trim, usually in pitch . Now before switching autopilot off I cast an eye on the trim indicators on the MFD
  4. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15154-how-to-setup-ch-throttle-quadrant-for-tbm/?tab=comments#comment-133527
  5. fireone

    great airplane except ground handling

    What measures have you tried to modify the response of the rudder axis ?
  6. The first photo is excellent. Looks so real.
  7. fireone

    Procedure turn gone bad

    Its worth describing the problem in the .org forum where Philipp of Laminar is very responsive to problems posted on the forum related to GPS ,Glass cockpit and so forth. Just to save time, he will often recommend trying the same procedure on the Laminar G1000 Cessna and if can be reproduced there , he will look into it https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/315-xp11-fms-and-nav-data/
  8. fireone

    Edit Flight Plan

    I think I forgot one button push, apologies for any time wasted . ....... after the first FPL.... press the inner button of the FMS ( not the rotary dials but the very center one to bring up the highlighted cursor the follow as described .
  9. fireone

    Edit Flight Plan

    Press FPL - use outer FMS rotary knob to highlight waypoint - press CLR - FMS outer rotary to highlight the option to delete WPT - press ENTER For other functions of G1000 : Max Trescott book , downloadable official TBM 850/900 Garmin manual , Laminar G1000 manual , bits and pieces on Youtube are decent resources especially for the more complex functions. But G1000 is not easy to master.
  10. fireone

    Can MFD windows stay open longer please ?

    Jakob , thanks for taking a look , the main FPL page stays on..........its the smaller windows at the bottom right that are the source of frustration . I came across the problem when trying to access the page which stores all my flight plans . Mateyhv , thanks also for taking a look . I'll follow your suggestion to map the knob to the keyboard. Its been pointed out elsewhere that the mouse pointer target area is so small for some buttons , it makes them un-ergonomic , but this one really got the better of me.
  11. I include 2 screenshots of the MFD . At the bottom right of the MFD screen are two small windows one for MAP, one for FPL ,brought up by pressing the FPL key under the MFD screen . These two windows only stay on for 3 seconds before disappearing . This is not enough time to accurately transfer the mouse pointer to the FMS rotary button to select an item inside those windows . Could the windows stay on indefinitely and be switched off by some other means , or could they stay on a bit longer to allow mouse pointer positioning on the FMS button. ? Or is there another way of selecting items inside those windows besides rotating the FMS knob ?
  12. fireone


    http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14991-start-with-engines-running/?tab=comments#comment-132618 http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15312-cockpit-instruments-dont-show-in-replay/?tab=comments#comment-134637
  13. fireone

    OBS mode for hold pattern - unexpected behaviour

    Felix , I'm a complete novice and am trying to understand the G1000 so again apologies if this misses the mark. CDNCAVOK pointed me to this video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fYi7NbSnbhc&list=PLkVESy0CJFdxFGS6KQxTmOyt7UQb2D1kG&index=4
  14. The Flylikethe Pros videos have so much useful information its impossible to assimilate it all in a single viewing . Great Resource . I can only imagine the amount of skill and concentration involved in Multi Engine Single Pilot Ops in a Canadian midwinter approach to the minima.
  15. fireone

    Can't set rudder trim

    Is there a keyboard assignment for rudder trim AND a joystick assignment ? Sometimes I have experienced funny behaviour when there is (by default) a keyboard assignment for throttle say , at the same time as my throttle quadrant is connected to the sim. In this scenario turning off Laminars default keyboard assignment stops erratic throttle quadrant resposes.