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  1. fireone

    TBM900 FMS No Data

  2. fireone

    TBM900 FMS No Data

    Which airport ? I or someone can try to dial it up. If I magnify the screen it looks like YBCO PS . Do you know if that airport is in the Navigraph database ?
  3. fireone

    Unable to enter taxi / reverse range

    I have no idea if this will make any difference but nothing to lose : Is the reverse thrust assigned to the corresponding throttle ? I have assigned the generic throttle command to my throttle quadrant . And there is a generic reverse thrust. As you know throttle assignments can be numbered and there is then a corresponding reverse command with the same number. In general I have found that when flying single engine piston aircraft the generic non numbered assignments work more reliably , including mixture and prop .
  4. fireone

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Fully programmable , hall effect based rudder pedals make a significant difference . Smooth and precise with small movements , they allow me to follow the taxi & runway center lines more easily . one example https://mfg.simundza.com/products .
  5. fireone

    Flooded engine after instructors tutorial

    All that said , the tutorials do provide an excellent resource, I can reset the plane to new condition , so in the scheme of things its a minor event now. It seemed more important to me in the beginning when I knew nothing about the aircraft and had never started a turboprop. Most current logtxt appended Log.txt
  6. fireone

    Flooded engine after instructors tutorial

    Goran , the manual overide lever is in the fully backward position . I have the same fuel residue error message at the end of the second "how to use the throttle tutorial" In both instances Xplane is started afresh with nothing else run before the tutorial. I include two screenshots . 1st is at the point error message appears during tutorial 1, 2nd for the throttle tutorial . This appears after tutorial is completely finished
  7. fireone

    Flooded engine after instructors tutorial

    Goran , I'll have a look tonight . and report back. Meanwhile if I start from cold and dark and follow the POH , so no tutorial , the plane starts fine and no error messages.
  8. BjornMa in an earlier post pointed out the horizontal and right hand side of the "h" are controllable by assigning the appropriate predefined commands to a keyboard press . I assigned those commands to one of the gray buttons on the CH Throttle Quadrant so that pushing the button in the upward direction is assigned " Mixture rich a bit" and a downward press "mixture lean a bit" . The joystick config screen however gives you many options for these 2 commands depending on how many engines the plane has . In the config search line enter "mixture " without quotes. The list of possible options will be displayed . Choose the one that has no engine number, the generic one. If you assign it to engine #1 , it will not work. Once assigned , pressing the mixture up a bit 3 times transfers the throttle arm to the left part of the "h" . A conventional Quadrant throttle arm then controls the left side. Calibrate your throttle on the quadrant as per normal and make sure there are no other buttons that control the throttle , so delete keyboard commands that control throttle , tell the configurator to ignore the other throttle lever on the quadrant. The throttle assignment cannot be a numbered one . Again , it has to be the generic one. I watched the second tutorial which explains how the throttle works and the instructor describes which two commands will control the Tab function that allows the throttle to operate in taxi and reverse mode.. One or the other of the two commands can be assigned to another gray button on the Quadrant . For this I chose the gray button immediately under the throttle so throttle and button can be controlled simultaneously with one hand. It just so happens that the detente on the Quadrant almost precisely matches the point at which reverse thrust engages.
  9. fireone

    TBM-900 Condensed checklists

    Printed and about to be used. I also like to jot down recommended speeds e.g stall, rotation, best rate / cruise climb , flap deployment , gear down , over the threshold etc. but these I can add in writing. Small observation : once printed , the numbers in the top 2 performance charts are difficult to read because of their size. We use A4 paper downunder , so could be that the printing process is shrinking them , compared to the original. That said , this is an excellent , and essential aid well done.
  10. I have almost the same system , my CPU is a 4690K . The only time I've noticed a frame rate drop to the mid 30s is flying at low altitude over detailed scenery. I pan a lot inside the cockpit but fps stays stable. In other situations where big fps drops have been noticed deleting the contents of the x-plane preferences folder has improved things sometimes. https://www.x-plane.com/kb/deleting-preferences/ But take care;- I wouldn't delete them as the article suggests , rename them instead , so you can reinstitute them if a new preferences folder doesn't solve your problem . Creating an entirely new preferences folder means you will lose things like joystick settings so back them up by renaming .them. Copy the renamed files to your desktop before deleting the preferences folder there is also a youtube video showing how to do it. For more information google brings up many results if you search X-plane & preferences folder . Worth reading some of the search results if not familiar with manipulating x-plane files
  11. fireone

    Black Toggles-Not Enough Contrast

    I've really only noticed the contrast problem , because I'm flying with keyboard and mouse only , no other aids . In the beginning this was to avoid problems with plugins and so forth. Now that the TBM / X-Plane platform is becoming more stable , it'll be more like business as usual -> panel switches , Simvim, trim wheels ,etc . The coloration problem will be much less noticeable , at least for this desktop driver. That flap lever tho' is mighty difficult to see from the seated position without sunshine in the cabin
  12. CPU: 4690K Freq : 4.2Hz Ram : 32G GPU : 980Ti OS : Windows 7 Res: 3840 x2160 XP: 11.26 Graphics : as specified in 1st post TBM 1.0.9 TBM: 85 fps Cessna: 98fps Scenery was as specified but only runway shows in the midst of water , I only load scenery for my region. I can repeat with full scenery tile if needed. PS : Subsequent to the benchmark test , flying around YSSY (Kingsford Smith, Sydney) the lowest fps is about 35 , same computer & graphic settings, same fresh vanilla 11.26 XP. Perfectly acceptable for a 4 year old rig .
  13. fireone

    Throttle Taxi Rev setup in joystick

    CDNCAVOK , so if not a joystick or keybinding , is there a way of implementing the " h " throttle system that avoids the use of a mouse ?
  14. fireone

    Black Toggles-Not Enough Contrast

    I experience the same challenge as CDNCAVOK . Black on black is very difficult to see and I have problems with the controls on pedestal too like throttle , flap position , On my screen they sort of blend into a single amorphous unit . This is the way Socata does it in real life but It is surprising Socata doesn't implement color coding for ergonomic reasons . Maybe 3D in real life makes it unecessary whereas a flat screen lessens the distinction between uneven surfaces if they are the same color.