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  1. fireone

    Nice job on the Saab 340A for XP11...

    Mindyourstep you may be interested in the youtube videos produced by Sim Pilot . Its quite unlike the usual music polluted , 3 hour long , meandering , type of flight sim vids . They are full to the brim of practical information conveyed in a flowing , informed style. If you like the Saab set aside an hour to have a look at them all https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=B7q3Q7CeuJY
  2. fireone

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    N1K The videos are superb. Youtube is awash with mediocre infotainement when it comes to flight simulation . Its so refreshing to see a professional producing material which entertains and teaches . I especially enjoy the comprehensive , informed , flowing style that goes beyond teaching which buttons to press when. Its also a wonderful thing that heavy metal or some such is NOT playing in the backround on short final.
  3. Goran , I would like to aknowledge your assiduous approach and constant presence on this forum. I have been flying x-plane for a long time . I placed my first order with Laminar for X-plane in the days you had to use a landline to place an order . Austin Meyer used to answer the phone and take the order with pen and paper. In the years since then I have rarely seen as much quality and quantity of after sales support as you provide for Hot Start. Its been months since the TBM was released and your posts keep appearing to answer all manner of questions . Much kudos to you and all at Hot start .
  4. fireone

    Hot Start TBM 900 Suffers from Major Problems

    These forums I regard as a supplement to the manual(s). An evening of reading through these forums will yield some common patterns when this or any other aircraft doesn't perform to expectations. Plugins , take them out of the resorces folder, you have heaps of them . Any or all of them could be a handbrake . You have custom scenery galore and you have a CPU which will perform well if not unduly taxed .but your software setup as it stands is going to stretch the CPU to the limit . A quick look at a table compiled by @Sislekov will give you some idea of where your system stands. Given the complexity of your Xplane system I would suggest creating an entirely new Xplane folder , download a fresh copy of XP to it add nothing to it except the TBM and take it from there.. This will give you the means of establishing how fast your system can run . XP 11.3 + TBM . You will have a clean resources folder , basic scenery , a clean preferences folder . Also, The covention is to post the log.txt file as an attachment , not the contents of the file to the forum. As you can see the post , as it is , physically occupies a vast acreage.
  5. fireone

    New issue with installation to latest build

    Only one thing left from me : at the XP splash screen remove AI aircraft
  6. fireone

    New issue with installation to latest build

    A common suggestion at this point is to cut the prefences folder from the XP installation , paste it , say, to your desktop . Fire up XP a new preferences folder will be generated , but your keyboard , joystick ,etc settings will be default, Laminar settings . If your FPS climbs to acceptable levels , you can reintroduce the subfolders of the cut and pasted , now on the desktop , preferences folder one by one , see which one is acting as the brake. Could you try putting all your graphics sliders all the way to the left , then one by one , bump them up a notch ?
  7. fireone

    New issue with installation to latest build

    One thing I learned from these forums early on, ( I don't recall if it was Goran or Cameron ), is there are two ways of removing plugins . The best way is to completely remove them from the XP installation. The second way is to rename them but leave them in the same location . I used to use the second method. I don't anymore.
  8. fireone

    New issue with installation to latest build

    When things go awry , I've in the past download a new copy of Xplane . In the case of the TBM I used this fresh copy of XP and the only add on is theTBM. No added scenery , plugins , payware however benign they may seem. Saves a lot of time and hassle .
  9. fireone

    New issue with installation to latest build

    These things are useful when troubleshooting A log.txt A detailed description of events leading up to the problem and what has been tried to solve it A sense of equanimity and patience Goran has been tireless on these forums since the TBM was released . He will help , as will other forum members where possible. The TBM is worth the effort , we'll get you back behind her controls and into the wild blue yonder , no worries.
  10. fireone

    "how to use VNAV" training resources

    Freeware : there are some, but not many , You tube videos type G1000 in the Search bar . The series made by Flying like The Pros is pretty good , but they talk fast. The official , Garmin manual for the TBM 900 is free to download and is probably the most important resource . Reading it is like eating cardboard . Stultifying But its all there and it has the best chapter on the GFC 700 , I've been able to find . There is also a Laminar manual inside your XP installation. Paid resources . Max Trescott's has written a book on the G1000. It describes the manual pretty much , using different words. Garmin used to sell training software featuring the G1000 . Every feature of the G1000 is reproduced by the Trainer. Saves the hassle of firing up an aeroplane before being able to learn the features , but the manual for this Trainer is sparse. In short the information is scattered, & of variable quality . No single resource provides all the answers . With a few exceptions like Philip Ringlers video , there is little in the way of scenario based training for this vital piece of equipment.. Back to your question re the VNAV ; The best resource is probably the Garmin manual , tedious as it is 1) Your flight plan needs to be filled in including altitudes for each waypoint , make sure in the vnav portion of the window that the cursor is off . So for example if you dial a 3% descent gradient press enter to confirm and make sure the blue/green cursor disappears . 2) The Autopilot has to have a specified Altitude to descend to when enroute. Enter this altitude manually using the altitude rotary encoders on the PFD or MFD so that the required altitude displays in the altitude window above the altitude ribbon. An enroute waypoint in a flight plan has 2 elements : its location (lateral navigation ) and its altitude ( vertical navigation ). The autopilot will follow the FPL lateral navigation instructions automatically if NAV mode is engaged . But it will not follow automatically a vertical navigation profile unless some manual entries are made by the pilot. Enter the relevant variables in the vnav window , dial in altitude above the ribbon , then press Vnav on the AP if within 5 minutes of Top of Descent. The Time to TOD is shown as it counts down in the Vnav window. Then VPATH should show in white on the right side of the AP annunciator in the PFD showing VNAV is armed then watch the nose dip as you reach time for TOD . Its a thing of beauty.
  11. fireone

    ILS Capture

    I filed the discrepancy some time ago in the airport/navaid /scenery gateway but it takes a while to appear in an XP release. In the meantime I check the Map window to confirm the frequency Laminar is using for that particular ILS Laminar ILS take precedence . RobW is correct ,there is a curated layer . In days past when this layer did not exist , external databases making changes to ILS data sometimes meant the ILS would guide an aeroplane away from the runway centre line .
  12. fireone

    ILS Capture

    This only pertains to my situation. I enter the approach in the Flight Plan , select it via the PROC button when ready to fly it and Activate it then press the Approach button on the Auto pilot console I change from GPS to LOC using the PFD CDI softkey when in the cone . The airport I practice most of the time has a different Localiser frequency , given by Laminar than the one in Navigraph's database . The Laminar frequency dominates .If the Laminar frequency isn't selected as the active one the ILS isn't captured . And if even slightly outside of the ILS transmission '" Cone".either the lateral or vertical or both will not be captured. It took a while to work out the discrepancy in frequecies Laminar vs Navigraph was messing with the approach. Once sorted , ILS at this airport were almost always straightforward with the AP
  13. fireone

    Plane drops out of sky when I disable Autopilot

    I used to notice this when the AutoPilot used to set extreme levels of trim, usually in pitch . Now before switching autopilot off I cast an eye on the trim indicators on the MFD
  14. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15154-how-to-setup-ch-throttle-quadrant-for-tbm/?tab=comments#comment-133527
  15. fireone

    great airplane except ground handling

    What measures have you tried to modify the response of the rudder axis ?