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    Version 2.0.0


    MINOAN AIRLINES - a fictionnal livrery for the IXEG Classic MINOAN AIRLINES Minoan Lines is a greek ferry boat compagny which was created in Crete, Greece in 1972. With this livrery, we adapted the design of the maritime compagny and apply them to a fictionnal subsidiary in air transportation, namely « Minoan Airlines ». (We have no link with Grimaldi Group nor Minoan Lines. We changed « Minoan Lines » to « Minoan Airlines », a fictionnal title not representative of any real compagny). You can also find the same livrery for the flight factor A320 Ultimate : ff-a320-minoan-airlines-palace-of-kato-zakros-fictionnal/
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    There is a NWS binding, just not the X-Plane default one. Works flawlessly for me. LES/saab/NW_steer_ON_OFF
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    A new version will come on a day in the future.