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    I have found the code path in X-Plane that gets triggered when you end up on the E46 "02 Ranch" airport in Texas. Now that we know what is happening, we need to find out why it is happening. In order to do that, I need some help from people who regularly experience this teleportation problem. I need them to run a special version of X-Plane that has finer grained checks and puts out better more diagnostics in the log. Which also means, it is going to run at much lower fps. So it is not practical to run X-Plane like that all the time, if you are not regularly getting teleported. Some people seem to have gotten that teleportation problem very often, and devised ways to get it less often? Someone even posted he always gets the teleportation at the same place? That would be really helpful!! Anyway, I need people who get the teleportation often, or know what they need to do on their system to increase the likelyhood of the teleportation occurring for them. If you have the teleportation issue, please send me a PM, stating which operating system you are on, and whether you have the Steam- or on-Steam version of X-Plane. Philipp
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    Always a good idea to include a URL with your counter arguments. "Reality for XP" leads nowhere in Google. If you mean the Reality-XP series of GPS units.. Laminars basic stance is that: - Mods and instruments -inside- the cockpit will continue to work as they already do. - Global drawing plugins like SkyMAXX and MaXX FX are hosed. Nerfing the global plugins gets them a big gain in rendering performance(FPS) and a small number of products broken for "a while". Nerfing the custom avionics and instruments for cockpit internals would break most, if not all, the custom third party aircraft that users have come to use and love, which would leave the sim pretty much dead in the water and piss off nearly every user they have. It's annoying but it also lines up with the customer base growth of VR users. It's still a growing minority group and we have a fairly long, slow timeline ahead to resolve this. Changes are coming to the sim that will allow higher-performance drawing on the global sim stage, we just have to wait for Laminar to add them and document them.