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  1. It seems that 1.3.1 improved things on this matter. At least on my end. Will test further, but it's definitely smoother now.
  2. Exactly the same on my first flight with 1.3.1 I've tried to load the plane again to deboard the passengers and it CTD again.
  3. He is not the only one, I have the same issue (~10s fps sutters), but didn't have the time to test the suggestions yet. I can't say it's not texture paging, I trust Cameron of course, but this is the only aircraft on my fleet that stutters like described. I'm planning to record some videos to better illustrate what I'm seeing once I have time.
  4. This is all I have on my plugins folder, any clues? I might say that on the plugin admin window I can't see anything suspect acting up.
  5. Understood Cameron, thanks. Well I have to live with this for a while then. A new GPU is very far on the horizon.
  6. Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I'm happy I'm not alone on this one. Below you can see more or less the fps dynamics on a 1 minute interval. My fps are good, but it stutters like described by the OP. I have a 1080Ti on a i9 9900K running stable at 5.0Ghz for 2 years now (as a test I've tried lowering to 4.8 with the same result).
  7. This is really odd, I've being using VFLC for the climb without issues. What is the prefered method IRL?
  8. Landing weight are different between the two.
  9. Hi, please disregard. I'm using this website to convert: http://mye6b.com/Fuel/
  10. Looking great! I'm all in for this one! I'm tired of all these G1000s.
  11. I honestly don't mind some compromises here and there for the sake of usability. I don't see this as an "easy-mode" but simply a matter of covering the absensce of tactile feedback on the sim world, IF it's the case.
  12. Great update! Ground handling solved! So many improvements with this one! Thank you guys!
  13. On my computer, I'm pretty confident this behavior is due to the new "ground handling" from the 1.1.6 update. As another user have reported, rudder authority on ground seems to be way off at landing and takeoff speeds (70 to 90kts). At the start of takeoff roll all is fine, as the speed increases the rudder becomes too sensitive. It seems we have full steering and rudder at the slightest touch on the rudder, making the airplane almost uncontrolable. I've tested without any plugins, apart from gizmo, reseted all my hardware assignments, etc...
  14. Yeah, I've noticed this as well.
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