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  1. Metal is not supported - that's been stated very clearly by the author and publisher. See the official product page and search for "metal": https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/skymaxx-pro-p-198
  2. There is no refund for downloads like SMP. https://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/refund_policy.php
  3. I don't have v5 (yet) but using my Oculus CV1 and SMP v4 I cannot reproduce any of the issues with ground fog you are describing. But maybe you are using the word "fog" wrongly. FYI: "fog" is what X-Plane only applies BELOW the bottom cloud layer and is controlled by X-Plane's "visibility" setting i.e. without at last one cloud layer there will be no fog at all. Additionally, X-Plane uses a "haze" model which is still somewhat influenced by the "visibility" value but has no significant impact on ground visibility under ~10km (e.g. if you set visibility to the absolute minimum possible and
  4. IMO this is a long known X-Plane limitation / bug. Here's a video showing what happens using vanilla X-Plane 11.51 and weather manually set to RVR 1200m and overcast cumulus bottoms at 2000ft MSL while transitioning from the ground at 1200ft MSL into the cloud layer (looking straight down in this case): ec135 - 2021-01-24 21.51.01_Trim.mp4 Here's the same movement using a different perspective (looking slightly downward): ec135 - 2021-01-24 22.12.19_Trim.mp4 You can see how visibility temporarily "snaps" from foggy to a complete whiteout followed by a sudden change to
  5. Do you really think those properties can't be faked by an attacker?
  6. @Cameron I'm not saying the email was a (malicious) phishing attempt - only that it has many aspects classifying it as such and which could have been avoided. Also, maybe you can answer these questions: Why not distributing a direct dowload link pointing to x-aviation.com without having to go through an unrelated domain? Why does an X-Plane plugin updater/installer have to run with admin privileges? Why can't the .exe be packaged in a trusted fashion i.e. using an executable that is signed with a trusted certificate or at least shipped alongside with a published MD5 hash
  7. So like probably many users I received that email a few days ago claiming to be from "orders@x-aviation.com" via some mailing list asking me to update my Gizmo Beta version because it's about to expire.... If you're like me and sensitive to phishing attempts in your inbox then that email has all ingredients that would usually make me toss it into the spam folder right away: According to the SMTP headers the email was sent by a mail host mail93.atl51.rsgsv.net The "List-Unsubscribe" header contained an URL pointing to a domain ending in us1.list-manage.com and a mailto: hyperli
  8. Too bad, but okay. What about the file Silverlining.override? It seems as if it can be used to override any defaults in Silverlining.config, can you confirm? If so, this might make it a little easier for me to re-apply my tweaks in the future....
  9. I always found the stars in the night sky to be way too bright in VR. So my solution was to tweak .\Resources\plugins\SilverLining\resources\Silverlining.config as follows: starlight-scale = 0.0 minimum-star-magnitude = 10000 star-maximum-light-pollution = 0.001 minimum-star-glare-magnitude = 0.0 star-point-size = 0.0 star-magnitude-adjustment = 1000 This however gets reverted with every update and so I have to go back each time and re-apply my changes - which kinda sucks. Is there a way to make these tweaks permanent so they survive future updates?
  10. I'm getting regular stutters at 3-second intervals using SMP 4.9.3 and XP 11.50b10 under Vulkan. They disappear after I disable SMP via plugin admin. Using the microprofiler and comparing frames I could determine they are caused by ~7ms spikes in the "XPDDoDrawingHook" timer in the main thread. System: Win10, i5 8600K, 32GB, GTX 1060 6GB
  11. Love the new VR support introduced with 4.7 - good job! My only gripe are the noticeable cloud billboard "rotation" artifacts when turning my head. They are most noticeable when looking at cloud puffs directly above or below the current viewpoint location. Hopefully that gets fixed.
  12. Just a note regarding the promotional email I received about the 1.1. update. There it says: In fact, this was not true for me (running the SMP 4.7 installer did not touch my RWC installation and it was left at 1.0). I had to manually re-download RWC in order to get 1.1.
  13. I just wanted to chime to try to give VR support some more weight. I took the VR plunge as soon as XP11.20vr1 was out and there is really no way of going back to non-VR for me. Realizing that SMP4 was not VR-compatible was disappointing although not totally surprising. However, reading the comments in this thread had me worried a bit regarding the official stance towards VR. I realize it's very early on and it might be a "niche" now but IMO it is foreseeable that the general adoption in the flightsim sector will continue to grow substantially - once you've experienced it it is hard t
  14. No biggie but it seems the reflections of the sun on water surface are misaligned... SMP 4.5 XP10.51r2 Hosek-Wilkie sky model Enable cloud reflections on water: Off
  15. I have exactly the same issue and I was able to track this down to Rendering settings -> Shadow detail -> global (low). If I set it to 3d on aircraft my FPS are back to normal. SMP 2.0 does not suffer from this problem (just tested it using same setting and plugins). In this state SMP 3.0 is almost useless for me. My system specs: EDIT: Funny enough, after setting the shadows to global (medium) my FPS increased almost back to normal! Even funnier: After I set it back to global (low) my FPS were back where they used to be... This makes no sense whatsoever - but it fixed the pro
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