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  1. I have the 2.6 GHZ one (but not retina) Its amazing for x-plane. The only problem I have with it is it tends to get a little hot when running x plane. (Macs Fan Control says the Processor gets to around 201 Degrees Fahrenheit) And the casing gets very warm. I recently cleaned out all the vents which seems to help.
  2. Personally I love my macbook pro and use it for x-plane. My only complaint is that it can get a little hot while x plane is running.
  3. But doesn't x-plane simulate icing?
  4. Hey guys I know it is almost summer but I got a question about deicing in X-Plane. Has any one developed a plugin that simulates a deicing truck that actually deices? Jared
  5. I have this already. I need something that makes overcast clouds more realistic because they are transparent.
  6. Is it for mac? I know that the pay ware plugin is PC only. If you could send me a link to it that would be awesome!!!
  7. It is thomas ruth's A330. XPPaintShop. They are no longer supporting it.
  8. Hey Mike, Its more about the 787 then your plane. Didn't Boeing cancel the 787-3 due to insufficient orders for the aircraft? Atleast this is what was reported in Aviation Week years ago. Just curious Jared
  9. Some beautiful shots on the ground at KFLL. Getting ready to fly to Kennedy! Scenery: KFLL FSDreamTeam Plane: x737
  10. 1. Real looking f***ing clouds that act realistic!!!
  11. Is there any sort of a plugin? I flew a flight in V8 just to see if it happens there and it doesn't. The clouds are like 1000X better in V8 then V9, and I remember them being better back when I first installed it.
  12. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the volumetric overcast clouds in X Plane 9 and if anyone has any ideas how to make them more realistic. They are like transparent until you go through them and then they are like thick and dense. It doesn't make any sense.
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