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  1. With my new computer coming in the mail, thought I'd post a last picture on the old one. Here's to some better looking shots coming soon!
  2. Actually, one other thing I'd want to know is if the 2.6Ghz processor is worth $200 over the 2.3Ghz one. How much difference does the .3Ghz really make?
  3. Well I guess what I want to know is how well do things like the Saab 340 or CRJ work in conjunction with a detailed scenery package? And at what kind of graphics settings? I don't mind noise, I generally play with headphones anyway. As long as the laptop isn't getting dangerously hot I have no problem with that. Essentially, I want to know how great the penalty is in power compared to say a $1,500 gaming computer to really decide if the gain in portability is worth it. Anyway thanks for the quick reply cameron, I really appreciate it.
  4. Not sure if you guys are going to know much about this or not, But I'm curious as to how well the Retina Macbook Pro can actually play X-Plane. My current laptop is getting on in age, and I have a older iMac that plays X-Plane decently, but can't really handle the newer planes like the Saab 340 in a way that I think makes it worth getting them. As such, I need a new laptop anyway, so I'm considering the Retina Macbook pro 15". Figuring that I could essentially use the higher-end model as both a gaming computer and a laptop in one, how well would it play X-Plane? Specs are as follows: 2.6 Ghz Intel i7 Quad-Core with Turbo-Boost to 3.8Ghz 16GB DDR3 Ram Intel Iris Pro graphics Nvidia GT750M with 2GB Vram Figuring that I could spend $1,500 on a 13" Macbook Pro and similar money for a decent gaming computer, I thought I would at least consider this with how nice it would be to just be able to bring it everywhere.
  5. Just posted this to the downloads section, just waiting on Cameron's Approval
  6. I always like to keep my sim desk free of clutter:
  7. I actually lived in Luoyang, China for a short time, and while it had it's problems I'd seriously doubt that it was any worse than Detroit or Baltimore. The nice areas of the city were absolutely gorgeous, even if half the time there was so much smog you couldn't see 100 feet in front of you. I certainly wouldn't complain if I had to live there
  8. Americans visit NK all the time, and as far as I know nothing has happened to any of them in recent history. Not saying It's high on my list of places to visit, but it's also not quite the completely isolationist country many westerners seem to think it is. It is all propaganda, though.
  9. Actually you can go visit North Korea right now if you want, there's nothing stopping americans from going to visit as far as I know. You just need to go with a tour group that offers tours of North Korea.
  10. For sure, once I clean it up and stuff Also a close up of some of the detail being put in.
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