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  1. Great work guys and thanks for your listening to and supporting your customers! I run nVidia, so I wasn't bothered by this one, but it's good to see your attention to your fans! John
  2. I used the beta version and everything seems fine. Windows 10 pro with all updates applied. John
  3. Thanks guys! You have outdone yourselves! John
  4. OT2

    X-Plane Vulkan Beta 11.50 Released

    Cameron, Thanks to you and your team for the Vulkan update/s to SkyMaxx Pro. You guys have always been positively responsive to my requests/observations and I just want to thank you for your timely updates to SkyMaxx Pro. The latest download is, I think, perfect. Thanks again, John
  5. My manuals folder includes manuals titled X-Plane 10 although the download page says X-Plene 11 only. Any differences? John
  6. Thanks Steve... My solution was much more involved... I'll give it a shot! John EDIT: It worked! Thanks.
  7. Thanks StevePHL and tkyler. I have found that it is, in fact a failure to take the props off the locks. I have studied and seem to have gotten them off as I am now flying (autopilot!). That is not a straight forward procedure... at least in my understanding the manual. I had to study lots of online stuff before doing what seems to be right. Anyway, thanks for your help and I will work more with it and try to understand what I have done. John
  8. I hope this will fix my throttle issues. I have not been able to get it off the runway after many years of flying your previous versions. Thanks, John
  9. Use X-Camera with TrackIR. Works great and you can sit anywhere you like... John
  10. Tyler, Of course.... now it will not reproduce - all is good. I did use XP11.11 this time. In case you want to play with it, the route is from KORF runway 05 - course setting 49 to KIAD runway 01C - NAV 111.30 course setting 11. Short route which I fly often (at FL160) with a flight time of about 35 minutes. The route is: KORF (No SID or TRANS) LUFSY PLUMO DENBY COATT OGATE FALCO BRV BARIN LUSIE PEPRR CARRY SKINS RW01C (INTC) FDC The arrival at KIAD uses SID - COATT4 and no trans with LUSIE and PEPRR added to provide a long glide slope. Sorry in a way that it will n
  11. Lately, I have seen these extra lines on the PFD display. It doesn't affect the flight, but I have not been able to figure out where they are coming from. Any ideas? This is 11.20VR3, but it is the same in 11.11. The next flight may or may not show this. No log.txt errors shown. John
  12. I experience this on Windows 10 Pro, so it seems not to be limited to MAC. John
  13. I'm flying now on Windows 10 Pro with no problems. Could this be calling for the marker.1 removal? John
  14. This last Windows 10 update has been a real mess. It removed my key for X-Plane, which must have been on the C drive somewhere. It also screwed with Gizmo and that only required the removal of the "marker.1" line. It also reorganized my USB ports which required some re-assigning of controllers. It always removes things such as MS Office 2007, which seems counter-intuitive as it is a Microsoft program. I probably haven't found all the problems yet. John
  15. As a flightsimmer for many (some say too many - ProLogic days) years, I would only say that if it were possible to go to your computer and order an aircraft (any aircraft - not just IXEG) and it would suddenly download at your local airport (the real aircraft), the criticism would start to materialize within an hour of the time the purchaser entered the aircraft. I think the work of this team and many others goes above and beyond. Yes, there are some who have produced and sold junk - we have all bought some of that - but, most of the vendors have given us value and that certainly applies to
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