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  1. Almost all my landings are hard. Even greasing it is hard to achieve. There's definitely something wrong with the FM during flare. All the heavies in XP 11.10 seems to be affected by this "suck down" during flare, so I don't know who's the fault it is, but it's very unrealistic.
  2. Hi Jan, I'm not using VR....I'm using TrackIR .
  3. Hi, As the title says: I Can't get First Officer view in VC? I'm using TrackIR. I have assigned a button in IXEG settings for First Officer view. When I press it, my view just jumps a little & I'm still in Captains seat? What am I doing wrong? /Thank you
  4. Can't find anything about cargo-fire in failures. Is this still not modeled?
  5. Hi, I recently bought the product & whatever I do I can't set a solid overcast for IFR training? If I set a solid cumulus or stratus overcast at 300' AGL & 3000' thickness with 2km visibility. And I'm shooting an ILS, I expect to fly in clouds without any visibility all the way to 300' AGL & then the rwy pops up. Instead I see the rwy lights from 2500' AGL, through the clouds? & the visibility only gets right when close to the ground. I've experimented with many different settings & read the manual, but I just can't get it right...? So what settings do I need to brake out from clouds at a given altitude like IRL? /Thanx
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