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  1. Did you try to play a bit with the flight model settings, e.g. higher number?
  2. 22 years of Flight Simulation and I never experienced this! You are the most devolved, customer oriented and the most talented developers that I met till now. Thank you to bring us such an amazing product! Take some vacation now.
  3. Thanks Goran, I din't think about that because from straight flight I start descend by -1600 ft/min but now I remember that the weather suddenly changed and the acft did a violent movement when the XP loaded the new area's weather. The reason why the weather changed like this is because I switched OFF xEnviro and switch to NOAA weater to see differences in performance. Maybe this was the reason that the engine cut out. Nice find Goran.
  4. Yes there should be, you should choose "alternative units" or something like that in the PFD.
  5. It happened to me only once after 40min of flight during descend. No CAS message TRQ respected no yellow warnings no smoke no fire it just cut off. Fuel selector was working correctly and there was enough fuel. It never happened again so I thing that there was a pilot error but I don't know if it's possible to get engine cut off in air without any CAS message. If the issue come back, I'll immediately will copy the log file.
  6. What can I say??!!!!!Thank you! 30-35fps in Broken with xEnviro... and higher textures + HDR + Switzerland Orthophoto!!!!!! You are amazing! Fantastic improvement!
  7. @Goran_M, just installed the 1.04: Get additional 5 fps thank you for that! Watching some big fluctuation on the FPS then drop very fast from 25 to 16-18 in a straight flight, without loading weather and every 5-6 sec. It seems like some background process is eating fps. The conditions of testing were the same as the previous versions and no other processes were running. Waiting for the next update. Thank you for your hard work!
  8. Some plane's have only HDR lights others are OK even with HDR off. It dépends on every product.
  9. Is the HDR in your XP settings is ON if not the lights will not work as they should.
  10. On the Yoke, look at the button on the left side.
  11. @skiselkov @Goran_M Agrrr I didn't see this before otherwise I would take a day off :). I'll try the update tonight but in all cases THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your great support! 4 updates in 4 days and you guys are working on many fields in the same time and listening to all customers feedback and the most important answering to everybody and not leaving us in the dark. I'll drop few lines for the benchmark once install the latest version. I-7 2700k @ 3.5 - 4.2 Ghz ovrckd, GTX1070
  12. Hi @Goran_M For me they are turn off...
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