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  1. Yes i do, please find the shared code : 33895PGS7 Not sure it is perfect, i think i started from a TBM900 and cross checked some data with the TBM930 Pilot handbook. Best, Christopher
  2. Hi, I am getting a "LOW LVL FAIL L" CAS message which indicates from the POH emergency official manual "Indicates a failure of fuel low level sensor" However i did not find any replacement part to replace the faulty part. Any help appreciated Chris
  3. And this version is Linux compatible, thank you ! (hope the G1000 version will be linux compatible too in the future) Best, Chris
  4. I tried to flight an NDB approach to LFLU with Navigraph for XPlane 11.50 and TBM900 and it seems that i had a misalignment with the runway, can it be the same bug than for the ILS ? Best, Christopher
  5. To be frank i don't intend to be a geek (deleting folders) with the most expensive aircraft i bought for Xplane. The second option is OK waiting for a patch because it seems that other stock x-plane aircrafts will continue to work
  6. I just bought the TBM and have almost the same configuraiton, XPlane 11.51 Linux (with Saitek/Logitech Pro Flight Multi Panel) , Navigraph latest cycle (11.50+) If i activate the ILS APP in the G1000, it follows the GPS approach (in APR AP mode), the CDI switch auto from GPS to LOC/GS and I can see the LOC + GS but the AP does not switch to the ILS after capturing it. Even manually i can't make it follow the ILS. Other problem the ILS is not aligned with the runway (LFGJ) No problem with plain 172 G1000 or EPIC 1000 G1000 Should i enter a separate issue unless i am doing something wrong ? i am disapointed because bought the TBM at that price to do realistic IFR training (not just LPV APP) Best and happy new year to all
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