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  1. Just a quick guess on my part, but it looks like you have flaps 7 selected. I believe flaps 7 takeoffs are not approved for Saabs....they can either be flaps 0 or 15. That might be triggering your CONFIG alarm. EDIT: Sorry, please disregard. I tried a quick test on my end and flaps 7 did not trigger the config alarm. Must be something else that I'm missing. Hopefully someone else will be able to assist you.
  2. After flying the IL-76, the Saab must be like child's play! I love Russian planes and the Felis Tu-154 is one of my favorites...but they definitely require a huge change of thinking to those of us used to Western planes....in the sim as well as real-life. Thank you to the LES team for the 1.6.1 update. I purchased the Saab last year shortly after moving to XP11 from P3Dv4...but was never able to fly it due to to the engine surging issue present in 1.5. The update has finally eliminated those problems. Apart from the ILS GS issue that's being worked on, I have zero complaints. This is
  3. I just tested it briefly on my setup, and it appears to work beautifully in both IAS and VS modes. Many thanks for sharing this! It really does ease the workload nicely.
  4. I just bought the PT-19 last week. Fantastic plane! It's not normally the type of machine that I gravitate towards, but it appeared so well crafted that I couldn't resist. I'll echo some of the suggestions here, as well as perhaps the option for a small avionics/GPS stack. I appreciate the simplicity of the original panel, but occasionally it's also nice to simulate modern-day ops as well. Either way, keep up the great work! Looking forward to whatever you create next....
  5. I'm sure more than a few people were inclined to help you until they read this irrelevant line, among others. Being personally frustrated with one's software purchase due to technical issues is understandable. We've all been there. Yet judging from your diatribe, your behavior is the very embodiment of those you proclaim to abhor. Perhaps a little self-reflection is in order? Best of luck to you.
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