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  1. I checked the default X-plane sound options , but it's not change this specific volumes as I found.
  2. Thank You very much for Your answers ! But please at least mute a little bit this rolling sounds if possible, if the other users agree with this naturally. I think in this open cabin plane we can't hear so loud the sound of the wheels, especially in paved or grass surface because of the noisy engine and the strong prop-wind noise. Please correct me if it's not true, because I have never flown an open plane in real life. May be a built-in new volume option ? I don't know how difficult this development would be ? Or Your new helmet sound option will solve it. Kálmán
  3. Hi Devs ! Some comments, questions or wishes for the future of this project. Why can't I check the oil level when the engine's starboard-side cover is removed and I click on the oil-cap ? Nothing happen then. The sound of wheel-rolling (crackling, bouncing effect) is very disturbingly loud to me, and this effect is such as the wheels are rolling on stones even if they were rolling on grass or asphalt. It's like on the original plane ? It would be better to have a quieter, more neutral effect, I think. It would be nice to see some smoke or flame from the exhaust if possible, if we have
  4. Problem solved me too with first update, without Avitab. Thank You for the fast patch !
  5. Hi ' This problem also exists with me.
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