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  1. This is for both the fmcs. I've updated airac of course in fact the fix is recognized in the fix page!
  2. I found some new bugs when I try to input some entry into the fmc such us v2 in this case or some existing waypoints (seems we can't insert more than one certain number of fix in the leg page) and isa dev (I was not able to input isa dev in the perf page for departure)... I installed the latest stable gizmo if it can matter. I note this appens for left fmc... I
  3. I would notice this bug on rudder pedal. If I turn right, the right pedal should be pressed, not the left one It seems to be inverted.
  4. Dear Jan, If I read in the description "The best airliner for X-Plane! Extremely detailed 3D cockpit, 3D sound engine, accurately programmed systems and displays" I expect that the above mentioned things are working perfectly, especially in a pay software! I suppose you know that, for example, without a correct fuel prediction we can't plan an accurate approach. This is a basic feature at this level such as the holding page. Another issue, for me, is the VNAV! It is unthinkable that, having reached the TOD, the plane will drop to -4000/3000 fpm for the whole descent (it is assumed that I know how to program the fmc ) In my opionion, the fmc still does not compute the correct profile. So, I think the two urgent fixes are: VNAV behaviur and drag fuel prediction in progress and cruise page; Then, the other things, are details wich can pass! Thank you for your precious attention and have good work!
  5. The most important issues in this model have not been resolved: Progr page: no correct fuel prediction (the same old problem) CRZ page no fuel prediction Plan mode on nd should show the route even though the irs is not yet aligned (but this is not very important) Fix page: if you copy and paste the arrival rwy it doesn't work! Please...
  6. I had the same problem with my windows 10. Gtx1080ti and AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (no computational problem!). I just found that this was caused by windows antivirus...
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