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  1. I just installed the BN2 Turbo and have had 2 crashes. I haven't had a X-Plane crash in a long time.
  2. Yeah man, Nimbus is supposed to be dropping today. I can't wait! I uninstalled TorqueSim BN2, I just couldn't deal with the lack of realism. Maybe Simcoders can fix it.
  3. Not bitter and I don't mean to bring negativity into the forum, I'm just stating the truth. I have asked about an update before and the responses haven't been very informative other than maybe next week. If you look at it from my perspective the dynamic changes and not acceptable.
  4. Noted, thanks for clearing that up. The sounds are awful. No touchdown sounds when the main gear touches the pavement, only when the nose gear touches down. Engine sound is muffled both inside and external. Trim wheel sound loud. I fixed the lights and now they actually illuminate.
  5. If your reply is meant to imply that I can't fly because of lacking skills my 7 type ratings beg to differ. I can list them so please don't bother.
  6. Coincidence then, still makes me wonder, I wasn't born yesterday and market share is market share. Look regardless, the money cleared out of my bank account and I have a product that is unfinished. How would it feel if my payment only cleared $29.96 instead of the $39.95. I bet you're want the $10 that was missing. All I want is a finished product. Have a nice day.
  7. I wonder if this was a rushed release do to Nimbus announcing their BN2. Capture the market before a competitor. I for one have parked it and won't fly it until it's complete.
  8. I'm liking this airplane however I'm wondering about the sound update. Thanks
  9. Attitude, THANKS for your efforts! I really appreciate it.
  10. I'm not getting any tire sound
  11. Hello, No thump when the tire hits the pavement and no rattle either. Thanks
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