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  1. Since COOP replied with the comment "The engine model is purely X-Plane" is there a file that can be deleted and rebuilt such as preferences? I have reloaded the whole x-plane program at least twice. But are some files not replaced during this install? Any suggestions. Thanks
  2. I deleted the Islander Prefs file and nothing changed. A new file was created when I ran the plane. The carb heat on the port engine does not seem to adjust much at all. I tried leaning the engines during flight but the engine manifold pressure is still around 15" both engines when flying. Nothing seems to change this. All other aircraft seem to fly correctly. Cessna 172 and islander turboprop respond as expected. I don't remember what the carb temps were when things flew correctly. That was many months ago. I generally did not need to tweak things for it to fly well. Thanks for the suggestions. I have no idea what happened. I did switch to a new computer running WIN 10 months ago and downloaded the aircraft again.
  3. COOP The carb heat on the left engine does not adjust. The right engine carb heat adjust from 0.5 to 4. These adjustments seem to not make any difference in manifold pressure. Look at the engine speeds and the manifold pressure. Both engines read "0" and in flight they read about 15". A few months ago they were normal. 15" idle and about 28" flying. The plane had normal power at that time. I downloaded this software several times and nothing seems to make a difference. I am attaching a picture of the instruments with plane idling.
  4. I have been waiting for a new release to fix this problem. Has anyone been having this condition. The engines have very low power. The plane can take off but only manages 80 to 100 knts. The manifold pressure is reading zero at idle. At full throttle the pressure is about 15" to 20". I have the Turbo version and it works just fine. The early installs (about 6 months ago) for this BN-2B program performed exactly as one would expect. About 15" at idle and 28" at full power. I have downloaded and extracted the files a few times and I see the same problem. Help Roger
  5. I am having similar problems: I replaced my computer. New install for everything. The Islander BN-2T seems ok. The BN-2B has no vacuum at engine idle, 15" at full throttle. both engines are same. At idle the carb heat left engine is full scale "4" and the right engine card heat is a "1". The plane has very little power and flys at best at about 100 knts. I have tried re-installing a couple of times and then downloaded again the compressed file and started again. Nothing changes. I have flown this plane for hours and I know what is normal and this is not. In real life I would expect both engines need a rebuild. While building the new computer I was offline for a month or more. Was there some sort of software upgrade. For a year or more the plane flew without a single problem. I fly a Cessna Skyhawk and I fly the islander turbo and see no problems with the engines or instruments. Help!
  6. Here is the log file you requested. Just curious: is there a way to uninstall the islander turbo software before re-installing or does that make any difference. Log.txt
  7. Plane was working properly for a number of flights. Changed liveries and then lost control of the flaps, parking brake and avionics misc. Restarted X-plane and a new flight. X-plane crashed a few times. Reinstalled islander turbo. Rebooted computer and x-plane crashes and must be forced to shut down every time. If I run my islander BN2 piston plane everything runs ok. Anyone run into this yet. Originally installed the turbo aircraft with GIZMO beta and I could never login for my first flight. It kept saying "it did not recognize the host name". Reinstalled with GIZMO stable and the login went smooth.
  8. Installed Islander 1.1.2 & G5 option. Reinstalled islander a few times before any air speed display was working. All looks ok now except the "FLIGHT REPLAY TOGGLE". It appears to open ok with the playback bar displayed but when I hit play I get no video or audio. The playback counter is running. I rely on this for landing analysis. Anybody else see this problem.Thanks maxflaps
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