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Carb Heat issue.

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Loving this wonderful plane so far.  I did notice one thing that I was wondering about. 

The Carb Heat gauges in the bottom center, front console just above the throttle quadrant have me scratching my head as to if they are supposed to act like this. 

Engine shut down ... left CH indicator is pegged while the right one is just at peak of green?  Not sure if they are supposed to be even indicating with power off?

Engine started.. idle..  left carb is still pegged while the right one acts normally. 

I add a bit of throttle .. the left carb heat *skips* (jumps) from pegged to right around the peak of the green arc and then starts to act normally like its right handed brother.. 

Strange if this is how it is supposed to respond. 

Thanks for the great aircraft by the way.. love the engine sounds the immersion is through the roof :)

Been flying it around the Canary Islands as of late.  

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Hi, I don't know if this fits in here, but I have found some problems since the latest update. The plane seems to have lost some of its power. Maybe it was overpowered before, but I now have trouble getting the speed up to more than 100knots. Also, to take off, you need to power up so high that the throttle is well into the red zone. Maybe I am doing nothing wrong, but I am sure I didn't have to do this previously. Any help much appreciated.

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I am having similar problems: 

I replaced my computer. New install for everything. The Islander BN-2T seems ok. The BN-2B has no vacuum at engine idle, 15" at full throttle. both engines are same. At idle the carb heat left engine is full scale "4" and the right engine card heat is a "1". The plane has very little power and flys at best at about 100 knts. I have tried re-installing a couple of times and then downloaded again the compressed file and started again. Nothing changes. I have flown this plane for hours and I know what is normal and this is not. In real life I would expect both engines need a rebuild.  While building the new computer I was offline for a month or more. Was there some sort of software upgrade.  For a year or more the plane flew without a single problem.  I fly a Cessna Skyhawk and I fly the islander turbo and see no problems with the  engines or instruments.  Help!
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