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  1. Thanks for the replies.. and the good news. This plane is great and I wish the 'little things' like the carb heat gauge did not bother me like it does... it is good to know it's noticed. Thanks for the great bird, really enjoy flying it.
  2. Loving this wonderful plane so far. I did notice one thing that I was wondering about. The Carb Heat gauges in the bottom center, front console just above the throttle quadrant have me scratching my head as to if they are supposed to act like this. Engine shut down ... left CH indicator is pegged while the right one is just at peak of green? Not sure if they are supposed to be even indicating with power off? Engine started.. idle.. left carb is still pegged while the right one acts normally. I add a bit of throttle .. the left carb heat *skips* (jumps) from pegged to
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