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  1. Just landed into a 28kt headwind at Gatwick! Forgot to take the YD off! Had to run her across the grass to cool the brakes down... Cant wait to check for wear on my next run!
  2. @Goran_M This is your mother, any word on that update Son? Getting really bored flying in perfect VFR weather
  3. Hi thanks for the response. I will have a look. Haven't had time to delve into the manual fully yet so was not aware. Though, some sort of response in-sim would be great. I take the Hotstart TBM900 as an example in that you can see in-sim the level of component wear. Even a message to say i.e. "Maintenance records updated, see logbook for details" or similar would be advantageous.
  4. Hello! The maintenance panel (i.e. check oil, tyres etc), is it supposed to do nothing when you click on the buttons? (Running latest build with Vulcan) Is it not developed yet? Really struggling to part with cash for the SR20 if these things are still not developed for the first aircraft... Help!
  5. All sorted folks! Thanks for your help mate, most likely was the bleed switch being in the up position. Lesson learned...Always use a checklist!
  6. Ahh, fair play. I will start doing that. This may be a freak xplane issue as it happens as my PT19 wont start either now. Will run a repair and try again later
  7. Inertial seperator off?? I have always started her up with this on. I will try the bleed though didnt notice that!
  8. Hi, I have around 23 hours in the TBM and have never experienced this on start. Engaging starter sees absolutely no motoring. I can't figure it out at all. Any help is appreciated. Everything repaired/replaced in the maintenance manager though nothing was below "good" condition anyway. Thanks
  9. Yes when on the PFD menu. Xplane failed to generate a crash log unfortunately.
  10. As per title, CTD occurs when disabling Symvis. 1st time in the aircraft too... :-/
  11. Can confirm i have been flying the TBM900 throughout the beta and am now on b15 and working flawlessly really
  12. Hi mate, The discord link has expired again. I need to figure out how to set up email notificationsf for this forum!!
  13. And if you could stick a discord invite in a PM to me that'd be great i flipping missed the last one you sent me ma while back
  14. Hello, I will start by saying that in 11.50b13 my TBM900 is performing extremely well. Coupled with this I just added XPrealistic V2 to the mix and I am startled with the immersion! (I fly the msfs alpha so you'd think I would be done being startled...) Anyhoo, recently it seems, possibly since a recent update, I am struggling to get the throttle lever back across to High to shut down. I seem to go from the thing not moving at all, several clicks later and a wiggle of the throttle and the thing flips straight down to Low. Its just the transition from left to right which
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