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  1. My log is filled with a few hundred lines of the following; "0:00:34.956 D/ACF: Unknown livery "Carbon Volt" for aircraft Aircraft/X-Aviation/SR22 Series/TorqueSim SR22TN/SR22TN.acf (reverting to default preview)" Any way to fix this? Have installed all current versions. thanks
  2. Silly question but have you signed in to the authorizer/activation system when you first loaded the aircraft? i.e. confirmed your license for the aircraft
  3. Please see attached images showing conflicting temp units (C/F) on map/engine pages. Is this an irl feature or a "bug"?
  4. Thanks for the really fast roll out of minor bug fixes guys. Top notch
  5. So to clarify...on a clean install with no plugins does the TBM crash XPlane?
  6. Original post/poster
  7. I had a crash yesterday with the TBM900 cold on the ramp but it is the first I have experienced and so i assumed it was since the latest xplane beta release maybe borking something?
  8. No...no wait it's not. It is because the AP references the stby altimeter and I can't set it properly. So just the original issue still
  9. Deviation amount varies as it happens...
  10. Not a problem, ALT mode seems to be targetting 500ft below desired altitude with correct settings dialed in also. Only experienced in this model not the other AP model
  11. Altimeter is missing something important on the DFC90 model
  12. now on sale. ordered with discount. Very much appreciated guys thanks!
  13. Yes, but, it was a VERY limited time frame which unfortunately found me unprepared. I do hope you will run further sales offering more loyalty bonus as I do enjoy giving my money to X-aviation Not sure my wife feels the same...
  14. At some point I would like to own the SR20 along with my SR22 but I was a little disheartened when at release I was offered a time limited discount as a customer of the SR22. I get the whole time limited hard sell strategy but, honestly, I am shying away from ever buying the extra aircraft now knowing that my discount has been taken away... Is there a chance you might review your policy on this point and extend the discount to product owners (indefinitely would be best really)? Thank you
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