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  1. ****PROBLEM SOLVED**** Hey, guys. Just wanted to give you a heads up with the Open GL CTD issue I had with XP11. It seemed as if the releases come out, the patches affect IXEG's rendering codes, which caused it to not react while loading up on the sim. So, rather than completely uninstall the ENTIRE sim, I simply uninstalled my IXEG from the XP11 release (current is now 11.53r1), and reinstalled the package. Just this simple act allowed the sim to read the plane rather than the plane trying to read the XP11 patch via Open GL coding. It would seem that I would need to pull the aircr
  2. Seems as if new versions of the sim cause a LOT of problems with this bird. I had updated to 11.52, and now, I can't even fly my favorite aircraft (Zibo's a frame hog and slows my MacBook down to the pace of a snail on salt going uphill). Attached is the log.txt, and even XP's staff is no help these days (got an auto-response saying "Look Here In These Support Forums."). So, I figured I'd give it a shot here to see if anyone can make sense of this. Log.txt
  3. LOL! In all honesty, this bird is just an absolute dream to fly (all the previous issues I had with the FMC are resolved with the recent update), and I just can't get enough of the Classic. Cheers, mate!
  4. Random thought: Wondering if there would be a possibility of PulseLites for the 737 Classic?
  5. Hey, guys... I am curious about something here... Is there any way I can compare the file folders of your aircraft to the one that were installed in mine? I am wondering if the installer missed something somewhere? P.S. Changing the file attachment from NavData to Navdata caused a CTD. Had to undo that change, and it worked just fine. Still getting the delayed fmc initiation through the gui on the Console. (Same fault code as on the attachment I sent a few days ago.)
  6. Okay. Complete reinstall of the plane to the current version (1.32) with the Gizmo Beta (better visibility of the console and definitely a lot smoother rendering), BUT still have the same issue with the FMC's delayed initiation. I will await additional assistance here. (To be quite honest with you, this is an absolute gem of an aircraft, and if the FMC is still inoperable, I would have to resort to the old school way of navigating via VOR to VOR since I would hate to give up on this awesome plane because of one little issue...) Attached is a video showing that I am still unable to enter the lo
  7. I will do a complete reinstall of the plane and try it with the Gizmo Beta since the Gizmo I've been using is the "stable" version. I will let you know if there's a noticeable change from before. Cheers, mate!
  8. And here is the full log.txt: Log.txt
  9. Jan, Here is the Gizmo log.txt, and for some odd reason, it doesn't show up in the full log.txt on XP. *scratches head* GizmoLog.txt
  10. I am wondering if there is something wrong with my IXEG FMC because it is failing to initiate when loading up? MacBook user here.
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