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  1. I think very few people/pilots uses magenta speed (VNAV) the whole flight, in hold i go for cyan speed and also from below FL100 till landing cheers
  2. # How to use: # 1. Copy this file into the aircraft directory of the CL-650 and rename it to XMidiCtrl.toml # 2. Adjust the port_in and port_out variables # 3. Start X-Plane or reload the profile from the plugin menu XMidiCtrl -> Reload Aircraft Profile And again I didn't read all the things I had to read
  3. That's the solution!!!! Many many thanks!
  4. Since I'm experiencing better and smoother flight experience under Linux, I'm trying to set-up my used-to configuration as on my Windows boot, everything works fine except 2 things, ActiveSky XP (no Linux support so no question here) and XMidiCtrl. Last one is correctly installed, since i get this log: 2022-03-26 16:13:55 [ALL] Plugin XMidiCtrl 0.62 loaded successfully 2022-03-26 16:13:55 [INFO] Plugin enabled 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Aircraft Profile '/home/mik/X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/CL650/XMidiCtrl.toml' found 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Sublayer mode is active 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] 1 Device(s) found in aircraft profile 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Created new MIDI device :: Name = 'Behringer X-Touch Mini', Port In = '0', Port Out = '1' 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Device 0 :: 97 inbound mapping(s) found 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Device 0 :: 12 outbound mapping(s) found 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Inbound port '0' opened for device 'Behringer X-Touch Mini' 2022-03-26 16:14:12 [INFO] Outbound port '1' opened for device 'Behringer X-Touch Mini' but I can't make my midi bar to work, it shows only outbound messages, like warning light flashing, but key press is not registered. Do I have to feed-in a proper template? If yes how can i do it since the Behringer software is Windows only? Do i need additional libraries? mik@PC:~$ aconnect -i client 0: 'System' [type=kernel] 0 'Timer ' 1 'Announce ' client 14: 'Midi Through' [type=kernel] 0 'Midi Through Port-0' client 20: 'X-TOUCH MINI' [type=kernel,card=1] 0 'X-TOUCH MINI MIDI 1' client 129: 'RtMidi Output Client' [type=utente,pid=6104] 0 'RtMidi Output ' mik@PC:~$ many thanks
  5. you can create a new aircraft performance simply by flying the plane and record data via little navmap, maybe do a NO WINDS flight, a 400-500NM trip should be good enough to get all that data
  6. ok so no support, thanks indeed
  7. Hi, I'm experiencing low performance running the Challenger in Linux OS, since I have a spare hdd and want to test how Xplane is performing under non-Windows OS i did a fresh Ubuntu 20.04lts installation, followed by a fresh X-Plane 11 install with only FlyWithLua plugin. After setting-up my sim like I did on Windows I was enthusiast about performances, but once loading the most epic addon for Xplane, the CL650, my happiness went back. With my HW I can't get above 20-25 FPS. So I tried to install more aircraft and do more testing since I have no performance reference under ubuntu. Installed the TBM900 with very good results, 60-70FPS, the same with the 737Zibo (FPS looking forward CAVOK weather, no benchmarks run). Before claiming about issue I would like to know if the CL650 is in fact so heavy on my HW, but looking to other addons and how they run smoothly, I think something is wrong with my platform. i7 6700k / 16GB RAM / XFX RX480 8GB of course OpenGL Screenshot and LOGs thanks
  8. hi Philippe, there are a lot of threads on this forum about this issue, long story short they're going to fix this shortly, it's due because of rapid weather change when your weather injection tool loads up just after new flight is loaded (or something like this)
  9. hi, using FIX page, you put PYE than your radial
  10. hahaha, sorry for my useless answer but want just to say that there are thousands of Vspeeds and i think V1 Vr V2 and Vref, and maybe Vref +20, or 10 are all speeds we need to care about. So a difference by 1 (and of a total of 122) between two speed that should be the same i wouldn't give to much account, maybe some kind of computed approximation. in your case Vac should be 129 as written in papers ps: there are sop's that uses Vref -10 for GA speed (VAC) so i'm really confused about all these speeds
  11. yes, i use my twist for rudder and nose wheel steering what hardware do you have?
  12. hi, actually the OAT can be good but your wings can be in icing condition, yesterday happened to me a similar kind of thing. exiting from FBO i noticed that my wings are iced, i set up my plane and took off, (without deicing just for experimental purpose) or better to say i tried, the bird accelerated quite as normal but around V2 no more speed increase and of course no positive climb with column pulled all the way back, overrun runway threshold by a lot. As for the xplane data output only main wing left and right was iced, 0.480 and 0.500, OAT 9°C and no colder than 6°C since shut down airplane 12 hours before. This maybe because i injected weather after loading my flight (ASXP weather plugin as talked about in other thread in this forum) so i think it can be due to icing conditions like you said. So if you're using weather injection tools make sure to load it before starting your flight in xplane.
  13. hi, for convenience tiller is connected to rudder axis in almost all xplane addons, so check your rudder setup in the joystick settings in xplane. And on what hardware are we talking about? Then remember not to taxi to fast or your nose gear will drift
  14. hi, MFD DATA, then MFD MENU, here you select what to show, on flight plane page you will see your next waypoints, in green there is your TOD, NM and predicted time. ps: MFD ADV button to change page, be sure to select left or right mfd
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