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  1. Exactly, that’s the way I use. It works fine.
  2. Mr bakerman , you´re the man ! Thank you so much! It´s really working like a dream, I have several acfts FF 767/57, Rotate, SSG, Zibo, iXeg, etc, and CL 650 was the ONLY one that Thrust Reverse didn´t work with TCA, now it´s a dream. Well, thanks again Bruno and have a great weekend!
  3. Thanks a lot IronCroptop, I´m getting old my friend, how could I not see that... . Thanks again!
  4. Hi N330CT, I didn´t find the option you unchecked → "Walk around FBO". I looked in these two places (see pic below) but couldn't find it. Could you please show where did you found it. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks Patman , I´ll try that.
  6. Excellent, this is exactly why I ask you to consider adding the lbs→kgs option also in Non-persistent mode.
  7. Unfortunately not, It´s interesting because I have several acfts XP-11 (FF, iXeg 733, Rotate, Zibo, SSG EMB,etc) and P3D and I don´t have any problem, but with the CL 650 I'm not getting it and I tried almost whole afternoon. I thank you in advance for any input. Btw, I saw this following thread and it´s happening with several users too. ↓
  8. Disregard, I just saw your post saying that it’s not currently supported and the request has been logged with the developer.
  9. Hi Pils, I tried your above profile but it didn´t work, are you using another now ? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for your answer Pils, but that´s my opinion, they are forcing the consumer to fly ONLY in Career Mode (if he or she wants to fly Kgs) which is absurd, (imagine if you bought the real CL 650 and you could NOT have the option to use in Kgs). I didn´t like the Career Mode, I just want to start my sim on my plane and not have to go through FBO, climb stairs, close door, etc.
  11. Sorry, Graeme_77, so you´re saying that I cannot change in Non-Persistent Mode from Lbs to Kgs ? I´m asking because that´s the problem I have now, I don´t know how to change to Kgs when starting with Non-Persistent Mode. If this is true, they are forcing the consumer to fly only in Career Mode, which is absurd.
  12. What?! Sorry but I disagree, I think there should be an option to to hide the yoke.
  13. It's unbelievable that after three years they still didn't fix this problem, I have to disable XPUIPC every time I fly with iXeg (only iXeg has this problem)...
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