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  1. Can I get an invite too, please? Thanks in advance.
  2. I've used a prepaid card once, and one detail that is important is to use the issuer's name and address and not your own. You will still get order details because of the fact that you use your own e-mail address. Anyhow, your card issuer will have more information about this.
  3. parsec71

    Fsx 2020

    I have one foot in both camps (P3D and X-Plane), and there are things I like with both. I have spent (too) much money on both simulators, and if I were to invest in MSFS 2020, either P3D or XP will be getting the boot from my virtual piloting. What MSFS 2020 is bound to excel in compared to P3D and XP is the graphics/3D engine. Vulkan will help XP regarding performance, but the photo-realistic appearance of MSFS will attract a lot of simmers due to the ambience and immersion in the visuals. There is a TBM in MSFS, and wow, it looks outstanding. What hampered XP until recently was a lack o
  4. parsec71


    I have far too many sim aircraft, but I love fast planes so the TBM 900 was too tempting to avoid purchasing. In the beginning, I had about 1 crash in every 3 flights, which I found unacceptable. I don't use IVAO, by the way. What I found in the logs was that no entry was written for a long time, then suddenly the exception handler reset appeared which caused the CTD. I'm no programmer, but I'm a software specialist, having been a software advisor for many huge developers of professional software. Problem-seeking and solving is thus a strength of mine. I believe the CTD is caused by the a
  5. I've never had a CTD because of VNAV with this plane. Although VNAV is buggy, it has never been a cause for CTD on any of my flights. Tom from IXEG has confirmed he will be working on a better FMS, but it will be ready when it is ready. XP 11.21 and 11.25 introduced some engine parameter anomalies on the 300 (too much difference in N2 readouts and EGT), but the aircraft is still behaving well and is still a joy under approach and landing. And yes, the PMDG is a brick compared to this one. So let's wait for the update and let IXEG spend the time necessary for them to conceive it.
  6. Well, perhaps the OP will enlighten us... ...I most certainly could not find any major, show-stopping errors in the files I checked. And I've never had any sound issues with this great little bird.
  7. This post made be curious, because (amongst many things) I'm also an audio professional with my own home studio. So I just had to take a look at the files... I will give one, friendly advice: Keep the files standardized. There's a lot of different bit rates and sampling rates in use, in addition to mono/stereo files. Depending on the audio engine, that will mean a resampling must be performed before the audio can be mixed and generated by a system's sound driver. This will take up processing time. I guess the difference in files is done with space saving in mind, but all these files
  8. Don't use W for cockpit view. Press W only to get to the cockpit, then adjust FOV to your liking. Turn Num Lock on and use CTRL + 1 to 9 to save your favourite views, then press 1 to 9 on the Num keyboard to return to the saved views.
  9. No need dissing FSX. After all, some of the best aircraft reside on that platform. And the majority of flight simmers are still using FSX (if you don't believe me, just ask Orbx).
  10. Just want to congratulate the devs with an absolutely stunning model of the SAAB 340A. It is just so, so fantastically fun to fly! I have a lot of props and turboprops, and the LES SAAB stands out as the benchmark of excellence! Well done!
  11. To Jan: Thank you for that frank and honest answer!
  12. I lost my mother to cancer a couple of years ago, and under circumstances that could easily make me a real grumpy asshole. However, I do my best to be polite against other people despite my personal struggles. I certainly wouldn't project my aggression onto customers. For all businesses, customers are the most important thing. Without them, there are no businesses.
  13. Why is almost every single developer in the X-Plane world so touchy when it comes to criticism? I told Dan Klaue to calm down when he answered harshly to a customer wanting to know when the next update for a virtual aircraft was scheduled. I also told him that he's in the entertainment industry where time pressure is far less of a factor than devs working for professional individuals and industries, where people such as myself have vast experience with the software in use and know a thing or ten about how customer support ought to be given. Cameron should know that the customer is always
  14. Yes, 75 USD is a high price for a virtual aircraft (costing more than the simulator itself), so that puts a certain demand on the quality of the product. I can confirm that as my only XP aircraft, the IXEG 737 creates a jerky movement in the picture which is very noticeable when taxiing and looking out of the captain's window and also outside view of the aircraft. The stutter occurs every 750 ms or so and is not related to overall fps. As for the VNAV functionality, this is of course disappointing that it doesn't work properly given the price tag. So the FMC/FMS needs the biggest overhaul
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