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  1. That's where the gust lock comes in handy btw, it prevents you to setting the throttles beyond the gate.
  2. B-7

    Saab V1VrV2

    Normal takeoff flaps are 15. I believe the values are the same for A/I and the altitudes since they are the indicated airspeed, which is already enough of an indicator of the aerodynamic situation.
  3. There’s a know issue that was fixed, from what I understand. Try downloading the model again.
  4. Curious, did you consider a fully custom engine modeling, like Thranda did for example? I know that’s something more like for v2, but I can imagine it could give you less dependency on Austin’s ideas from his DIY engine control.
  5. Okay, I crosschecked and I agree, it is abrupt in the model.
  6. Have you thought, just for a second, that a momentarily over-temp might be a normal, realistic behavior? And even in the flight manual there might be a section that states the time limitations and temperature limitations that are above the indicated maximums during the engine start? It's not a slow, lazy PT6. It's a geared direct drive turboprop. Things happen fast in it, and get to normal fast as well.
  7. B-7


    Unless you use your Saab on multiple computers, you can remove any of them. "FREEZE" is just a keyword that detaches the license from one device to another. If it offers that, it means it already considers it a new machine, so you can remove any. I personally just remove the oldest in the list just to be sure.
  8. B-7

    1.6.2 Update

    About the ITT, I would check if the Experimental FM is on. With it it's a bit erratic, otherwise it's different but nothing scary. It can get over the redline for a second on start, that would be normal. Flaps, you have to have at least one of the generators or ground power on line for the servos to be powered.
  9. B-7

    1.6.2 snags

    No, the ITT. Didn't notice the hyd pump part, sorry.
  10. B-7

    1.6.2 snags

    @Jucebox85I've had it act a bit erratic with the Experimental FM on, without it it's way smoother.
  11. Hi there. Just updated the Saab to 1.6.2, and the CTOT don't seem to work anymore. Conditions: all avionics on, CTOT ARM, set to 108%, autocoarsen on. After setting the TLs to above 64 degrees the CTOT was before kicking in and moving the thrust to the set value. It doesn't happen anymore, just the linear torque changes like without it. Unless I'm missing some requirement for it to work? Experimental FM off, but on 1.6.1 it worked with either.
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