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  1. @oisin650 the problem persists
  2. I had a similar situation, but I can’t switch nav source from fms1 to vor 1. this has happened to me twice in LSGG for ILS 22. Frequency for vor1 autotune and correct but not automatically switch from fms1 to vor1. I was only able to switch at 800 AGL. For me only in LSGG RWY22, for RWY04 correct.
  3. Hi! For me dont work filter for Nearest ARPT RWY. For example i set leight 2000m but on PFD selected all airfield ( VFR included XLF007F) Ver. 1.2.2
  4. weight in MCDU dont update automatically, but i always set manually in MSDU. I meant weight in Xplane w/b ( only for check)
  5. i have issue - after arriving passengers ZFW dont change, always empty
    Excellent! pls also https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/10320028
  6. Hi! In vatsim i have this problem with TRF on MFD/PFD
  7. Hm, i unckd this option, but ATC controller report that des 600 FT
  8. Good day! Hot start, thx you for a great plane! Tell me where i can see the deviation from the vertical profile (above / below) /, as well as the expanded distance from the runway. Thx
  9. Guys, good day! Tell me pls, where can I see the estimated CG?
  10. I'm really looking forward to the release. Guys, tell me, has anyone found the EGLF Farnborough scenery? Or who knows, tell me the main airport for business aviation in London
  11. Guys, where can I watch the stream that is scheduled for today?
  12. I'm really looking forward to this product. It looks like I'm moving into business aviation. UUWW Moscow
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