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  1. I still take her out of the hangar for a spin. And everytime she's such a nice aircraft to fly.
  2. @Goran_Mthe persistence is what makes this aircraft so great. Many a times I had to motor the engine before my next leg, because ITT was too high. Or getting ready to taxi and find out your trim isn't working because of maintenance issue and you have to shut the engine down and fix it. So many things that are made better by persistence. I can even restart x-plane and find the engine covers is not on yet because the engine has not cooled down. And yes I would love the P-factor back. I just love this "little" aircraft.
  3. On the SWANN3 departure out of KBWI, when doing a direct-to SWANN after the vector, gizmo seems to think it's a lat/long and proceeds to crash rendering FMC inoperative. I did reproduce this three times in a row. Attaching screenshot of gizmo console showing the error GizmoLog.txt
  4. I have to add my praises and appreciation for v1.2. It is just my favorite plane in xp11. And it is a real pleasure to fly. It trims beautifully and you can handfly it to TOC no problems. You can really feel the "weight " of the plane when you rotate or when you accelerate down the runway. And the reflections are just gorgeous
  5. Well I am able to get it to work just fine with xEnviro. You just have to inject the xEnviro weather into the xPlane weather for it to appear on the IXEG radar. IXEG takes its info from the xplane weather page. xEnviro is a separate engine and does not interact with xplane weather. However, if you set xplane weather to use custom weather and point it to the xEnviro generated METAR.rwx file, it will use this to generate rain and rain echo on the radar. Of course this relies on the METAR info and might differ from what xEnviro shows, i.e. the xEnviro engine might be outputting rain at altitude w
  6. Well if you don't mind the extra plugin better pushback does an amazing job. Just tested it out and I am really impressed https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/releases It just looks awesome with the IXEG. Seems like a match made in heaven
  7. What can I say but thank you for the fast turnaround. This can't have been easy. Appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into this XD
  8. Just stumbled upon this today after taking 5 hours to make a 2 hours flight because of 2 crashes near the end. My VA has a nifty logging tool where you can resume the logging if you get the airplane in the same location/same fuel. So I'd be really interested in helping iron out this tool/beta test it, whatever I can do to help to make it available to the community. I am a developer in real life so I'm more than willing to pitch in
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