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  1. HPM


    I think you just got me to click on your sig
  2. Flying around in my old friend the Puffin II. Maybe I should make a proper skin one day. Maybe if I ever work out the new Blender export scripts I will...
  3. Curse those filthy Genevans! Just because they're only the second largest city in Switzerland, the have to get all antsy and go out in the world like they're all that. Totally overcompensating.
  4. Ok - I'm out of my depth here... Is it "safe" to visit the .org, even though we get a warning on chrome? And does it make a difference that I'm running linux? *Sigh* Why can't we just go back to the abacus? What was wrong with abacuses? Abacuses were cool! Couldn't run blender on 'em, I'll grant you, but they were cool! Edit: Now I'm getting a Chrome warning on this site too - over in the rant section: http://forums.x-pilot.com/index.php/topic/3572-more-org-bullshit/page-3
  5. Flew my latest design, a staggered seating two seat, electric flying wing with a power train courtesy of Tesla motors. It uses Tesla's already existing battery tech, including a computer controlled battery heater/cooler system, and weighs in empty at 1100 lbs. including 500 lbs of battery/speed controller and temperature control. A bit on the heavy side, but definitely liftable with 150 hp. I get about a two hour flight time at half throttle, cruising about 140 kts. No intentions of doing a blender job on this one - I'm going straight to an RC model as a proof of concept for a real one I fig
  6. Wow! Thanks mate! That's the first time anyone's ever taken the time to write anything at all about my planes! Most of them are really just academic exercises "I wonder if I can get this to fly...?" but some of them are feasable, and some of them are perhaps even a bit pretty I hope people have a fun pottering about in them, or just surviving the more far out ones...
  7. Thanks Ben - time to check this out
  8. Ah - not what you said when you banned me from the shoutbox Joe! (Don't worry - no hard feelings here. Was full of impotent internet-rage at the time however! I was spittin' chips - sending PM's to Nicolas telling him to erase everything I'd ever uploaded to the .org and exactly what he should stuff up his shoutbox. I must have been quite interesting to watch, from a purely anthropological point of view, hunched over the keyboard in my darkened flat, bare chested and howling obscenities at the moon like some kind of drunken, scottish werewolf, cutting my skin with broken glass and chipping my
  9. "The" HPM Now that's cute! Hah- never thought about checking google earth
  10. Took a break from working to have a quick flight around old haunts. Can any of you citizens of New South Wales tell me if Lake George actually has that circular atoll thing happening in the middle, or if it's just a scenery glitch? I'm pretty sure it didn't used to.
  11. No worries Enjoy your swim! And don't bloody drown - we don't need anyone else doing a "Jonothan"
  12. I will attempt to reign in my scintillating wit on the subject of stuttering and deformities then. I'm sure Cameron is a perfectly competent mod despite being "special". Edit- is it just me, or is there a statistically significant number of Aussies in here?
  13. Hello chaps - Glad to have found you! Zach pointed me in your direction, and it's grand to see a site with a content that seems to focus a little more on development rather than adds I'm sure I'll spend far more time in here than I should
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