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  1. Thanks for the update Tom! The MU-2 is a beast and great fun to fly. Great to hear that it lives on. /john
  2. Seems like the right priority to me. You (all of the crew making/supporting the TBM) are simply outstanding regarding customer support and producing fixes. Both the TBM itself and the support has created a completely new level of delivery in the world of X-plane. Top notch. I must also commend your patience and professional handling of the frustrated virtual pilots with tech issues. When the candy is so close, it is easy to get frustrated when technical problems get in the way :-) Technical issues? Get on the forum and then keep calm with a pint of lager.... /J
  3. Hi Gents, The last trick does it for me; at TO bring the power up to approx 40%, let go of the brakes and then slowly advance power to TO power. On landing apply reverse thrust slowly. If you have a lots of side wind on TO it gets trickier. But I'll guess that's true also in the real world in the TBM:s. /J
  4. Also happened to me on a previous flight tonight during climb and turn. No overspeed. Strange.
  5. I agree. In my humble opinion LES Saab 340A is a very very good simulation with a flight model and system depth that many other payware aircrafts for XP are missing. I'm one of those crazy dudes who likes to fly according to the AFM/POH. Or as much as possible LES 340A has great interior graphics and if you are going for gold the details counts; like the readability of the avionics, handling of levers, sounds, brightness of annunciators and so on. I guess some fellow-simmers out there moan about the engagement of the AP in the 340 :-), but that is one of the details I'm talking about. If you engage it in a certain way on the 340 - of course it must be simulated. On my scale of one to five the LES has almost five stars, and would definitely be a fiver with some kind of FMS (if not Collins then perhaps xFMC) and test procedures... Looking forward to the ver 2 when it comes! /john
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