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  1. what grafik card do u use? if possible,minimum is a gtx970,better gtx 1060 and up, try 40000 sq km...the difference beetween 10000 and 40000 in loosing frames is not so much ,but much more clouds around the plane ...using 50000 is giving an extreme lost of frames.
  2. Hi Cameron,

    iam owner of the ixeg,crj200 and the mu-2 and can't fly this Plane, caused of an Serviceticket,which is still open since a week.

    My licenses must be get a reset. I updated gizmo,after this i got a  licenses error Message..

    How long does it take Time to get it to work again?

    kind regards

    Michael Paustian


  3. Hi, my route was from EGPO to EGGD Short,before the last turn in the ils to EGGD rw 09,at first, the ap doesnt follow the route anymore,instead straight ahead, he made a turn.. so i desided to fly back on route by hand. Than the autothrottle goes to 100% by itself and i cant do anything..AT-Off, AP-Off...no change to pull pack the throttle.(not by saitek-throttle,not with mouse on screen) I tried several things, but the planes crashes down..short on final...grmmpfh...:-( Attached the logfiles, maybe u can see something.. kind regards Michael ..long time ago, where i flown from a to b without any failure..isnt it gizmo, is it a buggy win10update..or back gizmo again.. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. Hi, attached my "problem" During programming a route from lfmn to lsgs.. DEP/ARR ..at first in DEP is all fine, than i switched to LSGS-ARR and with select of "25" as Approache,ive got the gizmo-crash. something like this happend several times in the last weeks.. win10, 1.07., airac 1609 kind regards Michael GizmoLog.txt
  5. Hi, backwards... first put in Gurlo..then try to overwrite Direct with z870.. ok, it was my bad, but i would prefer "invalid entry" instead gizmo.. ;-) thx a lot! Michael
  6. 1.05..first flight I started with EDDT to EDDW and all Ground Services Entry. Then i entry "to" with GURLO. Then i pressed LSK1L to entry the route Z870...= GIZMO Crash.. I tried LSK6R "Takeoff"..and i got the Takeoff Page instead clb Page..Hurray,this works, thanks! :-) GizmoLog.txt
  7. Hi Jan, at my last try,i got an gizmo. I didnt put in my route befor start. During Approachflight, i tried to programm my route and than i get the gizmo.. GizmoLog_routeduringflightinfms.txt
  8. ..now, after this, i checked my Perf Data, went to N1 Page, further to TakeOff and now i got a Gismo Error...holy... befor 1.04 no problems with 1.03..
  9. Hi, i start at eddm. Set my "Pos" to EDDM, switch to "route", entry co-route and activate. Go to "route",all my routepoints there, go to "Takeoff"-LSK6R and get the CRZ Page. Then i went back to the "Pos" Page, go a 2nd time through the menue (without new entry), and now i get my Takeoff Page with LSK6R... Why this happend?
  10. Hi Jan, now with 1.04 sometimes this happends to me,too. I had no problems in this direction with 1.03. After Reset FlyWithLua, its working...maybe coincidence...
  11. Hi,during my fms programming, EDDM-EDDT, my first "to" was "input", so "via" was a Direct entry. Than i would overwright "Direct" with Y... to try something and get a gizmo crash. kind regards... debug report still doesnt work.. 4x"." and i get a "Invalid Export" Message. BTW..if i input my first "Direct" (same location) entry again, i get the Message " Are you serious".. Is this real Boing like? :-)
  12. log.txt: 0:00:27.200 E/PLG: The plugin Gizmo64 called the SDK function XPLMSetGraphicsState from outside of a drawing callback. This is illegal! This plugin needs to be fixed. This happends first after installing lua... but after deactivation lua, error stll is present. Any suggestion?
  13. https://www.twitch.tv/aerosimgaming/v/65393319?t=05h08m49s at 05:20 to 05:30 u can see the fms "broken down" during insert....Menue Issue..
  14. "aerosimgaming" is on twitch right now and can´t open Takeoff Page..its gone from the menue? any suggestion? he tried something and found out, that this page doesnt exist anymore..some known errors with fmc menue?
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