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  1. I think popup instruments like those supplied by the FF Boeings are even not a good solution in VR. It is acceptable in preflight situations to take off your VR-gear, but inflight I'd rather stare at the instruments like a mole. Btw. after ~3/4 year VR expirience and practicing, I'am now able to anticipate and compensate the mousepointer shivering almost completly. As long as no family member complaining on my new lifeform as "antishiver mole mutant", for me, VR in flightsiming/training is one of these things you can't step back. rg, Michael
  2. Indeed, this discussion has gone wild and leads to nowhere ;-( -Michael
  3. Probably up to the revised XP tire model. Check the release notes.
  4. Thanks Jan, for the explanations/insights. Beste Grüße, _Michael
  5. Hello Jan, it may be slightly off topic here, but i was looking quiet a while for some good "translation" of that last "magic" phrase. I cant' imagine how that should work in practice, fighting for the centerline in gusts and bleed 4kts over the threshold 1-2 secs before bleeding the remaining speed during flare. Btw. it seems to be at/below accuracy. What i've observed is that some pilots when approaching threshold generally closing the throttle by a small ~ 5% (N1) twitch. It leads to a shift of control away from thrust to pitch. Probably to increase the "pointiness" during flare to the
  6. crisk73, I fear you are right. But I would be curious about Jans opinion on the default 747. -Michael
  7. Hi Morten. As I noticed the majority of formerly HQ heavy airliner models ( 737 IXEG, 757/767 FlightFactor, 737/727 FlyJSim ... ) suffering the same F/M issues. So your advise to report this to austin is mandantory. But it would be hard to show off with default v10 planes. From my pov, we'll need a heavy A/C to scale up the effects. And we'll need a good (realistic, well defined) F/M which is worth to compare. -Michael
  8. Hi Jan, nice to hear. But maybe it will be a little frustrating for the team to redo the whole stuff? ...grüß mir die Sonne, Michael
  9. Hi cmbaviator, even my experiences. Less drag at higher flap settings and/or more thrust from lesser N1%'s. Larger autothrottle undershooting and more/better groundeffect. Michael
  10. Hi all, my first impressions with XP11: It feels to me like the aircraft performance has been shifted a lot with XP11. Like the plane produces lot less drag. My thrust settings on approach are substantial lower. Michael p.s.: May be caused by xp11 revised jet engine modeling: http://developer.x-plane.com/2016/12/jet-engine-modeling-in-x-plane-11/ ???
  11. Hi Folks, back from "test-flying" at LH-Training/Berlin. I've tested all the above combinations in their Full-Flight Sim (FT38) and it's implemented exactly as shown in the table above. But the rightmost column (CMD A+B) needs a little clarification: The indications are only valid thru dual channel approach operation. In the mean time, between engaging the 2nd A/P and transitioning to dual channel mode (after the self-test) the master indication stays on the side of the 1st engaged A/P ;-) -Michael
  12. Hello sthenion, please share your experiences with us: What is wrong with that file? What have you done to it? Curious, Michael
  13. I don't know whether I remember right, but I saw these buttons (SPD INTV & ALT INTV) in some Lufthansa classics? Michael
  14. More coincidence and less dedication! I've planned it since last year. And now it'll be the last chance to meet these "old aunties" here (FRA/SFX). And you are right, it bites the wallet. -Michael
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