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  1. Wow, okay: I just uninstalled ReShade and the problems are gone. Even though I removed it yesterday already. I don't know what happened. The ironic thing is: I work in IT (Linux systems administrator) and should know what is going on. But hey, it works now. So I guess ReShade and the IXEG are not quite compatible, although, again: It worked fine for many years and nothing changed. Anyway: Thanks for helping me!
  2. I have to redownload the game first. This takes a while but I'll try it.
  3. There you go. I don't think there is something to find, though But as we germans would say: "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt". Log.txt
  4. OK, that is extremely strange: As you can see I moved every plugin out of my plugins folder. You can still see my FPS are about 11 FPS in a remote place in the U.S. (KHQM). Also: When I load another aircraft after the IXEG the FPS stays this bad.
  5. When standing in EDDS (which is not as heavy as EDDF obviously) I see the following VRAM stats: I get about 10 FPS there. When using other payware aircrafts 30+. I'm not touching the FMS.
  6. Sadly a reinstallation did not solve the problem. It's really sad since the IXEG is one of my favorite planes.
  7. Immediately on load. I'll try to uninstall and install the plane right now, maybe this will help.
  8. Great! And is there any other idea why the FPS could be low only with the IXEG?
  9. Hello guys, first: I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum. Since a few days I started flying again and I wanted to fly my beloved 737-300. But I noticed that my FPS is significantly lower in the IXEG than in other airplanes. For example in an FF A320 at Frankfurt with scenery I get about 30 FPS. With the IXEG I get about 8 fps. I'm sure the problem is on the IXEG/Gizmo side, because I've flown the IXEG since release many times with "normal" FPS. The only thing that I changed is my GPU which went from a GTX980 to a RTX2070. But even since then I've flown many times with the IXEG. Nothing big changed since then and the low FPS started from one day to another. The plane is unflyable for me, sadly. Is there any way you could help me with that? Gizmo log is shown here:
  10. I wanted to suggest that too. It adds a bit more the feeling of a 737 classic. Here you can hear the sound: These little clicks would be VERY nice to hear in the IXEG 737. I bet @Litjan knows what sound we are meaning
  11. I absolutely LOVE the trim sound so much It's part of the feeling in a 733.
  12. No download. Only one download remaining
  13. Seems like not down for me
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