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  1. Hey Team, The Cabin door problem continues in 1.5.2 when close the door can look outside. Regards Daniel
  2. Hey Last night flight found this. the Reading lights effect on lavertory don´t work. The lights are every Time in the ON position. see pics. Last pic aircraft is in C&D. Regards Daniel
  3. Have the same today... Start Normal tank proc. fill the wings. then open aux and tail. and after time. Ping aux tank heavy and the tail tank is near Empty
  4. Fuel off, Ignt off. Motering with Starter below 120°C. - Done.
  5. Hey the light intensity of the light is iluminated the SPS indicator is not the same, but both side panel INTG is on 100%. The Copilot side is much darker then Pilot side.
  6. I Have make a Update manual works fine.
  7. Hey Today on walkaround and check my APU hour for flightlog... see i can opening the APU Fail Panel with the right latch in lock position... Regards Daniel
  8. Which config is your AC with only One generator Online. the AC/DC utility goes off (Automatic) when turn out the flaps.. for Stable elec. supply. the logolight is couple to the AC/DC Ultility elec Bus.
  9. Hey Hotstart Team, found another panel ist continues light up without power. Behind the Pilot Seat. Regards Daniel.
  10. Hey guys, Have a Honeycomb alpha.. Found the elevator sensetiv is to high. Have anyone a tip for me to became a better feeling to the control surfaces. Regards Daniel.
  11. Hey all. Would Poput a Ciruit Braker out on CBP4 Line C... But the Pop out animation is missing. Here the sound the thing do what is do. But the stays in no conmes out animation. All CB in the line C have the same problem. Regards Daniel
  12. Found it Pilot error, Fogot the XTR power back inflight after bring back my generators.
  13. Hey all, Yesterday make a little play will sounding the ADG. All cool come back to the ground and restore it by the ground crew. Shutdown the plane for the next day....... Today have direct after the Lift off the ESS TRU 1 Failure. Check the systems i mean all ok check the study window and see the EMG AC TX CTRL switches to the ADG but in the system is all fine No failures active. ok reload the situation... Check the XTR on ground normal conectet. kill out all failures by the button. Liftoff the same :/ My error or a bug? Regards Daniel Situation After Liftoff Return via the Airframe manager, check failure panel: reset all. Lift off again same failure. Regards Daniel.
  14. The Job from Hotstart Team is Outstanding... Push the real as it gets to a new Level of immersion.... absoluty Pufff only words i can find is WOW!
  15. Hey after the first Turn off and back on the Ground Power the Left Bus is not connectet to the ground Power. see picture
  16. Hey all. Today will little bit play with frozen effect. Temp -12°C And the water on whindshield do not frozen
  17. Reinstall the 737 works again thanks for help!
  18. Hey all. Whenn i make all flood lights on the Flurosent tube had no more effect on the Center Panel (Recheck HD IS ON!!!) Regards Daniel
  19. Found a little error on the Backup Display Mode when starting the engine. on the AMP indication on the GEN LOAD When the starter kicks in the GEN load drops to " - - - " indication and this indication its only half marked. (see on pics) Can you check this??? Regard Daniel
  20. Sloved - The Problem was my pedals which at the moment not connect to the PC and this Pedals was assigned to the Toe brakes. Reconnect Delete the Toe brakes axis from the pedals, now works the keys. Thanks!
  21. Hey all. Have No Brakes on the key Trigger. No Brake effect anyone an idea? Regards Daniel
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